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Uncertain about whether your associate attorney resume is hitting the mark? Our sample associate attorney resume can assist you in identifying the essential skills to include.

What similarities do an associate attorney resume and an affidavit share? Both demand honesty. However, by employing the correct strategy, you can present your associate attorney resume as a showcase of your strengths and convince recruiters of your potential as partner material. This guide outlines the essential steps, structure, and skills to craft a resume that reflects your excellence.

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Associate Attorney Resume Sample

Tina Webb

Associate Attorney


[email protected]


A driven third-year associate attorney dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality service at all times. Aimed to secure clients’ best possible outcomes through meticulous research and analysis. Eager to join Pierce & Associates to apply my expertise and delve into diverse legal issues, assess legal options, and propose viable legal solutions.

Work Experience

Associate Attorney

Meyers, Lloyd & Partners, Philadelphia

February 2020–Present

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing legal documentation and drafting discovery (up to 10 cases concurrently.)
  • Conducting and defending depositions and witness interviews (5–15 monthly.)
  • Representing clients during meetings and hearings; advocating for acquittal or clemency.
  • Contributing to additional tasks related to client matters as needed by the Principal Attorney.

Key Achievement:

  • Provided trial preparation assistance for over 130 successful cases.

Legal Intern

Briggs Austern, Philadelphia

September 2019–January 2020

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drafted and proofread contracts, wills, deeds, motions, briefs, complaints, pleadings, and other legal documentation.
  • Reviewed case files and provided commentary on further actions necessary. 
  • Participated in 10+ client interviews and gathered notes to assist the work of the attorneys. 

Key Achievement:

  • Facilitated a successful completion of a difficult case by finding a legal precedent during extensive research. 


Juris Doctor

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Philadelphia

September 2016–July 2019


  • Corporate law
  • Excel proficiency
  • Research & analysis
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Client relationship management
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving
  • Team-oriented

Professional Licenses

  • Pennsylvania State Bar, 2020


  • Spanish—Minimum working proficiency.


How to Craft an Associate Attorney Resume

Follow these steps to compose an effective associate attorney resume:Opt for the conventional reverse-chronological format, but assess your situation; alternative formats may suit you if experience is limited.

  1. Adhere to proper formatting guidelines, selecting a professional font (minimum 10 pts), maintaining 1–1.5 line spacing, and using one-inch margins.

  2. Structure your resume in line with industry norms, employing headings, bold type, and strategic placement of additional information.

  3. Choose a suitable resume template based on your experience—consider a one-page template for less than ten years of experience, and a two-page template for more.

  4. Introduce yourself in the header with your name, desired position, and contact information.

  5. Highlight key strengths in the resume summary or, for entry-level resumes, a resume objective.

  6. Substantiate your authenticity in the work history section, tailor your resume to the job description, and emphasize relevant experience.

  7. Detail your qualifications in the education section; consider adding ongoing education or relevant certifications in separate sections.

  8. Ensure your work experience validates your skills, demonstrating how you’ve applied them in action. Create a separate Skills section for crucial competencies.

  9. Thoroughly proofread your resume, check for relevant keywords, save it as a PDF (unless instructed otherwise), and await the verdict: “Hired!”

Key Skills to Add to Your Associate Attorney Resume

While the specific hard and soft skills required can vary by industry, there are fundamental skills that should be included in your resume to assure recruiters of your qualifications. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of your responsibilities and convey that you are ideally suited for the role.

Incorporate these essential universal skills into your associate attorney resume:

1. Legislative knowledge (tailored to your specialty).
2. Business-minded and commercially aware (understanding the potential implications of your work).
3. High level of responsibility.
4. Meticulous attention to detail.
5. Analytical skills.
6. Critical thinking skills.
7. Problem-solving skills.
8. Decision-making skills.
9. Verbal and written communication.
10. Resilience and ability to work under pressure.

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