Use text abbreviations for practical and efficient communication when using technology daily.

If you’ve ever communicated in writing with English-speaking youths, you’ve likely come across various abbreviations like YOLO, LOL, and more. Many English learners find these abbreviations puzzling, but today I’ll guide you on “decoding” 15 commonly used text message abbreviations in English.

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  •  CUL8R

From the previous example, you know that CU = “see you.” And L8R = “later.”

For example, “I’ve gotta go. CUL8R.”

  •  COZ

Or CUZ, this abbreviation means “because.” For example, “TTYL CUZ/COZ I’m buzy.”

  •  EOD

The significance of this abbreviation is “End of Discussion.”

For instance, in the context of an argument where you wish to halt the conversation or discussion, rather than stating, “That’s all. I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” you can succinctly express it as “EOD. TTYL.”

  •  CIAO

This term is adopted from Italian and translates to “goodbye.” For instance, “See you at 8 p.m. Ciao.”

And that’s it. Familiarize yourself with composing text messages in the style of contemporary youth. These abbreviations are also applicable on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

  •      HB2U

To wish your close friend a happy birthday, you can use the abbreviation “HB2U,” representing “Happy birthday to you.”

  •      TTYL

This abbreviation means “talk to you later.”

For example, “Sorry, I’m busy now. TTYL.”

  •      IDK

This abbreviation stands for the expression “I don’t know.” For instance, if someone asks, “What pages were assigned for homework?” the response could be simply, “IDK.”

  •  N2S

This abbreviation means “needless to say,” which means “obviously.” For example, “N2S, it’s awesome.”

  •  2NYT

Or 2nite. As you’ve already guessed, this means “tonight.” For example, CU 2nyt = “see you tonight.”

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  •      BRB

Can you interpret the phrase “Big red ball”? This abbreviation actually stands for “be right back.”

For instance, in a situation where you need to address something immediately and don’t have time for a detailed explanation, you might say, “I’ll be back soon; I will return soon,” condensed to “I’ll be right back,” which is abbreviated as “BRB.”

  •    BTW

This abbreviation means “by the way” or “incidentally.”

For example: BTW, I didn’t find that ring.

  •      BYOB

This acronym is employed when you’re invited to a party or a get-together with friends. It can signify “bring your own beer,” “bring your own bottle,” or “bring your own booze.” Essentially, it indicates bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the event.

  •      LOL

Certainly, this is one of the widely used abbreviations among teenagers. It stands for “laughing out loud” and is employed to convey amusement or finding something funny.

For instance, “He assumed I would be his girlfriend. LOL!”

  •      ROFL

This is another abbreviation related to humor and laughter. It signifies “rolling on the floor laughing.”

For instance, “I was ROFL when she shared that with me.”

  •      TGIF

This abbreviation stands for “thank God it’s Friday,” and its usage is easy to discern.

For instance, “TGIF! Let’s grab a drink!”

That’s the extent of it. Acquire the skill of crafting text messages akin to the style of today’s youth. These abbreviations are suitable for use on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, refrain from employing these abbreviations in a business or professional context.

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