Useful Phrasal Verbs for Shopping in English

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Not everyone possesses the skill to articulate their desires in English. Today, you will gain knowledge of English phrasal verbs associated with shopping. Click to familiarize yourself with expressions relevant to shopping!

Presently, I provide you with  English phrasal verbs associated with shopping. After all, it’s common knowledge that we all enjoy acquiring something new for ourselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is adept at articulating their desires in English.


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  Go with

To complement effectively with another element. When purchasing clothing, the desire is for it to complement one’s overall look, style, or another piece of clothing.

It can also indicate selecting a specific item.

  •         This hat goes really well with the red coat.


If you’re able to discuss the price with the seller, you can “haggle” to convince them to substantially lower the price. This action is typically undertaken by the buyer.

A related phrasal verb is “knock off,” indicating that the seller lowers the price by a specific amount. This action is typically initiated by the seller.

  •         The owner of the shop knocked $50 off the price of the suit I wanted to buy.

  Pick up

The final phrasal verb in our list essentially denotes making a purchase. It may imply, although not always, acquiring something unplanned or purchasing something on a whim.

  •         I picked up a really stylish bag on the market yesterday.

     Put on

This is another frequently used phrasal verb, signifying the act of putting on a piece of clothing. It can also refer to placing an item on a surface.

  •         Put your items on the counter, please.

     Do up

This excellent English phrasal verb refers to securing or attaching something.

  •         I couldn’t do up the buttons on this dress by myself, so I asked the shop assistant to help me.

     Take back

This is another crucial phrasal verb that indicates the act of bringing back an item to the store due to reasons such as dissatisfaction, improper fit, or damage or flaws in some manner.

  •         I’m going to take this back to the store and see if I can get a bigger size.

   Stand out

A preferred term among many fashionable women, it signifies being distinctive and more prominent than other things, standing out noticeably and being visibly different.

  •         This blouse stands out from the rest. I love this vibrant color!

     Pick out

To make a selection. This phrasal verb isn’t limited to discussions about shopping for clothes; it can also be applied to choosing any item from a variety of options available for purchase.

  •         I need to pick out the flowers for my friend’s birthday.

      Sell out

I’m confident that you’ve experienced a scenario where the desired item is unavailable because it has been completely sold out.

Sound familiar?

  •         The shop sold out all the goods in just two weeks.

     Dress up

This phrasal verb straightforwardly indicates wearing stylish and elegant clothing, typically reserved for special occasions.

  •         I have a date, so I should dress up.

     Wear in

When you purchase a new clothing item, particularly shoes, and it doesn’t fit well initially, you “break it in” by wearing it until it conforms to your body and becomes comfortable.

To break in new shoes, we strive to wear them as frequently as we can.

  •         My feet hurt. I need to wear my shoes in.

     Look out for

    This phrasal verb signifies the act of monitoring or checking regularly for something, or actively searching for a particular thing.

    •         We were looking out for a swimsuit for Jessie.

     Take off

    This is the antonym of “put on.” It indicates taking off an item of clothing that is currently worn. It can also have a broader meaning, referring to the action of removing an object from a surface.

    •         Please take your shoes off and stand on the scale.

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    I trust that these phrasal verbs will prove beneficial when you engage in shopping in a foreign country.

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