Makeup Artist Resume Sample for 2024

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Demonstrate your expertise through a polished makeup artist resume. Utilize writing suggestions and review a sample resume for makeup artists to spark inspiration.

You require a makeup artist resume that shines as brightly as Kendall Jenner in a Chik-Fil-A.

You’ve discovered it. However—

Why is it such a challenge to secure excellent makeup artist positions? The ones with minimal pressure, fantastic clients, and sustainable pay?

The answer is simple.

Everyone submits similar resumes. After sifting through around 50, the salon manager feels inclined to toss a dart.

To stand out, you need a makeup resume that grabs attention akin to Sir John B or Pat McGrath.

This guide will demonstrate:

– A makeup artist resume example that surpasses 9 out of 10 others.
– How to compose a makeup artist resume that garners more interview opportunities.
– Tips and examples on showcasing skills and accomplishments on a freelance makeup artist resume.
– How to articulate your experience on a resume for a makeup artist to secure any desired position.

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Makeup Artist Resume Example

Jay Ganassi

Makeup Artist

(425) 123-4567

[email protected]


Talented and creative Makeup Artist with 4+ years of experience in the beauty industry. Eager to join Glamora Beauty Studio as a Makeup Artist to help clients look their best. Possess advanced knowledge of cosmetology and makeup application, ensuring excellent results for each client’s individual needs and preferences. Skilled in creating natural, glamorous, avant-garde, and modern looks for all occasions, including weddings, photoshoots, red carpet events, and other special occasions. Achieved 97% client satisfaction at DivineBrush Makeovers.


Makeup Artist

DivineBrush Makeovers, Bellevue, WA

October 2019–Present

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Utilizing high-end makeup products to create professional looks for clients across a range of special occasions.
  • Providing advice on skincare routines to ensure the longevity of makeup applications throughout any event or photo shoot.
  • Educating customers on product knowledge and recommending sales when appropriate to meet their individual needs or budget constraints.
  • Trained five new makeup artists.

Key Achievements:

  • Created six new techniques that have been adopted by all other makeup artists.

Freelance Makeup Artist

Bellevue, WA

June 2018–October 2019

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Applied makeup for photoshoots as well as special events such as proms, weddings, quinceañeras, graduations, etc.
  • Transformed up to 20 clients daily into perfect versions of themselves using specialized techniques such as HD airbrush makeup application according to each client’s individual preferences.
  • Utilized creativity to design unique looks featuring the latest trends in cosmetics with focus on enhancing the client’s natural features.
  • Promoted safety guidelines at all times by providing clients with professional advice on proper skin care routines before their appointments.
  • Built positive relationships with customers while upselling additional items, such as false eyelashes or disposable mascara wands.

Key Achievement:

  • Executed over 100 makeovers per month during peak season resulting in consistently high customer satisfaction rates (97%).


High School Diploma

Eastside High School, Bellevue, WA

June 2015-June 2018

Relevant Extracurricular Activities

  • Member of the Cosmetology Club for 2 years providing free haircuts and makeup services to homeless shelters.
  • President of the Photography club for 1 year, winning the school’s Best Photo Award in 2018.

Academic Achievements:

  • Honor Roll student (2015 – 2018).
  • Participated in the Regional Science Fair (2018).


  • Customer service oriented
  • Highly organized
  • Creative thinker
  • Proactive attitude
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Adaptable under pressure
  • Advanced knowledge of cosmetics , hairstyling , facial grooming


  • Licensed Aesthetician, Washington State Board Aesthetics Professionals License, 2019


  • Top 10 Finalist, National Cosmetology Scholarship Competition, 2020


  • Member of the International Association for Professional Makeup Artists since 2018


  • English–Native
  • Spanish–Fluent


  • Blogging about health & wellness topics
  • Watching tutorials about new trends in fashion & beauty
  • Gardening


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What is the optimal layout for a Makeup Artist Resume?

Is the makeup artist resume format worth your attention?

Consider this:

Your resume for makeup artist roles ought to exude excellence and professionalism.

Avoid resembling makeup smeared on uneven terrain.

Begin with the reverse-chronological resume format, showcasing your latest achievements prominently.

Maintain clarity with optimal resume fonts, prominent headings, and ample white space.

Finally, opt for saving it as a PDF. A makeup artist resume in PDF format ensures consistency and readability, even after transmission. Additionally, PDFs are now machine-readable, further enhancing their utility.

Makeup Artist Resume Summary or Objective: Which One Should You Choose?

