Text-to-speech applications are convenient tools for daily use, and leveraging their functionalities can provide a multitude of advantages in the process of mastering the English language.

In this article, we will guide you through the concept of text-to-speech technology, elucidate its contributions to language acquisition, and provide an in-depth analysis of the top eight text-to-speech apps. By doing so, we aim to empower you to elevate your proficiency in the English language.

What exactly is text-to-speech technology, and how can it be advantageous for language learning?

To put it simply, text-to-speech technology is software that enables your device to audibly read written content, allowing you to listen to the text being spoken. Consequently, text-to-speech applications have proven to be of immense value for individuals facing reading challenges due to various disabilities such as dyslexia, visual impairment, blindness, or chronic migraines.

While many text-to-speech apps were initially developed to cater to the needs of individuals with these specific challenges, they have now become invaluable tools for a wide range of users in various contexts, including language learning.

Advantages for Language Learning

Text-to-speech apps can serve as a valuable asset when it comes to English language acquisition, particularly for learners who have learning disabilities or encounter difficulties in retaining new information, even without the additional complexity of mastering a second language.

Initially, the use of text-to-speech apps may appear to add complexity to the learning process. However, mastering the navigation of the best text-to-speech apps can ultimately enhance your English language skills, offering the following five benefits.

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Laying the Foundations

Commencing your English learning journey, especially as a complete beginner or near novice, can be overwhelming. Instead of attempting to grasp all aspects of language at once, text-to-speech apps offer a strategic approach by emphasizing one of the most fundamental language skills: listening.

By immersing yourself in spoken English on a daily basis, you’ll gradually discern patterns and repetitions, creating a more natural linguistic environment that serves as the cornerstone for developing other English language skills.

Enhancing Pronunciation

How often have you internally pronounced an English word only to discover that its spoken form sounds entirely different? With the assistance of the finest text-to-speech apps, there’s no room for guesswork. You’ll encounter English words pronounced in their commonly accepted and authentic manner.

The capability to pause the technology and repeat newly acquired vocabulary enables you to elevate your pronunciation skills. However, it’s imperative to conduct research on the chosen text-to-speech app, as inferior ones may employ unnatural or artificial voices that mispronounce words.

Strengthening Reading Proficiency

This point may appear counterintuitive, but English is renowned for its concealed consonants, silent vowels, and intricate grammar and spelling rules.

For learners approaching an intermediate level of English or seeking to refine their reading abilities, following the text-to-speech technology while reading English text can be highly beneficial. This approach reinforces your capacity to recognize words you already know when encountered in spoken English within a written context.

Distinguishing Between Accents

English, like many global languages, encompasses various accents, further complicating the learning process. Fortunately, text-to-speech apps typically offer readings in both American and British English accents, aiding in comprehension of accent disparities and enabling you to choose your preferred accent for learning.

If you intend to reside in or collaborate with a specific community that utilizes an accent distinct from British or American English, you can always familiarize yourself with that regional accent at a later stage, as most native speakers will comprehend you if you speak with either of these accents.

Expanding Overall Language Exposure

English language learning can be a strenuous endeavor, and without the guidance of an English tutor, maintaining motivation can be challenging. This may lead to a waning enthusiasm for language acquisition or even thoughts of discontinuation.

Employing text-to-speech apps provides an effective means of increasing your overall exposure to the language without requiring meticulous planning of your study sessions. For instance, you could employ a text-to-speech app to read the content of the websites you regularly visit.

By seamlessly integrating English into your daily life, you’ll develop a more profound understanding of relevant vocabulary, transcending the confines of conventional textbooks.

The Top Text-to-Speech Applications

While text-to-speech technology has witnessed significant advancements since its inception, not all text-to-speech apps are created equal.

The subsequent compilation of the finest text-to-speech apps aims to provide you with a valuable summary of the strengths and weaknesses associated with each choice, along with pricing details, enabling you to make an informed selection that aligns with your English learning requirements.


Available on iOS and as a Chrome extension, this text-to-speech application provides enhanced customization for visual elements, offering the opportunity to combine English reading practice with listening skills.

The app’s straightforward design is intended to deliver distraction-free text-to-speech capabilities, which can be particularly beneficial for learners who tend to get easily diverted during English language studies.

– Seamless synchronization across various devices, including Mac, PC, iOS, and web browsers.
– Offline accessibility for books, documents, and web articles.
– Tailorable text color and fonts, including options suitable for individuals with conditions like dyslexia.
– Premium version includes features such as word translation lookup and PDF definitions.
– Convenient access to platforms like Bookshare (with over 500,000 titles), Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Pocket, Instapaper, and Project Gutenberg (offering more than 50,000 free titles).

– Received lower ratings and a more mixed set of reviews compared to similar apps, averaging 3.6 stars from 137 reviews on the Mac App Store.
– Compatibility issues with older software versions, which may not be suitable for users with outdated devices.

– Free to download with certain in-app purchase options available.

Voice Dream Reader

Accessible on Android, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch, Voice Dream Reader offers support for 27 languages, primarily European languages with the inclusion of Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew. The user interface boasts a straightforward design with features like auto-scroll and user-friendly organizational tools.

– Includes a built-in scanner for documents.
– Offers 36 built-in iOS voices and provides one premium Acapela voice for free.
– Presents over 200 additional premium voices in 30 languages from Acapela, with options from NeoSpeech and Ivona also available.
– Ensures accurate pronunciation through a personalized pronunciation dictionary.
– Functions both offline and when the device screens are locked.

– Additional voices come at an extra cost of $4.99 per voice.
– Lacks a free version.
– The scanner functionality is limited to languages that use the Latin alphabet.

– Available for an initial download cost of $29.99, with supplementary charges for extra features.

