Are you familiar with the latest developments in the automotive industry? The concept of an electric car is quite intriguing, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Tesla, but let’s set aside the topic of money for now. Today, we’ll explore various English words related to car enthusiasts, and they go beyond mere car discussions. Additionally, this article provides the fundamental names for different types of cars in English.

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Car Classifications in English  

  •         Passenger car
  •         Sedan
  •         Coupe
  •         Car
  •         Automobile
  •         Minivan
  •         SUV – “sports utility vehicle”
  •         Convertible
  •         Sports car
  •         Company car

In the Car

These represent fundamental devices and components of an automobile.

  •         battery
  •         transmission
  •         accelerator
  •         brakes
  •         clutch
  •         handbrake
  •         cab
  •         boot (trunk)
  •         tank
  •         steering wheel
  •         seat
  •         windscreen (windshield)
  •         seat-belt
  •         airbag
  •         wheel
  •         tire
  •         engine
  •         headlights
  •         tail light
  •         muffler

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Driving-Related Verbs

  •         to back up
  •         to stop a car
  •         to run out of petrol/gas
  •         to start a car
  •         to fasten the seat belt
  •         to shift
  •         to speed up
  •         to slow down
  •         to park a car

    A few more words associated with automobiles:

    •         traffic light
    •         overtake (pass)
    •         skid
    •         the ignition
    •         the engine/car fails (cuts out)
    •        driver license
    •         car park (parking lot)
    •         garage
    •         car wash
    •         filling station (gas station)
    •         repair shop
    •         flat tyre (tire)