Looking to rapidly enhance your language abilities at your own convenience? Fortunately, there is an abundance of online platforms available for learning English. However, identifying a high-quality website that caters to your specific needs can be challenging.

We’ve conducted thorough research and evaluations to compile a list of the top English learning websites, both for general language improvement and tailored to various requirements. Take a look at our recommendations below to discover the ideal match for you today.

What is your English level?

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Websites to learn English online for free

VOA Learning English

Originally introduced as “Special English” in 1959, the Voice of America underwent a rebranding in 2014, transitioning to VOA Learning English when it made its online debut. Presently, users have the opportunity to engage with a variety of textbook-style reading and listening exercises centered around contemporary global happenings.

Furthermore, the platform offers short instructional videos designed to aid users in refining their pronunciation and distinguishing between frequently confused verbs.

1. Lessons are accessible in multiple languages.
2. Complimentary newsletter available.

1. Lack of writing exercises.
2. Absence of speaking classes.

BBC Learning English

With a history of aiding language learners dating back to 1943, the BBC’s website, BBC Learning English, provides access to high-quality educational resources.

This platform offers an array of instructional materials, including video lessons, radio broadcasts, multiple-choice quizzes, and articles covering diverse subjects such as news stories, uncommon vocabulary, and pronunciation. However, it is important to note that interactive speaking classes are not available. Nonetheless, for individuals seeking a self-directed learning experience, this stands out as one of the premier free resources for mastering the English language.

1. Abundance of diverse and free learning materials.
2. No requirement for registration.

1. Absence of interactive classes.
2. Solely focuses on British English.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

While Dave’s ESL Cafe primarily serves as a platform for teachers and students to engage in discussions, the website does offer a selection of complimentary educational materials. These resources encompass concise grammar explanations, pages dedicated to English slang definitions, and multiple-choice quizzes.

However, it’s important to note that since the website’s primary audience is English teachers, the majority of its resources are focused on lesson plans, and the forum primarily addresses topics relevant to educators. Additionally, there’s a “Find a teacher” feature, but it caters primarily to schools and involves a $75 fee to post an advertisement. Nevertheless, Dave’s ESL Cafe can be a valuable destination for individuals seeking to practice short exam-style questions.

1. Availability of multiple-choice quizzes.
2. Access to grammar explanations.

1. Costly to use the “Find a teacher” feature.
2. Limited selection of free courses.


Renowned for its renowned “TED Talks” – engaging presentations spanning subjects like science, self-improvement, finance, philosophy, and other captivating topics – this educational platform also boasts an exceptional website for language learning, including English and other languages.

On the TEDEd website, you have the opportunity to engage in a variety of video-based lessons that assess your comprehension of these presentations through multiple-choice questions. Additionally, you can access complete transcripts for each talk to facilitate the review of newly acquired grammar and vocabulary.

1. Video lessons covering a wide range of topics.
2. Frequently includes vocabulary related to presentations.

1. Lack of writing exercises.
2. Not ideal for beginners.

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Websites to learn English vocabulary

Acquiring new vocabulary is crucial for effective communication and comprehension in real-world English usage. As a result, we’ve evaluated leading English learning websites to determine which ones excel in expanding your lexicon.

While these websites may have certain shortcomings in other aspects, they stand out as excellent resources for enhancing your English vocabulary. If you’re looking to bolster your word knowledge, be sure to explore our top recommendations.


This language learning platform provides a range of tools designed to facilitate the acquisition of new vocabulary. In addition to offering multiple-choice questions, typing assessments, and listening exercises, Memrise includes features such as “classic reviews” and “speed reviews” aimed at enhancing your word retention. It also employs visual imagery in the form of growing flower images to track your progress as you correctly answer questions.

While Memrise does offer a free version, its full suite of features is unlocked through payment. A “Premium Membership” is available at a cost of $8.49 per month, $29.99 annually, or a one-time fee of $119.99 for a lifetime subscription.

1. Enables users to create and share courses with others.
2. Provides videos featuring native speakers.

1. Limited content accessible in the free version.
2. Does not cover grammar instruction.

Websites for learning English grammar

Interested in delving deeper into conditional sentence structures or grasping the distinction between relative and non-relative clauses? These online language learning platforms are experts at assisting students in mastering various grammar concepts.


In addition to imparting practical vocabulary for everyday dialogue, Babbel offers users valuable grammar explanations in their mother tongue. This aspect proves especially beneficial for beginners seeking a clearer grasp of grammatical principles.

Upon acquiring new grammar knowledge or vocabulary, Babbel offers the opportunity to evaluate your comprehension through swift quizzes and engaging games accessible via its app or website.

1. Extensive availability of English grammar explanations in multiple languages.
2. Review sessions to solidify your understanding.

1. Access to all tools and materials requires a subscription fee.
2. No option for learner interaction.

In conclusion, there is currently a wealth of high-quality English learning websites available. However, the majority of these platforms target a general audience, and as a result, they often lack resources specifically tailored to assist you in accomplishing your unique language learning objectives.


What is the top free website for learning English?

When evaluating language learning platforms based on the quality and diversity of their educational content, VOA Learning English, Duolingo, and BBC Learning English emerge as the top free websites for English learning. However, it’s important to note that while these are excellent resources, they may not match up to language learning platforms that require a subscription fee. This is because free providers typically do not offer interactive live online classes conducted by native tutors.

Is it possible to achieve fluency in English through website-based learning?

Many experts concur that to attain fluency in English, which encompasses the ability to speak, read, and write with speed and precision, comprehensive practice of all language skills is necessary. Therefore, it is indeed possible to achieve fluency in English through website-based learning. Nevertheless, for more efficient progress, we recommend considering platforms that combine online speaking lessons with high-quality self-study educational materials.

What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.