How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

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Learn the secrets to crafting a standout nursing cover letter! Explore our sample nurse cover letter and expert advice to elevate your career!

Imagine a reality where your nursing cover letter holds as much importance as your stethoscope. That reality is here! While your resume serves as the diagnosis, a compelling cover letter acts as the prescription for success.

Don’t risk a flatlining job application – together, we’ll craft a nursing cover letter that leaves hiring managers reaching for the call button.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

– Nursing cover letter examples surpassing 90% of others.
– A nurse cover letter template guaranteed to catch attention.
– Techniques for writing a nursing cover letter that resonates with hiring managers.
– Strategies for incorporating achievements into your nursing cover letter to secure any desired position.

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Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Hiring Manager Name


Mailing Address

Phone Number

Email Address


Your Name


Current Company (If Any)

Mailing Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

Managing my unit’s budget and cutting 35% from it without sacrificing quality of patient care was one of my proudest moments as a nurse. I would be even prouder to replicate that success at Maine Medical Center’s Portland Unit.

As a nurse with 5 years of experience, I’m drawn to MMC’s patient-centered focus. MMC’s belief in ownership and innovation create a respectful environment where I believe my talents would shine. Among my past achievements:

  • Created efficient schedules that cut 10% of the scheduling waste from the unit.
  • Trained 11 nursing staff in EMR systems and best practices.
  • Led an HCAHPS improvement drive that helped our hospital recoup an extra 1% of Medicaid reimbursements.

I’m excited to see how much more I can do in a focused system like MMC’s.

Can we set up a meeting to discuss how my past work can translate to elevated success for MMC’s patients?

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

PS—I’d love to explain how I got shortlisted for a DAISY Award!

Begin With a Template for a Cover Letter Tailored to a Nursing Position

I’ve provided you with an effective sample nursing cover letter for securing a job. To create an equally impressive one, begin with a clear and concise cover letter structure. Easily customize the nurse cover letter template provided below.

The Best Nursing Cover Letter Template [Checklist]

Your name, position/title, and contact information
Recipient’s name and address
City (optional)
Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name] or
Dear Hiring Manager (if name is unknown)
Main Body: Three-Paragraph Nurse Cover Letter Structure
1) Opening statement to captivate attention, such as a notable achievement or commendation from a teacher during a nursing internship.
2) Express your genuine interest in the job and why you are drawn to it.
3) Use bullet points to highlight additional accomplishments demonstrating your ability to contribute effectively.
Call To Action:
Rather than merely requesting an interview, propose your willingness to contribute immediately.
Avoid generic closings like “Thank you for your time.”
Cover Letter Conclusion:
Use a synonym for “sincerely” to close the letter professionally.
Include a postscript (PS) with another notable achievement to grab attention.
Understanding the structure of a nursing cover letter will facilitate crafting a concise document, ideally limited to one page. This length is optimal for cover letters. For a compelling opening to your RN cover letter, refer to the following section.

Create a Nursing Cover Letter Opener Hiring Managers Love

Commencing a nurse cover letter can be daunting, akin to inserting an IV—once it’s initiated, success follows. Why does initiating a cover letter evoke fear? It stems from the apprehension that the initial sentence might fail to captivate the hiring manager, leading to the dismissal of your resume.

This concern is valid.

According to a Glassdoor study, a staggering 98% of resumes meet the fate of being discarded. Hence, let’s aim to elicit astonishment from the manager instead. Presented here are two examples of registered nurse cover letters that outline your strategy for providing care.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples [Opening Paragraph]


I am a registered nurse with three years of experience and I am applying for the nursing position available on your ward.
That statement is as uninspiring as hospital cuisine. Instead, consider initiating your nursing cover letter with a passage similar to this example:


One of my most notable achievements as a nurse was successfully managing my unit’s budget, resulting in a 35% reduction without compromising the quality of patient care. I am eager to replicate this accomplishment and contribute to the success of the Portland Unit at Maine Medical Center.
This opening sentence infuses vitality into the cover letter for a nurse.

The notable achievement mentioned makes it compelling for consideration.

If you do not possess a similar remarkable accomplishment, highlight your best achievement instead. (This could be a commendation from your supervisor.)

Write a Great Nursing Cover Letter Middle

You’ve successfully captured the attention of the hiring manager. Now, let’s persuade her to hire you. These examples of registered nurse cover letters demonstrate the process.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples [Middle]
Begin by expressing your interest in the position and then illustrate how you can contribute. Let’s assume the job requires a nurse capable of managing scheduling, providing EMR training, and enhancing HCAHPS scores.

This segment of the RN cover letter provides the remedy:

With five years of nursing experience, I am particularly attracted to MMC’s patient-centric approach. MMC’s commitment to ownership and innovation fosters a respectful atmosphere where I believe my skills would excel. Highlighting past accomplishments:

Implemented streamlined scheduling methods, reducing unit scheduling inefficiencies by 10%.
Trained 11 nursing staff members in EMR systems and best practices.
Initiated an initiative to enhance HCAHPS scores, resulting in our hospital reclaiming an additional 1% of Medicaid reimbursements.
I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to further contribute within MMC’s focused environment.

A hiring manager presented with such a sample cover letter for a nursing job application would be remiss not to consider it.

Conclude Your Nurse Cover Letter Impressively

What’s the optimal way to conclude a cover letter? Consider our hiring manager’s perspective: she’s been impressed with your nursing job cover letter so far, but then your final sentence appears desperate.


The closing statement of your nurse job cover letter holds significant weight. When executed effectively, it can secure you an interview opportunity as securely as an autoclave door clicking shut. Therefore, make a compelling proposition, as demonstrated in the following nursing cover letter examples:

Nursing Cover Letter Examples [Ending]


I am very eager to secure this position. Please consider me for an interview.

Thank you for your time.

That’s essentially hanging on by a thread.

Instead, model your conclusion after the following nursing cover letter sample:


Could we arrange a meeting to discuss how my past achievements can contribute to the success of MMC’s patients?

Best Regards,

Anne Smith, RN

PS—I’m excited to share the story behind my Daisy Award nomination!

This RN cover letter conclusion is incredibly enticing. Notice how it extends an offer? Two offers, in fact? Craft your RN cover letter conclusion in a similar manner, and you’ll require a storage room for all your interview requests.

Should “Registered Nurse” be capitalized in a cover letter for nurses? Yes, when it’s part of your name, as in “Anne Smith, Registered Nurse.” However, in a sentence such as “I’ve been a registered nurse for five years,” lowercase is more appropriate.

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