List Of Countries And Nationalities in English

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Enhance your English vocabulary by exploring this concise list of country names and corresponding nationalities.Mastering the terms for countries and nationalities is crucial for English proficiency. Whether interacting globally, traveling, or studying geography, familiarity with these terms ensures accurate communication. Explore this detailed table for comprehensive insights into countries worldwide and their corresponding nationalities in English.


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List of the nationalities 

Official Country Name Nationalities in English
United States of America American
Canada Canadian
Mexico Mexican
Brazil Brazilian
Argentina Argentinean
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland British
Germany German
France French
Italy Italian
Spain Spanish
China Chinese
Japan Japanese
India Indian
Australia Australian
South Africa South African
Netherlands Dutch
Belgium Belgian
Switzerland Swiss
Austria Austrian
Sweden Swedish
Norway Norwegian
Denmark Danish
Finland Finnish
Greece Greek
Ireland Irish
Portugal Portuguese
Poland Polish
Ukraine Ukrainian
Romania Romanian
Bulgaria Bulgarian
Hungary Hungarian
Turkey Turkish
Saudi Arabia Saudi
United Arab Emirates Emirati
Iran Iranian
Iraq Iraqi
Israel Israeli
Egypt Egyptian
South Korea Korean
North Korea North Korean
Vietnam Vietnamese
Thailand Thai
Malaysia Malaysian
Singapore Singaporean
Indonesia Indonesian
Philippines Filipino
Pakistan Pakistani
Bangladesh Bangladeshi
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan
Nepal Nepali
New Zealand New Zealander
Fiji Fijian
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean
Chile Chilean
Peru Peruvian
Colombia Colombian
Venezuela Venezuelan
Bolivia Bolivian
Ecuador Ecuadorian
Uruguay Uruguayan
Paraguay Paraguayan
Nigeria Nigerian
Kenya Kenyan
Tanzania Tanzanian
Uganda Ugandan
Ghana Ghanaian
Madagascar Malagasy
Algeria Algerian
Tunisia Tunisian
Morocco Moroccan
Afghanistan Afghan
Jordan Jordanian
Lebanon Lebanese
Qatar Qatari
Oman Omani
Kuwait Kuwaiti
Mongolia Mongolian
Kazakhstan Kazakh
Cambodia Cambodian
Serbia Serbian
Croatia Croatian
Slovenia Slovenian
Slovakia Slovak
Iceland Icelandic
Belarus Belarusian
Cyprus Cypriot
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian
Estonia Estonian
Latvia Latvian
Lithuania Lithuanian
Malta Maltese
Luxembourg Luxembourger
Samoa Samoan
Tonga Tongan
Guyana Guyanese
Suriname Surinamese
Guatemala Guatemalan
Honduras Honduran
Costa Rica Costa Rican
Panama Panamanian
El Salvador Salvadoran
Nicaragua Nicaraguan


How to write nationalities in English

How to express nationalities in English:
Country names, nationalities, and languages are capitalized in English. While writing nationalities may involve shared endings like -ese, -ian, and -ish, it can align with the language spoken in that country. Here are examples of expressing nationalities:

 Using the country: “I live in Spain.”
Using the adjective: “I love Spanish food.”
 Describing origins: “I am Spanish” – “I am from Spain” – “He is a Spanish person”
Using the language: “I speak Spanish”
Describing cultures: “The Spanish love to party!”

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Mastering the names of nationalities and countries becomes more intuitive with consistent English practice. English’s widespread usage globally provides ample opportunities to learn various nationalities, countries, and languages from people worldwide. The key is to persist in practicing English and not give up.

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