Interested in accessing excellent online English speaking classes and discovering how to fully enjoy them? We’ve conducted research on numerous language learning platforms to present you with top choices. Additionally, we provide key insights to expedite your language learning journey.

Participating in immersive online English speaking courses offers an effective path to enhance fluency and bolster your confidence. Therefore, refer to our comprehensive list below to initiate your learning journey today.

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 6 best spoken English classes online


Udemy is an online course platform known for its vast collection of educational resources. Whether your interests lie in agriculture or web development, you can access pre-recorded video lectures and exercises for a wide range of self-directed study areas. If you’re seeking high-quality online English speaking classes, Udemy is a reliable choice.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that Udemy courses lack direct human interaction and personalized feedback from professional tutors. This means it may not be the ideal choice if your goal is to enhance your conversational skills through English practice. Nevertheless, Udemy lessons can be instrumental in effectively expanding your vocabulary and offering valuable insights to improve your speaking abilities.


Coursera offers top-tier educational content crafted by reputable universities, institutions, and businesses.

On Coursera, you can access adaptable spoken English courses that incorporate videos and quizzes. Additionally, the platform provides a learner forum where you can seek answers to inquiries regarding English grammar and vocabulary.

One intriguing aspect of Coursera is its ability to showcase the real-world benefits experienced by students who have completed specific courses, such as receiving promotions or salary increases. However, it’s important to note that despite its comprehensive lessons, Coursera does not offer live, interactive online English speaking classes with real-time tutoring. Consequently, if you require immediate feedback or encounter difficulties in understanding certain aspects, this limitation can prove to be a source of frustration.


Oxford Online English

Oxford Online English offers diverse approaches to enhance your speaking skills. You have the option to schedule online English speaking courses delivered via Skype or WhatsApp, led by native instructors, and access a range of self-study materials.

Following each lesson, expert tutors provide personalized feedback to facilitate more efficient improvement.

London School Online

London School Online provides Zoom-based English lessons that primarily focus on speaking skills and exam preparation, including the IELTS. These lessons are designed to be flexible to accommodate your specific requirements. Before commencing your lessons, your tutor will evaluate your proficiency level and engage in a conversation regarding your learning objectives, ensuring that the lessons are tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, you have the option to participate in specialized classes that concentrate on particular areas, such as “Legal English” or “English for Hospitality” courses. However, it’s worth noting that the range of topics covered in London School Online’s lessons is comparatively limited when compared to other language learning platforms.


This freely accessible online course repository offers a diverse range of lessons, covering topics like English speaking exam strategies, intricate grammar, practical everyday phrases, and more.

Alison’s most highly regarded online English speaking courses encompass titles such as “Skills for Speaking Effectively: The Art of Speaking” and “Speaking And Writing English Effectively.” However, it’s important to note that since all materials on Alison are provided free of charge, you may encounter advertisements appearing between presentation slides.

Additionally, it’s essential to bear in mind that these courses are primarily designed for self-study, meaning you won’t have the opportunity to receive feedback from trained instructors or engage in interactions with other learners.

British Council

The British Council, a reputable provider of in-person lessons, extends its English educational resources to an online audience.

One of its offerings is a self-paced online course priced at £5.99 (approximately $7.30) per month. This course includes lessons geared towards equipping you with the skills needed for real-life English communication. Additionally, the British Council provides live online English speaking classes, enabling you to enhance your fluency through interactive sessions with fellow students and instructors.

The only drawback is that you are required to subscribe to monthly or annual payment plans to access the live lessons.

The benefits of online classes for spoken English

Learning spoken English online offers numerous advantages, particularly in contrast to conventional in-person classes. Here are a few of these benefits:

  • Learn whenever and wherever you want — Since the majority of online classes offer flexible scheduling, you have the freedom to select the precise time and location for your lessons, without the need to adjust your existing schedule. Additionally, as many online platforms provide access to supplementary educational resources, you can engage in your studies whenever you find a moment of free time.
  • Improve communication skills efficiently — While completing written, listening, and reading exercises can sharpen essential skills, English speaking classes primarily focus on improving your understanding, fluency, and capacity to engage in coherent conversations. Additionally, instructors can promptly assist you in recognizing and rectifying any pronunciation or grammar issues that may emerge.
  • They’re fun —  Even if you’re an enthusiastic learner who enjoys tackling grammar inquiries, online spoken English classes are undeniably more engaging. Your level of involvement is crucial for efficient learning, so participating in these lessons can significantly expedite your progress towards your language objectives compared to traditional study methods.
  • Build confidence — Engaging in English conversation with fellow students and tutors can work wonders for your self-confidence and motivate you to use English in real-world scenarios. With the right instructor and class, you can transform from being reserved to self-assured in just a matter of weeks.

How can I make the most of an English speaking class?

While instructors undertake the task of crafting engaging classes to enhance fluency in various contexts, you can take additional steps to maximize the benefits of your online English speaking lessons. Here are some recommendations to consider before commencing your classes:

Find your learning style

Understanding your preferred learning style can significantly accelerate your progress toward achieving your English language objectives. There are four primary learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.

If you lean toward being a visual or reading/writing learner, creating flashcards can aid in memorizing new words acquired during your online English speaking classes. For auditory learners, recording your own conversations and playing them back for review can provide additional exposure to the language, enabling you to focus on comprehension.

Study outside of class

According to language learning authority Benny Lewis, achieving fluency in a new language typically requires between 400 to 600 hours of dedicated study. Therefore, the more time you invest in your studies, the quicker you’ll progress toward your language goals.

However, there’s no need to impose unrealistic deadlines upon yourself in the pursuit of mastering English. Instead, you can make the process more manageable by integrating English learning into your daily life. For instance, you could enhance your listening skills by listening to podcasts during your daily commute.


Dedicating some time to prepping for your online English speaking classes can significantly enhance your learning. A study conducted by the University of Tokyo has demonstrated that graduates who took notes on paper experienced improved memory, underscoring the importance of having a notepad ready to jot down new vocabulary.

Furthermore, by diligently completing your assignments, you grant your tutor more opportunities to engage you in practicing English in various contexts. In addition to homework, addressing your errors outside of the class environment can expedite your teacher’s introduction of new concepts. Therefore, ensuring you are consistently well-prepared before your lesson is vital.


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What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.