English Phrasal Verbs With ‘CUT’

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You’re likely familiar with the word “CUT” in English, meaning to make an incision with a sharp tool. But there’s more to it.

In this article, I’ll discuss seven phrasal verbs which use the word CUT in English. You can learn more about what a phrasal verb is here.

     1. Cut up

This phrasal verb signifies “to divide into pieces.” For instance:

– I observed him cutting her photo into pieces.
– The teacher instructed me to cut the paper into squares.

     2. Cut down

Similar to the initial phrasal verb, “cut down” implies “to decrease the quantity of something.” It can also refer to “felling a tree or plant to the ground.” For example:

– My article was excessively long, so I had to cut it down to fit the space.
Our father removed the old tree in the garden because it obstructed all the light.

     3. Cut across

Our final phrasal verb indicates “taking a more direct route to reach a destination.” For instance:

– He swiftly cut across the park to pursue the man in black.

     4. Cut back on something

The initial phrasal verb involving the word “cut” signifies “to reduce the consumption or frequency of something.” For instance, if your friend has chosen to eat less sugar due to a diet:

– My friend Jessica has to cut back on sugary sweets as she’s on a diet now.
– I’ve cut back on meat; now, I’m incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

     5. Cut in

This phrasal verb denotes “interrupting someone’s conversation.” For instance:

– I was attempting to speak with Ben, but my sister kept cutting in.
– He consistently cuts in! It’s becoming quite frustrating for me.

     6. Cut someone off

This English phrasal verb signifies “to exclude someone from an inheritance,” essentially “to remove a person from a will.”

For example:

– His parents cut him off after he dropped out of college.
– Jason’s family cut him off when he departed from home.

     7. Cut something out

This phrasal verb indicates “extracting something small from something larger by cutting.” For instance:

– I cut the article out of the newspaper.
– My younger brother enjoys cutting out colorful pictures of cars from magazines.

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