Jewelry and accessories play a crucial role in achieving a stylish appearance, whether in everyday situations or for special occasions.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the term “ring,” but today, I encourage you to broaden your vocabulary in this realm and acquaint yourself with the fundamental names of jewelry and accessories in English.

For clarity, I have included an image that you can consult and save if desired.

This article also provides useful phrases and expressions that will be beneficial if you find yourself in a jewelry store or department in another country.

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English Names for Jewellery

  •         Necklace
  •         Pearl necklace/pearls
  •         Bracelet
  •         Charm bracelet
  •         Bangle
  •         Chain
  •         Jewelry / bijouterie
  •         Ornaments
  •         Ring
  •         Engagement ring
  •         Wedding ring/wedding band
  •         Signet ring
  •         Earrings
  •         Hoop earrings
  •         Clasp
  •         Beads
  •         Cufflinks
  •         Pin / brooch
  •         Locket
  •         Pendant
  •         Medallion
  •         Barrette


English Names for Accessories

  •         Wallet
  •         Change purse
  •         Purse/handbag
  •         Shoulder bag
  •         Tote bag
  •         Makeup bag
  •         Clutch bag
  •        Watch/wrist watch
  •         Tie pin / tie back
  •         Tie clip
  •         Belt
  •         Key ring/keychain
  •         Backpack
  •         Briefcase
  •         Umbrella
  •         Sunglasses
  •         Shawl
  •         Gloves


In a Jewelry Store

The subsequent conversational expressions will prove useful if you need to communicate with personnel at a jewelry store regarding jewelry or accessories in English. 

  •         How much does this purse cost?
  •         Do you have a matching necklace for this ring / these earrings?
  •         I’ll take it! Thank you
  •        Excuse me! Is this / are these items on sale this week?
  •         Can I try it on?
  •         Can I see this / that one?
  •         I’m looking for a bracelet for my friend/ mother/husband/wife etc.

That concludes it. Familiarize yourself with all these terms for jewelry and accessories in English and make an effort to incorporate them into your conversations.

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