Planning a vacation or business trip? Enhancing your English speaking skills beforehand is a smart move. Familiarizing yourself with essential English travel phrases can contribute to a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable journey.

Here are key phrases for various topics:



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The airport 

Where is the check-in counter for British Airways?  

  • It’s in the other terminal over the road. 
  • It’s on the right just opposite the Starbucks. 

Am I in the right queue? 

  • No, this is for customers with priority boarding
  • Yes, you’re in the right place. 

Do you accept payment in Euros? 

  • Yes, but there’s a 12% fee on top of the exchange rate
  • No, sorry about that. We accept credit cards though! 

Where is the currency exchange? 

  • There’s a booth right next to the front entrance.
  • There’s an ATM on the other side of security.

Will I be allowed to take this on the plane? 

  • No, I’m afraid you’ll have to empty the container or throw it away.
  • Yes, that should be fine as long as it’s in your checked baggage
  • Yes, that should be alright! 

The airplane

Do you have any food that’s suitable for vegetarians

  • Yes, of course, we have a cheese sandwich. 
  • Yes, a selection of crisps and biscuits are available on the on-flight menu

Can I have a bottle of water, please? 

  • Of course, here you go. 
  • Sure, that will be $4 please.

Is there a complimentary meal? 

  • Yes, a trolley will be around in fifteen minutes or so. 
  • No, but there’s a selection of refreshments available for a small fee. 

Am I allowed to get out of my seat?

  • Not during take-off. Wait until the red light goes off, please.  
  • Yes, go ahead. 

This turbulence is frightening, when will it pass? 

  • Don’t worry sir, it should only last a few more minutes.
  • Don’t worry, it’s just a bit bumpy, it will pass soon. 
  • We don’t know, but don’t worry — it’s not unusual and you’re perfectly safe.

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How much is a return ticket to Liverpool? 

  • That depends. When do you want to come back?
  • $59 if you are coming back today.

When are off-peak fares valid? 

  • We don’t have off-peak fares.
  • If you’re traveling between 9am and 4pm, or on the weekends. Times that aren’t rush hour, basically! 

How often does the train to Manchester run? 

  • It runs every hour at 35 minutes past. 
  • Twice a day. Do you want to see a timetable? 

Can I book a window seat please? 

  • Sure. It costs $5 extra to reserve a seat.
  • Of course.
  • No, sorry, there are no reserved seats on this train. 

Does it go directly, or do I need to change? 

  • It goes directly, all the way to Toronto. 
  • You have to change at Hull. 

What time does the train leave?

  • At 10:55.


Where is the nearest ATM? 

  • There’s one outside the post office. 

Excuse me, do you know where The Hotel Belle Vue is? 

  • Let me just check on my phone.
  • Carry on down this road until you see an ice cream shop, then turn onto the street on your right. It is somewhere towards the bottom of that road on the left. 

Hi there, can you show me on this map where the train station is? 

  • Do you have a pen? I can circle it for you.
  • Here it is.

Excuse me, do you live around here? I need some help with directions! 

  • Sorry, I’m just visiting too.
  • Yes, sure, what are you looking for? 

Excuse me, do you have a second to help me with directions? 

  • No, sorry, I’m running late.
  • Yes, where are you trying to get to? 

Do you know where I can buy a plug adaptor around here? 

  • There’s a pharmacy on the high street, which is very close to here. 
  • If you follow the signs to the train station, there is a mall on the way. 

Enjoying your destination


Do you have any double rooms available for tonight? 

  • No, I’m afraid we’re all booked up.
  • Certainly, how many nights are you planning to stay with us?  

Do you have any beds available in a female-only dorm?

  • Yes, we have one available in an 8-bed dorm.
  • No, all of our rooms are mixed gender.

Does it come with an ensuite

  • Yes, of course.
  • No, the bathrooms are shared. 

How much does it cost for one night? 

  • $60 per night, $50 per night if you book more than three nights in a row
  • $12 for an 8-bed dorm, $10 for a 16-bed.

Do I have to pay upfront

  • Yes, please.

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Food and restaurants

Can I have a table for two, please? 

  • Do you have a reservation
  • Of course, come right this way. 

Could we possibly sit in the window?

  • Those seats are reserved tonight, I’m afraid.
  • Of course, take a seat.

