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Excel Level Test measures how you use Excel, apply Excel formulas and have a good Excel skills. Excel exam will evaluate your Excel skills and give an Excel score. At the end you will find out your Excel level quickly and you will receive your Excel certificate immediately.

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Microsoft Excel Levels

This Excel Quiz is designed to help you evaluate your knowledge of basic Excel functions and formulas and has 3 levels.




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You can find out your Microsoft Excel level right away by completing the free test. If you want, you can get a personal Microsoft Excel Level Certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or CV.

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Excel Test Testimonials

Is your excel knowledge high enough to be considered an expert? Take this excel test and see your excel level instantly!

“As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I work in a fast-paced business environment with a high growth rate. Within Microsoft Office, especially Excel is the most important application I use in my work. This has helped me learn my test level and how much more I need to improve myself.”



“Excel knowledge is among the most frequently asked questions by Human Resources professionals in job interviews. By solving the test, I learned my real level and added it to my CV in the most accurate way. Thus, I can now express my level much more comfortably in interviews. Thank you.”



Excel Certifications

Internatonal English Test is one of the global leaders in providing Excel Tests and Excel certification services online.

Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel Functions refers to the features and functions of Microsoft Excel, which helps the user to perform complex calculations, perform data analysis, and much more.

Excel Formula

A formula in Microsoft Excel is an expression that modifies values in a set of cells.
Even if the result is incorrect, these formulas nonetheless return a result. You may execute calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using Excel formulae.
Excel also allows you to work with date and time values, discover averages and percentages for a range of cells, and perform a lot more things.

Vlookup Excel

Excel’s VLOOKUP function is arguably its most well-known feature, for both good and bad reasons.
On the plus side, VLOOKUP is simple to use and performs a highly valuable function. It is quite gratifying to watch VLOOKUP scan a table, locate a match, and deliver the right result, especially for beginning users.
Many Excel users consider successfully using VLOOKUP to be a rite of passage.