Discover the names of games and sports in English, and grasp the distinctions between “play,” “do,” and “go” in this concise article. Learn now!

Today, I want to focus your attention on a compilation of names for physical games and sports in English. This doesn’t include board games, card games, or video games (apologies to the gamers). Familiarize yourself with this list, and you’ll be capable of naming various types of games, and perhaps even playing them with some practice. To provide a comprehensive understanding, we’ll delve into the verbs play, do, and go within the context of sports—a source of confusion for many English learners.

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English Game Titles

Initially, the inventory of terms along with their corresponding translations:

  •         figure skating 
  •         bobsleigh
  •         synchronized swimming 
  •         biathlon 
  •        swimming 
  •         cycling 
  •         tennis 
  •         boxing 
  •         shooting 
  •         equestrian jumping 
  •         sailing 
  •         rhythmic gymnastics 
  •         judo 
  •         golf 
  •         snooker 
  •         basketball 
  •         football 
  •         volleyball 
  •         baseball 
  •         gymnastics 
  •         bowling 
  •         athletics 
  •         freestyle wrestling 
  •         weightlifting 
  •         fencing 
  •         archery 
  •         cricket 
  •         cross-country skiing 
  •         downhill skiing 
  •         snowboarding 
  •         ice hockey 
  •         curling 

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