Explore a winning sample of a marketing analyst resume. Master the art of crafting a job-winning digital marketing analyst resume with our comprehensive, step-by-step guide!

Is your marketing analyst resume lacking impact? It’s time to elevate it to new heights! Our comprehensive guide contains all the tips and tricks you need to turn your application into a compelling data narrative.

Harness your data-driven skills and secure your ideal job!

This guide will cover:

– A marketing analyst resume example that surpasses 90% of others.
– Strategies for crafting a marketing analyst resume that attracts more interviews.
– Tips and examples for showcasing skills and achievements on your resume.
– Techniques for describing your experience on a resume for a marketing analyst to secure any desired position.

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Marketing Analyst Resume Sample

Jane Upton

Marketing Analyst


[email protected]




Proven marketing analyst with 5+ years of experience and excellent communication skills. At Wirecommerce, generated $45,000 in additional sales, grew ROAS by 60%, and increased customer satisfaction by 26%. Eager to apply my expertise to Paycue’s growth and ROI through extracting actionable, data-driven marketing insights. 


Marketing Analyst


May 2018–June 2021

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Introduced an automated solution to pulling data from multiple sources, increasing data gathering efficiency by 45%. 
  • Built 2 proprietary analytical tools to identify keyword and social media advertising opportunities, increasing ROAS by 60%. 
  • Collaborated with the management, product design, and marketing teams to implement data-driven website and product improvements. 
  • Onboarded 2 junior analysts and conducted Excel and Tableau training sessions for a cross-functional team of 30 employees. 

Key Achievement:

  • Designed and conducted 5+ customer surveys per month, leading to website improvements that resulted in a 26% increase in customer satisfaction and $45,000 in additional sales over the course of a year.

Junior Marketing Analyst


June 2016–May 2018

  • Evaluated the performance of 6+ campaigns per month.
  • Conducted focused A/B testing and extrapolated insights from the results, leading to a 12% increase in conversions.
  • Introduced the use of SPSS to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data gathering and analysis.


BBA in Data Analytics, Minor in Marketing, Washburn University


  • Achieved a 3.9 GPA


  • Google Analytics
  • SPSS
  • MS Office
  • R
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving


Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Excel Expert

Microsoft, 2020

 Certified Market Research Analyst (CMRA)

International Institute of Market Research and Analytics (IIMRA), 2017


Member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

  • Attended the annual Marketing Analytics Summit (MAS) 4 times. 
  • Led a workshop on data storytelling and presentation during the 2019 MAS. 


Select the Appropriate Format for Your Marketing Analyst Resume

Marketing analysts collect, refine, and evaluate data to derive marketing insights aimed at enhancing a company’s performance. They also monitor and predict trends. Your marketing analyst resume should highlight your analytical thinking skills, as well as your capacity to convey information in a clear and concise manner. Ultimately, your insights are valuable only if you can effectively communicate them to other teams for implementation.

The initial step in creating a winning marketing analyst resume is to utilize the appropriate resume layout to effectively showcase your top skills.

Here’s how to structure your resume:

– Opt for the reverse-chronological resume layout: This ensures that your most recent and pertinent experience receives primary attention.
– Include essential contact details in the header: Provide your name, job title, phone number, and email address. Adding links to your LinkedIn and/or Twitter profiles can also enhance your profile.
– Maintain ample white space: Utilize 1-inch resume margins and 1–1.15 line spacing to create a clean layout.
– Select an appropriate font: Choose clear, easy-to-read, and professional fonts. Set your paragraphs to 11–12 points and headings to 13–14 points.
– Aim to keep your resume to one page: While two-page resumes may be suitable for senior candidates with extensive experience, it’s preferable to condense your information to a single page whenever possible.
– Save and submit your resume as a PDF, unless specifically requested otherwise in the job advertisement.

Craft a Resume Objective or Summary for a Marketing Analyst Position

Your introductory paragraph serves as the resume’s equivalent of compelling sales copy: concise, engaging, and optimized for conversions.

Referred to as a personal profile (or resume profile), this section aims to capture the reader’s attention and guide them further down the hiring funnel.

There are two types: experienced candidates typically craft a personal summary, while entry-level applicants often focus on a personal objective.

Here’s how to compose a job-winning personal profile:

1. Begin with an adjective (e.g., accomplished or innovative) followed by your years of experience.
2. Highlight your most significant professional accomplishment in the second sentence, emphasizing measurable outcomes, such as saving $4,000 in unnecessary ad spending.
3. Extend an offer to the employer in the third sentence. Customize it to the company, pledging to assist in achieving a specific goal.

