Improve your adult ESL conversation skills with these topics .Explore new approaches to engage in discussions and understanding of how native speakers use the language.”

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Do you ever experience uneasiness during conversations? You’re not alone – it’s a common experience to feel somewhat outside your comfort zone when engaging with new people. This challenge can be even more pronounced when you’re in the process of learning English as a second language. Besides the inherent social discomfort, the English language is renowned for its intricacies, slang, and if you haven’t yet encountered the labyrinth of double negatives, you’re likely to do so soon. There’s no denying that English is a challenging language to master, but the most effective way to become at ease with it is through countless conversations with native speakers.

If you’ve engaged in a few conversations in English, you’ve probably noticed that the person you’re talking to can quickly become disinterested in the usual, generic questions like “Who are you?” “Where are you from?” or “What’s your favorite color?” Repeating these standard textbook conversations won’t likely lead to learning anything particularly useful or engaging. Let’s be honest, you’ve already mastered those basics, so it’s time to shift to something more enjoyable.

Take a look at this compilation of  topics we’ve curated for you. While they might seem familiar, they’re infused with a fresh approach to conversations that can help you expand not only your vocabulary and sentence structure but also your self-assurance.

Discuss Weekend Activities

You’re likely well-acquainted with a variety of hobby-related conversation topics. However, initiating a conversation with a straightforward inquiry about hobbies can often result in a somewhat forced dialogue. The truth is, this isn’t typically how people engage in real-world conversations.

Begin sharing an engaging story. A more authentic and amicable approach involves discussing what you or others did over the past weekend, as well as potential plans for the upcoming weekend.

This approach tends to be more effective, especially in group conversations with adults, because conversing about the weekend often takes on a storytelling dynamic. Your fellow participants will recount the activities they were involved in, affording you the chance to respond to various aspects of their narratives. Did they engage in an activity you also enjoy? Did they partake in something unfamiliar to you that piques your curiosity and warrants further exploration?

Talk about pets

Pets make for engaging adult conversations, but it’s important to delve beyond the basics like the pet’s name or type. To truly connect, ask about the story behind their pet’s name, any amusing or unique pet behaviors, and learn about their cherished furry friend. Discussing pets offers a window into personal memories, family bonds, and emotions, making it an excellent ESL topic for adults.

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Begin a conversation to introduce yourself

Introducing yourself in English is typically one of the first things taught in language training, including sharing your name and place of origin. However, it’s essential to recognize that this may not always be the most optimal approach to start an introductory conversation.

Discover fresh vocabulary to enhance your ability to describe physical appearances, clothing, and offer compliments, all of which will help you prepare for your innovative approach to self-introductions!

The crux of this approach is to pleasantly surprise your conversation partner. Few genuine and amicable introductions kick off with a simple “This is my name, and this is where I’m from.” It’s a wonderful method to forge new friendships and initiate conversations on a positive note.

Approach Travel with an Explorer’s Mindset

Approach this subject with a sense of enthusiasm! Instead of merely inquiring about their most recent vacation, consider asking your conversation partner(s) about the countries they’ve ventured into. Explore their preferred landmarks – have they visited any that you’re eager to see? Delve into the most captivating aspects of the countries they’ve explored, including their own home country. Discover what the people are like there. You can also exchange stories about the family vacations you experienced as children.

Pop culture knows no bounds

Pop culture is a unifying force that not only sparks enjoyable conversations but also light-hearted debates. It’s remarkably diverse, not only between countries but also within smaller social circles, introducing you to unique aspects of your conversational partner’s community.

What’s your all-time favorite movie and what about it captivates you? Which internet meme never fails to make you laugh, and which one has worn out its welcome? Have you both recently binge-watched any TV shows, and what drew you in initially? Your tutor can assist you in learning new vocabulary that may emerge during these discussions.

Remember, this fun and informal topic can serve as a gateway to other conversations. Conversations about favorite musicians might lead to discussions about musical instruments, for example. Simply enjoy the interaction and let it take you wherever it may.

Dive into Chat

Use these topics as a starting point, prepare relevant vocabulary, and discuss them with language partners or a tutor over Skype. Your goal is to contribute to engaging and varied conversations, enhancing your English language skills in the process.

What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.