Several key fitness-related verbs include working out, warming up, cooling down, and jogging.

Are you familiar with the distinctions between “warm up” and “cool down,” as well as “aerobic exercise” and “anaerobic exercise”? How about the term “range of motion”? Just like your body requires consistent exercise, so does the English language—continuous training is essential for improving our language skills.

There is a plethora of vocabulary related to fitness, encompassing various body parts, types of physical activity, and body composition. To acquire these English words, consider jotting them down on flashcards and practicing their usage in your daily life.

Today, let’s delve into a few beneficial words and idiomatic expressions that can enhance your ability to discuss fitness in English.

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Fitness Vocabulary Terms 

Fitness Instructor

This refers to a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or fitness trainer who organizes your exercise regimen, typically at a gym.

Engaging with a fitness instructor can be highly beneficial, especially if you’re new to the gym and unsure about how to train your body or which equipment to use.

I encourage you to watch an interview with Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, where she discusses fitness, diet, and a healthy lifestyle.


A familiar term, aerobics involves vigorous exercises designed to strengthen the heart and lungs, often performed to music. Aerobics is practiced for both sports and wellness.


Many individuals visit a gym to maintain good physical shape. At the gym, you can utilize equipment such as a treadmill, barbells, cross trainer (also known as an elliptical machine), and work out with dumbbells.

Yoga, Pilates

These are exercise modalities that have gained popularity in recent times.

Junk Food/Healthy Food

Junk food is detrimental to health, while healthy food is beneficial. When exercising, it’s crucial to pay attention to nutrition and avoid consuming junk food.

A proper, healthy diet combined with regular exercise contributes to good health and longevity.

Work Out

To enhance your health and physical fitness, regular exercise and sustained physical activity are essential. The phrasal verb “work out” means “to train or exercise.”

Warm Up

Prior to engaging in intensive exercise, it’s important to spend some time warming up your muscles to increase their elasticity and temperature, reducing the risk of injuries during your workout. These preliminary exercises, often involving light activities with your body weight, constitute the warm-up phase.

Cool Down

This phrasal verb pertains to the conclusion of your exercise session when you allow your muscles to cool down. The intensity of the training is gradually reduced, typically involving stretching exercises that enhance muscle elasticity and flexibility. This phase is referred to as “cooling down.”


Jogging involves running at a steady pace for exercise, a popular activity among Americans, with many opting to jog in the morning.


This term, commonly associated with young women, involves various types of diets often pursued to achieve a specific appearance. Strict diets can be detrimental to health and may not be suitable for everyone. Engaging in physical activity at the gym is often considered a better approach to burning excess calories than relying solely on strict diets. Do you agree?



5 English Idioms about Fitness and Health

Now let’s talk about some helpful idioms:

In poor condition – not in good physical shape
Getting back into shape – Reestablishing good physical condition through exercise and training.
Cast iron stomach – Someone with a “cast iron stomach” can consume various foods and drinks without experiencing sickness or an upset stomach.
Full of beans – Having abundant energy; being active and healthy.
Get back on your feet – Recovering and becoming well after an illness.

That concludes today’s session. Take care of your physical well-being and refresh your English vocabulary!

Good luck!

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