For those writing an entry-level resume, concentrate on academic achievements, internships, college projects, and relevant skills outlined in the job advertisement.

Craft an Ideal Experience Section for Your Marketing Analyst Resume

The work experience section of your resume serves as the heart of your campaign and your most significant achievement. Mastering this section will transform your resume into prime material in the eyes of potential employers.

The key to making your resume stand out is to emphasize your top professional accomplishments from previous roles, rather than simply listing your assigned duties.

Here’s how to construct the ideal experience section for a marketing analyst:

1. Begin with your most recent position and work backward through your employment history.
2. Include your job title, company name, and dates of employment for each entry. Optionally, provide a brief sentence outlining the scope of your role or the company.
3. Utilize up to six bullet points for each entry, detailing measurable accomplishments. Start each bullet point with an active resume verb and incorporate numerical data to illustrate the value you contributed to the company.
4. Incorporate a separate key achievement if there’s something noteworthy you wish to highlight.
5. Employ market segmentation tactics by tailoring your choice of achievements to each position you’re applying for.

By refining your resume to showcase your successes and targeting it effectively, you’ll significantly increase your chances of securing interviews. Get ready to witness its remarkable performance!

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Make Your Education Section Shine

Every legitimate marketing analyst position typically requires a degree or equivalent experience. To demonstrate that you meet the necessary qualifications, highlight your academic accomplishments in a separate section on your resume.

For candidates with 5+ years of relevant experience, simply listing the name of your degree, the college attended, and the years of attendance is sufficient.

However, for those with less experience, the education section presents an opportunity to add value to the resume. Consider including the following details:

– Grade point average: Only add your GPA to your resume if it’s 3.5 or above.
– Study areas: Incorporate relevant coursework to showcase your theoretical knowledge relevant to the job.
– Other activities: Include extracurricular activities to demonstrate your proactive nature and ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team, as well as your diverse interests.

Emphasize Your Skills as a Marketing Analyst


Quick survey:

What are your top professional skills?

Here’s how to compile a list for your resume:

1. Generate two datasets: one containing all your skills and another with skills mentioned in the job advertisement.
2. Ensure inclusion of both soft and hard skills, as well as specific computer proficiencies.
3. Conduct a comparative analysis: identify skills that appear in both datasets.
4. Prioritize: select up to 10 key matching skills and incorporate them into your resume.

Incorporating a dedicated skills section enhances the ATS-friendliness of your resume, making it easier to scan for automated recruitment solutions. Additionally, it demonstrates to the recruiter your understanding of the essential skills required for success as a marketing analyst.

Now, what skills are essential for a marketing analyst?



Incorporate Additional Sections into Your Marketing Analyst Resume

As you’re aware, bonus features can significantly enhance a product’s conversion rates.

Therefore, consider adding extra functionality to your resume to gain a competitive advantage. Here are some suggestions:

Certifications and awards demonstrate your skills and commitment to professional development. Include only relevant certifications and awards, such as a MOS certification in Excel or Access, or a CMRA.

Memberships in relevant associations showcase your industry passion and dedication to networking, learning, and growth.

Volunteer work serves as evidence of your teamwork and commitment to corporate social responsibility principles.

Language skills indicate your active learning mindset, and fluency in a foreign language can be particularly advantageous in various professions, including marketing analysis.

Once you’ve determined which additional sections to include on your resume, add each as a separate section to maintain organization and ease of navigation.

Attach a Cover Letter to Your Marketing Analyst Resume

Great job!

You’ve crafted a resume that’s bound to yield results!

However, your preparation isn’t complete for applying to your dream job. According to our HR research, to truly increase your chances of securing an interview, you’ll need a compelling cover letter.

Here’s how to compose an outstanding cover letter for a marketing analyst position:

1. Begin with an attention-grabbing achievement. This will instantly set you apart, much like a 200% surge in sales.

2. Substantiate your suitability for the role in the second paragraph. Offer concrete examples showcasing how your skills and experience contribute to shaping marketing strategies and driving ROI.

3. Articulate your motivation for joining the specific company. Conduct thorough research and utilize competitive intelligence to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the company’s requirements.

4. Conclude your cover letter with a clear call to action (CTA) and express your eagerness to collaborate with the company in achieving a specific objective.

5. Keep your cover letter concise; it should ideally be under one page in length.

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