Various shopping idioms can prove helpful for your everyday shopping needs. We have six of them featured on our page. Why not acquaint yourself with and incorporate all of them? They can be advantageous.

Previously, you came across an article featuring 15 English phrasal verbs related to shopping. Now, here’s another English lesson for you: I opted to compose an article focusing on six English idioms used in discussions about shopping. Why not?

Many idioms include the word “shop,” but not all of them pertain to shopping (while some, like “window shopping” and “shopping spree,” do, others such as “talk shop” do not).

As you’re aware, idioms are figurative expressions, akin to proverbs or sayings. If you ever find yourself in the U.S. on Black Friday (the most significant shopping day of the year), these idioms might come in handy.

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Most Interesting Shopping Idioms

Without any more delay, here are our top six favorite shopping idioms in English.

1. Shop around

This expression signifies “to visit various stores to compare prices.”

For example:

  •         I think I can get this dress for a cheaper price. I’m going to shop around.
  •         I just moved into a new apartment, so I’m shopping around for furniture.

2. To pay one’s way

This idiom pertains to a scenario in which individuals dine at a restaurant with friends, and each person either contributes to a shared bill or receives an individual check for their own expenses.

For example:

  •         I’m going to pay my way. You don’t need to pay for me.
  •         This time let me pay my way, okay?

3. To talk shop

This English expression signifies “to discuss matters related to work.”

For example:

  •         He is very boring. All he does all day is a talk shop.
  •         We need to talk shop, can you leave us?

4. To shoplift

This uncomplicated English idiom means “to steal something from a store by pretending to be a customer.”

For example:

  •         He was caught shoplifting.
  •         Jack has been shoplifting from the shop near his home. Can you believe that?

5. Shopping therapy

Certain individuals think that engaging in shopping can serve as a means for a person to cope with depression, a negative mood, or challenging life situations, providing a momentary sensation of happiness or relief.

So the phrase “shopping therapy” is used.

For example:

  •         She was very upset so I took her into town for some shopping therapy.
  •         I need some shopping therapy. I’m feeling so miserable these days.

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6. Fit like a glove

The final idiom on our list signifies “to fit perfectly.”

It is predominantly employed in discussions about clothing but is also applicable when referring to various accessories.

For example:

        Yesterday we bought a new bed and it fits like a glove in our room. I’m so glad!

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