“English language proficiency goes beyond just grammar and vocabulary. Even if you excel in these aspects, it’s crucial to focus on pronunciation and effective communication to be well understood by native speakers. To master American English, it’s essential to work on perfecting your accent and sounding like a native. This guide will provide you with the necessary insights and strategies to achieve this goal.”

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The best way to learn American English

“The path to achieving an excellent accent lies in consistent practice. Isolating your efforts won’t lead to significant improvement in your speaking abilities. Effective communication with others is the foundation of honing your accent.

Engaging in conversations with a native English speaker, especially with a professional tutor who can offer guidance and error correction, is the most reliable approach to mastering pronunciation. On platforms like Preply, you can discover experienced instructors who can tailor private lessons to help you speak English like an American, meeting your specific requirements.”

4 strategies for mastering American English conversation like a native

“In addition to one-on-one tutoring, there are numerous steps you can take to enhance your accent. We’ve outlined these steps in a straightforward manner below.”.

1. Learn how to use connected speech

“In speech, words frequently blend together, where the final sound of one word can influence the beginning of the next. Connected speech involves incorporating, omitting, or modifying sounds in various ways. Sounding like an American isn’t merely about making subtle adjustments to achieve a somewhat nasal tone or adapting to a ‘twang.’

With an American accent, people commonly employ specific forms of connected speech. One such form is elision, which involves the omission of one or more sounds, typically when a sound is replaced by a similar or more pronounced sound nearby. For instance:”

  • interview — innerview
  • center — cenner
  • wanted — wann-ed
  • butter — budder or bul-er
  • next door — nexdoor
  • most common — moscommon

Another type of connected speech specific to the US accent is Assimilation. It’s when two sounds combine, creating a new one. For example:

  • don’t you — doncha
  • won’t you — woncha
  • meet you — meetcha
  • did you — didju

2. Pronounce the “r” sound correctly

“The challenging aspect of American English often lies in mastering the hard /r/ sound. However, if you aim to adopt a North American accent, it’s essential to perfect its pronunciation.

In many dialects, the letter “r” is pronounced as “ah,” but American English accents render it as “arruh,” almost inaudible, akin to a quiet exhale. Click the link to access a comprehensive guide explaining how to produce the correct “r” sound.”

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3. Just slow down

“Numerous individuals who aren’t native English speakers attempt to mimic American speech by speaking rapidly, sometimes making it challenging for native speakers to comprehend. This tendency is natural, particularly if your native language is spoken swiftly, without many breaks or reductions. However, if you aim to achieve American English fluency and enhance your pronunciation, consider breaking sentences into phrases, highlighting key words, and incorporating pauses after each statement.”

4. Immerse yourself in American culture

“This approach greatly enhances the language learning process, and it is particularly beneficial for acquiring a North American accent.

Engage in cultural immersion by tuning in to American English podcasts, watching movies and TV series like The Simpsons or Friends, and replicating the sounds you hear. Watching YouTube tutorials on adopting an American accent is also a valuable method.

It’s interesting to note that many popular songs in the United States are sung in a General American accent. By listening to American music and singing along, you’ll begin to grasp the nuances of American English pronunciation.

An essential aspect of cultural immersion involves conversing with native speakers. Visit the tutor page on Preply, and select from a range of American English tutors to initiate your practice sessions.”

The next steps to learn American English

“To adopt a particular accent in a foreign language, like American English, complete immersion is crucial. Immerse yourself as extensively as possible by listening to copious amounts of American media and actively practicing what you hear. Fortunately, numerous popular TV shows and films worldwide showcase American accents, making it easy to find opportunities for practice.”

Scroll on to see if your (or your parents’) favorite show did too, and check out Variety’s full list here.

  1. NFL Sunday Night Football (NBC) // 18.14 million
  2. NFL Thursday Night Football (Fox/NFL Network) // 15.4 million
  3. Yellowstone (Paramount Network) // 11.31 million
  4. NFL Monday Night Football (ESPN) // 11.23 million
  5. NCIS (CBS) // 11.01 million
  6. FBI (CBS) // 10.35 million
  7. Chicago Fire (NBC) // 9.92 million
  8. Blue Bloods (CBS) // 9.78 million
  9. The Equalizer (CBS) // 9.45 million
  10. 60 Minutes (CBS) // 9.38 million
  11. Chicago P.D. (NBC) // 9.26 million
  12. Young Sheldon (CBS) // 9.22 million
  13. Chicago Med (NBC) // 9.2 million
  14. FBI: Most Wanted (CBS) // 8.85 million
  15. NFL Thursday Night Football (NFL Network) // 8.78 million
  16. Ghosts (CBS) // 8.41 million
  17. NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS) 8.34 million
  18. FBI: International (CBS) // 8.31 million
  19. The Voice – Tuesday (NBC) // 8.28 million
  20. 9-1-1 (Fox) // 8.15 million
  21. The Voice – Monday (NBC) // 8.12 million
  22. This Is Us (NBC) // 8 million
  23. 9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox) // 7.46 million
  24. Bull (CBS) // 7.45 million
  25. La Brea (NBC) // 7.43 million
  26. Survivor (CBS) // 7.42 million
  27. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) // 7.35 million
  28. Magnum P.I. (CBS) // 7.34 million
  29. American Idol (ABC) // 7.26 million
  30. The Good Doctor (ABC) // 7.14 million
  31. American Idol – Monday (ABC) // 6.99 million
  32. Law & Order: SVU (NBC) // 6.84 million
  33. CSI: Vegas (CBS) // 6.8 million
  34. The Neighborhood (CBS) // 6.76 million
  35. Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS) // 6.7 million
  36. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) // 6.51 million
  37. S.W.A.T. (CBS) // 6.5 million
  38. The Rookie (ABC) // 6.43
  39. Dancing with the Stars (ABC) // 6.3 million
  40. Station 19 (ABC) // 6.22 million
  41. New Amsterdam (NBC) // 6.17 million
  42. Law & Order (NBC) // 6.08 million
  43. The Masked Singer (Fox) // 5.88 million
  44. United States of Al (CBS) // 5.86 million
  45. Seal Team (CBS) // 5.83 million
  46. Big Sky (ABC) // 5.74 million
  47. B Positive (CBS) // 5.69 million
  48. Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC) // 5.56 million
  49. The Amazing Race (CBS) // 5.5 million
  50. The Cleaning Lady (Fox) // 5.17 million

What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.