Acquire a wealth of valuable medical vocabulary and expressions from this guide.Today, I won’t overwhelm you with intricate and obscure medical terminology in English. Instead, I’ll familiarize you with fundamental medical terms that may prove essential in the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a hospital in another country. Having a grasp of basic medical vocabulary is crucial for navigating healthcare systems, particularly in a country like the United States, unless you happen to carry a medical dictionary. Moreover, possessing enough English vocabulary to discuss health issues can be beneficial in various situations. For English learners, mastering these terms not only facilitates comprehension of medical discussions with doctors but also enables understanding of English-language TV shows with medical themes.

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Medical Abbreviations in English

  •        MRI
  •        EKG 
  •        CBC
  •        X-ray
  •        B.I.D.  


  •    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  •    Ward
  •    Hospital
  •    Emergency Room (ER)
  •    Operating Room (OR)

Clarifying the Following Terms

Now, let’s progress to words linked with each of these terms.


  •         Chronic
  •         Benign
  •         Terminal
  •         Treat
  •         Cure


  •         Wound
  •         Burn
  •         Broken bone (fracture)
  •         Heal


  •         Sickness
  •         Cold
  •         Flu
  •         Bug = virus
  •         Remedy

    Names of Medical Personnel in English

    •         Paediatrician
    •         Orthopedist
    •         Gastroenterologist
    •         Dermatologist
    •         Physician
    •         Doctor = MD
    •         Family doctor
    •         Surgeon
    •         Anesthesiologist
    •         Cardiologist
    •         Traumatologist
    •         Gynaecologist
    •         Urologist
    •         Ophthalmologist
    •         Therapist
    •         Nurse

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    •         Exam
    •         Vein
    •         Syringe
    •         Painkiller/pain reliever
    •         Numb
    •         Dosage
    •         Biopsy (of abnormal cells)
    •         Blood sample
    •         Hypertension
    •         Diagnosis
    •         Prescription
    •         Urine sample
    •         Cast