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Murf AI

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive text-to-speech solutions, Murf AI encompasses a broad spectrum of software functionalities, including text-to-speech, voiceover, voice cloning, voice alteration, and API integration. The application boasts support for over 20 languages, with various accents available for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

– Offers a selection of 60+ natural voices, categorized by gender and age.
– Provides a generous allocation of 24 hours of Voice Generation per user each year.
– Incorporates voice cloning technology that replicates human emotions, enhancing text engagement and offering contextual clues for language learners.
– Allows unlimited downloads of generated content.

– Offers less detailed customization options for pauses and pitch.
– Has limitations on audio uploads.

– Priced at $312 annually.

Text To Speech (TTS)

Text-to-Speech (TTS) offers a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to converting text into speech, without the complexity of numerous additional features. Despite its simplicity, Text-to-Speech (TTS) supports an extensive range of over 30 diverse languages.

– Encompasses a wide array of popular languages, including English, Chinese, French, and Spanish, as well as less commonly featured languages on text-to-speech apps such as Estonian, Khmer, Georgian, Nepali, Sinhala, Sundanese, Ukrainian, and Slovak.
– Operates without the need for an internet connection, ensuring offline accessibility.
– User-friendly simplicity enhances ease of use.

– May be perceived as too basic or lacking in customization options.
– The app’s white text on a dark background might pose accessibility challenges for certain users.

– Available as a free app, with some tiered options available for purchase within the application.


T2S may not boast the same flashy features as some other text-to-speech apps on this list, but its favorable reviews indicate a high level of functionality that surpasses its straightforward appearance.

– Provides users with the flexibility to establish custom rules, such as eliminating pauses for periods.
– Incorporates a unique feature that vocalizes the text you’ve just typed, enhancing accuracy.
– Offers a wealth of features and versatility in the Free version in comparison to similar applications.
– Includes a popular copy-to-speech reader that enables users to highlight and copy specific text, triggering an automatic play button for audible reading.

– Access to “natural” voices is contingent on an internet connection.
– Offers fewer “entertainment” features compared to apps like Narrator’s Voice.
– May not function optimally without pairing with Speech Services by Google, potentially leading to rapid device battery consumption.
– Exclusive to Android devices.

– Available as a free app with advertisements and some limitations.
– Pro version priced at $4.99 per additional feature.

Narrator’s Voice

Well-liked among content creators, Narrator’s Voice brings an element of amusement to the language learning process by granting users more choices regarding how they wish to hear their texts. This is evident in the app’s vibrant green-and-black theme. Despite supporting only three languages (English being one of them), its popularity is affirmed by over ten million downloads on the Google Store, largely due to its captivating sound effects.

– Offers playful and distinctive reading features like echo, reverb, gargle, and choir, which can infuse some vibrancy into English learning sessions.
– Provides the capability to transform text into audio files for downloading, ensuring offline access.
– Includes an image-to-text feature that can convert photographed text into editable text, a valuable tool for translating signs and other English language content.

– Supports only three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
– Limited compatibility, primarily for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, with no desktop version available.
– Lacks automatic text-to-speech conversion; users need to input or copy and paste text into the app.
– User reviews frequently mention a high volume of advertisements in the Free version.

– Offered as a free app with advertisements.
– Premium version available for $2.99 per month, removing all ads.

Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader presents users with a choice of 40 different languages delivered through a range of natural voices. With its notable accuracy and speed, this text-to-speech app has earned an average rating of 4.5 stars from 6,500 reviews on the App Store and 4.3 stars from 122,000 reviews on Google Play.

While Voice Aloud Reader’s interface may appear somewhat outdated when compared to Speechify, some users appreciate its straightforwardness.

– Accommodates a diverse array of file types, including open text, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice documents, and HTML.
– Features an “Export Chat function” for reading WhatsApp conversations aloud, particularly beneficial for those collaborating with English-speaking colleagues.
– Offers a comprehensive user guide upon installation.

– Lacks a voice-to-text feature.
– Some user reviews mention occasional bugs resulting in unusual pauses during reading and irregular pacing, potentially impacting comprehension.

– Available for free with advertisements.
– Pro version priced at $8.99 per month, offering an ad-free experience.


With a user-friendly and uncluttered interface, Speechify has garnered more than 20 million downloads worldwide, solidifying its position as one of the most widely used and recognized text-to-speech apps available.

Prominent figures, ranging from Gwenyth Paltrow to Snoop Dogg, have contributed their voices to endorse Speechify’s content, specifically tailored for English Language Learners (ELL) students. Additionally, the app incorporates a Voice Over Generator to assist users in assessing their English word pronunciation.

– Encompasses 30+ high-quality, natural reading voices spanning over 20 different languages.
– Employs advanced skipping and importing tools that allow users to rewind for a deeper understanding of content.
– Facilitates scanning and listening to printed text at speeds up to 5x faster for added challenge.
– Incorporates purposefully-designed highlighting and note-taking tools to enhance reading skills.

– Certain features are exclusively accessible to Premium users.

– Available for free under a “Limited” subscription, offering 10 standard reading voices, reading speeds up to x1, and text-to-speech features only.
– Premium subscription priced at $139 annually, encompassing all features except Audiobooks.
– Audiobooks subscription available for $199 annually or bundled with a Premium subscription at $249 annually.

In summary, text-to-speech technology adds an element of enjoyment, consistency, and authenticity to the process of learning English. While each text-to-speech app may present its own set of distinctive features, voices, and capabilities, they all offer a common benefit: the chance to listen to native speakers accurately pronounce English words with the correct rhythm and intonation.

This aspect is crucial for English learners, but it should not constitute the sole method of enhancing comprehension skills. Collaborating with a native English tutor can further advance your English language proficiency and instill confidence in a personalized and professional setting.

What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.