Our daily meals encompass a variety of foods, each with formal names as well as common, everyday names.

I’ve previously discussed variations between American English and British English words. Today, we’ll explore entertaining differences in food-related terms, highlighting how the same food is referred to by distinct names in US English and UK English. Get ready for some surprising discoveries!

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Funny English words about Food

Popsicle – ice lolly
Sandwich – butty 
The cut of bacon – rasher 

Breakfast – brekkie 
Cotton candy – candy floss
Cooler – cool box 
Sausages – bangers

Fish sticks – fish fingers
Ground meat – mince
Coffee with cream – white coffee
Cookie – biscuit
Dessert – pudding
Cupcake – fairy cake 
Soda – fizzy drink 
Potato chips – potato crisps

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