Imagine if you were tasked with reviewing 100 makeup resumes at a day spa.

You might start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Now, consider hiring managers—they sift through countless resumes, only delving into the few that catch their eye.

So, make yours captivating.


With a makeup artist resume objective or summary.

The choice depends on your level of experience.

For seasoned artists with ample brush-time, opt for a resume summary. It showcases your impressive track record.

But if your experience fits neatly into a day planner, go for a resume objective. It displays your enthusiasm.

The key?

Infuse both with tangible achievements.

Let’s dissect two examples for each:

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Summaries]

First, the less compelling example:

Experienced makeup artist with 5 years in the field. Handled makeup duties at HTD, including sales, application, customer service, and training. Proficient in client assessment and product knowledge.

It’s decent, but won’t make waves in the hiring pool.

Instead, aim for something like this:

Passionate makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist with over 5 years of experience. Seeking to double sales for Sheshedo Inc. At HTD, consistently sold over $5,000 per week in products and earned regular gigs with the Montana Film Office. Trained and mentored 5 other makeup artists, one of whom received a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award nomination.

Now that’s attention-grabbing—a blend of descriptors, credentials, accomplishments, and impact.

If your experience is still budding, consider an entry-level makeup artist resume objective:

Two Entry-Level Makeup Artist Resume Objectives

For instance, avoid:

Enthusiastic makeup artist proficient in makeup application, client assessment, product knowledge, and sales. Eager to secure my first professional opportunity and excel in the field.

It’s upbeat, but what if other candidates have similar skills and two years of experience?

Instead, try something like this:

Energetic makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist with a dedicated client base of 11 regulars and over 2,500 Instagram followers. Distribute 10+ business cards weekly to individuals admiring my work. Fill in at River Plains Salon twice a month.

This objective is more compelling, leveraging tangible metrics and real-world engagement.

Crafting a Makeup Artist Job Description That Lands Interviews

Two dilemmas that could leave your phone silent.

The first? Scarce experience, making you feel as if a foundation brush could only paint concrete.

The second? An excess of bullet points that could give King Kong a word-art tattoo.

Instead, try this approach:

Begin with your most recent makeup artist position.

Craft 3-5 resume bullets that enhance your makeup consultant resume.

Consider the following example from our professional makeup artist resume samples:

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Experience]

The first of these exemplar makeup artist resume experience sections excels:

The Hound’s Tooth Door Salon & Spa

Makeup Artist


– Achieved weekly sales exceeding $5,000 for proprietary products.
– Established as a regular makeup artist for the Montana Film Office.
– Garnered positive coverage in the Makeup + Me blog.
– Mentored and trained 4 makeup advisors.
– Conducted 30+ client assessments and makeup applications weekly.

That’s exemplary. These accomplishments and figures are bound to capture attention, perhaps even necessitating a moment of rejuvenation for the manager.

However, should these achievements remain obscured, it might appear as such:

The Hound’s Tooth Door Salon & Spa

Makeup Artist


– Responsible for all makeup artist duties and responsibilities.
– Managed sales and upselling of proprietary products.
– Conducted routine client assessments and makeup applications.
– Overseeing training initiatives.

Not quite appealing—akin to mismatched makeup hues.

But what if you lack experience in makeup artist roles?

Consider our subsequent examples tailored for entry-level makeup artists.

How to Write a Resume for Makeup Artist with no Experience

Even without direct experience in makeup artist roles, chances are you’ve amassed achievements elsewhere.

Have you:

– Provided makeup services for friends or family?
– Volunteered your makeup expertise?
– Offered makeup services for weddings?
– Temporarily assisted at a salon?
– Engaged in non-makeup related roles requiring skills like product knowledge, customer service, sales, or effective communication?
– Showcased your work on Instagram, garnering shares and likes?

Leverage these experiences to elevate your makeup artist resume.

The following self-taught makeup artist resume samples illustrate this strategy:

Two Beginner Makeup Artist Resume Samples [No Experience]

The first example falls short, akin to over-plucked eyebrows:

Makeup Artist Experience: None yet, but I promise I’m talented and eager to work hard!

Other Experience:

– Cashier
– Waitress

Not quite appealing—reminiscent of white lipstick.

Instead, consider enhancing your makeup artist resume example:

Makeup Artist Experience


– Freelance makeup artist serving a dedicated client base of 10+ individuals.
– Distributed over 10 business cards weekly to admirers of my work.
– Filled in as a makeup artist at River Plains Salon twice monthly.
– Provided makeup services for three weddings, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from brides and bridesmaids alike.

