Want to clearly convey your preferences? Learn synonyms for liking and disliking to express yourself effectively!

Do you enjoy reading blogs, magazines, and books? Or perhaps you have a passion for activities like skydiving or camping? On the flip side, maybe you strongly dislike snakes, spiders, or encountering impolite individuals on public transportation.

If you’re perusing this page, it indicates a desire to learn diverse ways of expressing preferences in English. Whether you’re a language learner aiming to enhance your vocabulary or a native speaker looking to elevate your conversational skills, mastering unique and engaging ways to convey preferences can be beneficial.

While the most straightforward expressions are “I like” and “I don’t like,” let’s explore some other intriguing ways to articulate preferences in English. This exploration will not only enrich your vocabulary but also enhance your ability to express yourself more effectively in English.

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Synonyms for “I like it”

To start, let’s examine English words that aid in expressing a “favorable” preference.

1.I find pleasure in it.

This verb conveys the idea of taking delight or pleasure in something, and it is followed by a verb with the -ing suffix. For instance: I enjoy reading.

2. I have a strong affection for it.

This word, “love,” can function as both a noun and a verb, so its meaning depends on the context. We use “love” to express a deep fondness for a particular action or thing. It doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a person. For example: I love ice cream. I just love driving. I love rain in the summer.

3. I have a strong passion for it.

This phrase signifies having a deep and intense love for something or someone, feeling strongly about a particular thing.


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4. I am keen on it.

The final phrase on our list to express a preference means to like or enjoy something.

For example: I am keen on Mark. I am keen on painting.

5. I am an enthusiast of it.

The meaning of this expression is likely apparent, as the word “enthusiast” is present in other languages. It indicates a strong liking or fondness for something.

For example: I am an enthusiast of skateboarding.

6. I have an affection for it.

This phrase might ring a bell from your school days. It denotes a liking or attraction to something.

For example: I have an affection for sports. We have an affection for learning the English language.

7. I am intrigued by it.

This expression signifies having an interest in or being attracted to something.

For example: I am intrigued by writing articles about marketing.


Synonyms for “I dont like it”

Now, let’s examine some English expressions that convey a negative opinion or dislike for something.

1. I hate/loathe it

You’re likely acquainted with one of these terms, particularly the word “hate.” The second verb conveys the same sentiment but is an even stronger expression to convey this feeling.

For example: I strongly dislike being late. I utterly detest seafood.

2. I can’t stand it

This English phrase signifies “to intensely dislike; to be unable to tolerate something or someone.” For instance: I cannot tolerate cold food. I cannot tolerate her discussing Jane’s failure.

3. I am not a fan of it

When the word “not” is added before a form of the verb “to be,” it indicates a tendency to steer clear of the person or thing being discussed. This expression is not as emphatic as the word “hate.” For instance: I am not particularly fond of dancing.

4. It drives me crazy

This indicates “to greatly frustrate; annoy to the point of distraction.” Any item can replace the pronoun “it.” For example: Rudeness is making me lose my mind. Amy’s hair left on my comb is making me lose my mind.

5. It’s not my cup of tea

This idiom is unrelated to tea or its consumption. It signifies “to not have a liking for.” For example: Horror movies are not something I enjoy. Do you like singing? – No, it’s not my preference.

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