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The way you save your resume is important. Discover the finest collection of PDF resume templates available for download in 2024, and understand the process of formatting a resume in PDF.

Download PDF Resume Templates
Before delving into the main content, let’s address the fundamental question: PDF or Word for your resume?

The answer is simple: adhere to the specific instructions provided in the job description or online application. That’s all you need to do.

In cases where there are no explicit instructions or you’re directly emailing your resume to an individual, it’s advisable to save your documents in multiple formats (PDF, .doc, .docx). This flexibility allows you to choose the appropriate format based on the circumstances:

Opt for a PDF if the requirement is unspecified and no specific file format is requested.
Send a Word document only if a recruiter explicitly asks for it.



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The epitome of excellence. Timeless yet sophisticated. Straightforward yet impactful. Meet our Cascade template. Renowned as one of the most frequently chosen resume formats, its popularity speaks volumes. Offering all essential resume elements, Cascade presents you in the most favorable light possible.


Vibes stands as the final PDF resume but is by no means less important! It seamlessly blends a polished resume layout with lively color schemes. If you’ve been in search of a resume template that consistently delivers, your quest ends here.


Valera, our distinctive resume template, features unique typography that sets it apart. The template’s conventional structure harmonizes with its distinctive personality, enabling your recruiter to swiftly delve into the specifics of your work history.


Simple is a dual-column template that your recruiter will appreciate for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it incorporates sufficient white space, enhancing readability despite numerous accomplishments in the main sections. Secondly, the distinct division of resume parts ensures an effortless navigation experience.


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Minimo employs a subtle hint of color, imparting a polished finish that exudes professionalism and simplicity—qualities essential for your PDF resume. No need to fret about intricate graphics or complex formatting; Minimo is tailor-made for both recruiters and ATS compatibility.



Influx embodies a blend of contemporary flair and sophistication. The robust header and uncluttered single-column design will effectively showcase your professional accomplishments. With ample white space, you have the perfect canvas to enhance your content.


The standout gem among our templates, the Diamond, allows your name and job title to make a striking impression. Opt for the Diamond template, where you can articulate all your accomplishments in a single column, ensuring they won’t escape your recruiter’s attention.


Crafting a two-page resume? The Concept should be your preferred template. Utilize the timeline to illustrate the evolution of your career over the years, while the icons efficiently conserve valuable space.


Introducing the Modern resume template! This choice ensures you outshine your competition. The ideal whitespace allows the recruiter’s eyes to rest, while providing ample room for your accomplishments. Plus, notice how the resume headline effortlessly grabs attention!



Seeking a simple yet attention-grabbing option? Cubic is the answer. Opt for it if intricate designs are not your preference. This resume template offers the space and formatting needed to make a lasting impression on recruiters.

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Creating Your PDF Resume

If you prefer a hands-on approach or work in a creative field where your resume serves as your portfolio, consider creating the PDF resume from scratch. However, be aware that this method demands your time, skills, and resources. Ensure you fully understand the commitment before proceeding.

Once you’ve decided to craft your PDF resume and confirmed that your recruiter accepts resumes in this format, here are crucial ATS tips to make the effort worthwhile:

Tip 1: Choose a readable font for both print and digital formats, such as Arial, Garamond, or Helvetica.
Tip 2: Pay attention to resume structure. ATS systems struggle with special formats like tables, images, charts, or graphs. Prioritize creating an ATS-friendly resume template. Verify the software’s compatibility by copying and pasting the content into a text editor—if it appears as unfamiliar symbols, the ATS won’t be able to read it.
Tip 3: Adhere to conventional resume sections; avoid unconventional headings like “The Way I Do Business” for your professional experience. ATS systems are programmed to recognize standard headings like “Experience,” “Education,” and “Skills.”
Tip 4: Optimize your resume with relevant keywords by extracting exact words and phrases from the job description. This approach satisfies both recruiters and parsing software.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a PDF Resume Format

Now that you’re well-versed in the realm of PDF resumes, let’s delve into why they’re frequently discussed. A thorough examination of the pros and cons of sending a resume in PDF format will provide a clear picture.



1. Virtually everyone can open a resume in PDF format on their computers.
2. Saving your document as a PDF ensures that the formatting remains intact when opened by users.
3. PDFs prevent others from intentionally or accidentally altering or deleting sections of your resume file.
4. PDF files are less prone to being flagged as containing viruses.




1. Some ATS software may encounter difficulties in reading PDF resumes, although this can be mitigated with proper formatting.
2. Creating an original resume document is still necessary using Word or another editor, unless you opt for resume builders and their templates.

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