Is Your Education Section Up to Speed? It Could Be

It’s makeup, not rocket science. Do you really need an education section on a makeup artist resume?


Every resume requires an education section, as it can either impress or bore the hiring manager.

Here’s how to structure it:

1. School Name and Location
2. Years Attended
3. Degree or Certification

Then, tailor your education to the job description, just like finding the right foundation shade.

Let’s see how it’s done with these makeup artist resume examples:

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Education]

Both examples are for a position requiring skills in bookkeeping, makeup application, and interpersonal communication.

Cosmetology Program, Bitterroot School of Cosmetology


– Excelling in sales and bookkeeping coursework.
– Demonstrated a passion for client assessment and makeup application.
– Received commendations from 2 professors for exceptional interpersonal skills.

This showcases more than just basic training—it reflects the potential to become a standout artist like Hrush Achemyan or Mario Dedivanovic.

Consider adding any noteworthy achievements from high school or college next.

Now, let’s see how the less inspired candidates might approach it:

Cosmetology Program, Bitterroot School of Cosmetology


– Completed program.
– GPA: 3.3

This lacks depth and fails to capture the attention of the hiring manager.

How to Show Licenses and Certifications on a Resume


You lost out on the salon job. Reason? You didn’t highlight your cosmetology license on your makeup resume!

Ensure your license is:

– Positioned prominently at the top of your resume, alongside your name
– Included at the outset of your resume summary
– Listed in a dedicated “License” section following your summary

By doing so, even a cursory glance by the hiring manager will confirm your qualifications for cosmetics roles.


– Licensed Cosmetologist, Montana State BBC
– Licensed Nail Technician

Incorporate These Elements and Enhance Your Resume

Running low on content for your makeup resume? Fear not, because a resume requires more than just your experience and education.

It must showcase that you’re not only skilled but also delightful to collaborate with, akin to the esteemed makeup artist Patrick Ta.

Achieve this by integrating “other” sections that make you shine like a trail of glitter.

The following makeup artist resume examples illustrate how:

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Other Sections]

The initial example resembles a dark aesthetic:

– Clubbing
– Surfing
– Traveling to Central America

While it’s entertaining, it won’t secure you the job.

Instead, enrich your makeup artist resume with additional sections like this:

Social Media Following

– Instagram: 5,258 Followers
– Twitter: 4,317 Followers

Networking Events

– Presented on professional appearance at Women in Leadership
– Delivered a talk on dressing for success at Women’s Business Accelerator

Additional Activities

– Member, Professional Beauty Association
– Regular listener of This Week in Makeup podcast
– Teach yoga classes twice a week for leisure and fitness

What About a Makeup Artist Cover Letter?

Hmm, whether to include a cover letter with your makeup artist resume? Let’s break it down.

If you’re aiming to significantly boost your chances of landing the job, then yes, you should.

Consider this: about 60% of hiring managers may skip your makeup artist cover letter altogether. However, the remaining 40% might not even glance at your makeup consultant resume if there’s no cover letter attached.

In your cover letter, demonstrate:

– Your comprehension of the requirements outlined in the makeup artist job description.
– Your ability to meet those requirements with finesse, akin to Joyce Bonelli.

A succinct yet impactful example of a makeup artist cover letter could read as follows:

“Sheshedo has always stood out for offering top-tier products and unparalleled looks in the industry. For years, I’ve aspired to join your team, and now I believe I’m fully equipped for the role. With three years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, consistently achieving $5,000 in weekly product sales at HTD Salon, I am confident in my ability to contribute. Moreover, my work has garnered positive recognition in reputable platforms like the Makeup + Me blog. This is just the beginning…”

By including a compelling cover letter, you not only demonstrate your enthusiasm but also showcase your qualifications and readiness for the position.

Prioritize This Step Before Including Contact Information on Your Resume

What Resume Contact Information Tip Can Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Begin with:

– Full Name
– Updated Phone Number
– Professional Email Address

For instance:

Jimena Ravalli, Licensed Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist, [email protected], 406-915-3366

Ensure your email address reflects professionalism, like [email protected], rather than [email protected].

That’s the straightforward part.


Don’t forget to include your Instagram account. Populate it with impressive makeup looks you’ve created.

For inspiration, check out Cosmo’s compilation of the best makeup artist Instagram accounts.

A strong social media presence allows the hiring manager to delve deeper beyond just your makeup artist resume.

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