What are the specials for today? 

  • They’re on a board by the bar. I can read them out to you…
  • I’ll bring you a specials menu. 

Do you have a set menu? 

  • Yes, two courses for $10. I can bring you the menu. 
  • No, only at lunchtime.

Is the cheeseboard big enough to share between two? 

  • Yes, it’s huge!
  • It’s not very big, but you could share it if you aren’t very hungry. 

What do you recommend? 

  • The house special today is the fish soup, it’s delicious.
  • It depends what kind of food you like. My favourite is the szechuan chicken.

Does this come with fries? 

  • Yes, all dishes come with fries or a salad. 
  • No, would you like to order them as a side? 

Can I see the wine list please? 

  • Of course, I will bring it right away.
  • It’s on the back of the food menu.


How much is this?

  • It’s $5.99.
  • Those cost $1.99 each or three for $5.

Do you have this in a bigger size? 

  • Let me check for you. 
  • No, I think that’s the largest size we have. 

Do you know where the potato chips are? 

  • They’re on aisle five with the pasta. I can show you. 
  • Just over there on the left. 

Can I have a receipt, please? 

  • Sure, here you go. 

Can I pay by card? 

  • No, we’re cash only, I’m afraid. There’s an ATM outside the shop, though. 

What time do you close? 

  • We close at 8pm today. 

Are you open tomorrow? 

  • Yes, from 9am until 5:30pm.
  • No, we are closed on Sunday. 

Where are the fitting rooms? 

  • Just behind the cash register. 
  • We don’t have fitting rooms, I’m afraid. 

Do you sell souvenirs

  • Yes, there are some at the back of the shop. 
  • No, but there’s a good gift shop two doors down from us. 

Is this on sale

  • Yes, it’s 20% off.


When does the museum open? 

  • It opens at 10am every day except Mondays.

Am I in the right place for the tour? 

  • Yes, wait over there by the sign please.
  • Which tour are you looking for? Have you booked

Where is the entrance to the cathedral

  • You have to go around the back and through a big metal gate
  • It’s in a building next door. 

Do I need to book a ticket online for this?

  • Yes, visitors are only allowed to enter in timed slots
  • No, you can buy them here.

Is there parking near the garden? 

  • Yes, you can pay for it in the cafe
  • No, you have to find parking on a side street. 

Where is the gift shop

  • It’s on the second floor, just near the escalators

Is the gallery suitable for children?  

  • Yes, we’ve got plenty of activities for kids!  
  • Mostly, but some of the rooms have content warnings. I can show you which ones they are on a map. 
  • Maybe, but I think they might get a bit bored. 

Can you drop us off here? 

  • Sure, I will pull over.  

What is there for tourists to do in this city?

  • There’s a famous cathedral you might like to check out, and a huge shopping center. 
  • We have some leaflets behind the front desk. What do you enjoy doing on holiday? 

Talking to locals and new friends 

Where are you from?

  • I’m from Poland, how about you? 
  • I am from São Paulo but I live in Lisbon now. 

Can you take a picture of me?

  • Sure! Pass me your phone.
  • No, sorry, I’m in a hurry. 

How long have you lived in Manchester? 

  • All my life. I was born here! 
  • Only about a year. Before that, I lived in London.

What’s it like to live in Cornwall? 

  • I love it. The sea makes it a very special place.
  • It’s alright. The climate is kind of rubbish though. 

What’s your name on Instagram? 

  • I don’t have Instagram, sorry! 
  • It’s @cathygreen. 

How long do you plan to stay in Australia?

  • Our flight is in ten days, but we have been here over a month already.
  • Just a week.

What do you think of the food here?

  • The portions are huge! 
  • I really like it, it’s so different from what I usually eat.

What do you think of New York so far?

  • It’s a crazy city! There is so much to see.
  • I love the culture but the streets are very dirty. 

Can you be a bit quieter, please? I’m trying to sleep.

  • Sorry, we’ll go to the common room.
  • It’s a hostel, deal with it!

The best way to prepare for your travels 

English is frequently employed in travel scenarios as a universal language spoken by many. This implies that having knowledge of some English phrases can enhance the safety and enjoyment of your trip, even if you’re not visiting an English-speaking destination. Additionally, travel serves as a compelling motivation to enhance your English skills.

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