Utilizing a straightforward resignation letter with a two-week notice period can prevent numerous complications. Employ professional advice alongside our provided sample letter to resign gracefully and maintain positive relationships.

How do you compose a resignation letter with a two-week notice? We’ll cover this shortly, but first:


You’re departing! Exiting! Leaving it all behind!

You strut into the office humming Johnny Paycheck tunes. Then you reenact Jennifer Aniston’s scene from Chotchkie’s in Office Space.

Two weeks pass, and you’re out of work, surviving on Top Ramen. Even worse, you can’t secure a new job because your previous employer refuses to provide a reference.

Perhaps you should have parted with more professionalism?


How can you gracefully tender your resignation?

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How to Draft a Basic Resignation Letter Giving Two Weeks’ Notice

“She was an exceptional employee. We would rehire her without hesitation.”

Your objective: To prompt your previous employer to express this sentiment to a prospective employer.

Your optimal strategy? Mastering the art of crafting an effective two weeks’ notice letter.

Here’s the ideal format for a straightforward two-week notice letter.

How to Compose a Polite Two Weeks’ Notice Letter
A well-written formal letter with two weeks’ notice should maintain a positive tone.

You could simply state, “Please consider this my two weeks’ notice,” and call it a day.

However, keep your goal in mind. You aim for your former boss to hold you in high regard.

Follow the provided template for a sample two weeks’ notice resignation letter to achieve this effectively.

Crafting a Two Weeks Notice Email

Picture this:

You transmit your two weeks notice via email. Your boss bursts into laughter, causing everyone to suspect there’s a hyena in the office.

You start to wonder if a “I Quit” cake or quitting via Facebook Live would have been a better option.

Can you resign by giving a two weeks notice through email?

Certainly. Composing a two-week notice letter and drafting an email resignation are quite alike.

Simply omit the contact information at the beginning and include your details at the end.

Sample Two Week Notice Resignation Email

Dear [Boss’ Name],

[Say you’re resigning, and when.]

[Say something positive about the job.]

[Offer to help make a smooth transition.]


[Your Name]

[Your Contact Info]

You’ll also require a subject line for your two weeks notice email. It’s as straightforward as:

Resignation – [Your Name]

Now, let’s delve into what to include in a two weeks notice letter, and its significance.

What to Incorporate in a Letter Giving Two Weeks’ Notice

Imagine you’re patching up a beloved pair of jeans you’ve owned for years.

You can’t splurge on a new pair because you flubbed your two weeks notice letter.

You omitted crucial details like the timeline and offering assistance with transitioning.

This offended your former boss. Consequently, every time a prospective employer reached out, he gave them an earful.

Take a look at these example two weeks notice letters.

They demonstrate how to compose a straightforward resignation letter, highlighting what to include and why each element is vital.

Two 2 Weeks Notice Examples

The most crucial component of a resignation notice? The resignation itself.

It encompasses the declaration (that you’re resigning) and the timeframe (two weeks from the current date).

Additionally, you’ll include your address, the date, and your boss’s address at the letter’s outset.

Conor Shanahan
586 Peck Court
Anaheim, CA 92805
[email protected]

Manuel Arroyo
District Manager
Capity, Inc.
518 Parkview Drive
Anaheim, CA 92801

Dear Mr. Arroyo,

I am writing to officially tender my resignation from Capity, Inc., effective two weeks from today.

You can almost envision Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom!” But that’s essentially all you need to include in a resignation letter.

The rest serves to maintain a positive business relationship.

Now, consider this “incorrect” sample of a two-week notice letter:

I hereby resign from my position as head of marketing at Locklin & Deraps, Inc.

Well, that example does the job, but it fails to mention providing two weeks’ notice.

It’s an “effective immediately” letter, leaving your former boss in a bind.

What else should you incorporate in a two weeks notice letter? Express something positive and extend an offer.


Keep Your Two Weeks Notice Letter Positive

This is the critical juncture.

You might not be receiving a lavish severance package, but don’t depart dramatically like Jerry Maguire.

To maintain the boss’s respect, a two weeks notice letter should remain complimentary.

Let’s explore why that’s as crucial as refraining from yelling, “You can’t fire me, I quit!”

Consider these excerpts from two sample two weeks notice letters:

Sample 2 Weeks Notice Letter Clips

This decision was challenging for me. Over the past five years, I’ve encountered numerous opportunities for growth. I’ve relished the process of developing within my role and guiding an empowered team dedicated to high-quality software development.

This positive reflection contrasts sharply with the “had enough” example provided below:

Your managerial skills could benefit from improvement. I recommend considering further education or training. Additionally, there are significant communication challenges within our department.

That could be a misstep, couldn’t it? Someone might be inclined to call security. Moreover, can you envision that manager providing a positive reference later on?

It’s unnecessary to include negative remarks in a resignation letter. Such feedback can be saved for an exit interview, if necessary.

Now, let me offer one more valuable tip to make clearing out your desk a gratifying experience.

Make an Offer in Your Two-Week Notice Letter

You’ve reached the end. You’re gone, just like Kelly Clarkson or Glenn Frey.

You’re so out of there, you might as well be Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.

But there’s one final step to protect yourself from a vindictive ex-boss.

You need to extend an olive branch.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It won’t break the bank.

It simply needs to convey that there are no ill feelings, as demonstrated in this excerpt from a sample two weeks’ notice letter:

Sample Two-Week Notice Letter Clip

Thank you for the valuable experience and guidance you’ve offered. I trust and anticipate that the company will uphold its dedication to achievement and customer contentment. Please inform me of any assistance I can offer to facilitate a seamless transition.

Best regards,

Conor Shanahan

Perfect. It’s like an instant “Doberman Sandwich” (the doberman licks your face, knocks you down, then licks again).

Much preferable to the abrupt Kaiser Soze-style conclusion:

I’ll come in on Monday to clear out my desk.

Do You Need to Send a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

What if you decide to leave abruptly?

By this time tomorrow, you could be relaxing on the beach.

However, your boss might hold a grudge forever, and then there’s that pesky car payment…

It’s crucial to provide a two-week notice letter or email when resigning from a job.

Here are some alternatives to the standard two-week notice period:

Giving one week’s notice (not recommended).
Providing three weeks’ or four weeks’ notice (commendable, but not obligatory).
There’s no legal requirement for a two-week notice letter. The primary reason for giving notice is to maintain a positive relationship.

Generally, as long as you don’t leave before the two-week period is up, you’re in good standing.

When it comes to delivering a two-week notice letter, timing matters. Whether you give notice on a Monday or a Friday, you still need to provide 10 business days’ notice, which equates to 14 calendar days. However, informing your boss on a Friday allows the news to settle over the weekend.

Your two-week notice letter should resemble a thank-you note to your boss upon leaving.

Include a line like, “Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company,” near the end of the letter. Additionally, consider sending a separate short thank-you note at the end of your two weeks. It can enhance your prospects of receiving positive references in the future.

Before writing your two-week notice letter, it’s wise to inform your boss verbally. While resigning is always uncomfortable, your boss will appreciate the gesture, and it could pay dividends in the future.


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