English Mathematical Terms

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Improve your math-related English with these essential terms for better exam performance and class communication.

For those gearing up for a math exam in English, it’s crucial to understand the mathematical terminology in the language. This article provides a compilation of  essential English mathematical terms necessary for your upcoming test.

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Master essential English math terms

Arithmetic, a fundamental segment of mathematics, centers on the four primary operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This subject is pivotal for early math proficiency and establishing a robust groundwork for advanced mathematical principles.

Here are some essential terms related to arithmetic:

Factor: A number that, when multiplied by another number, produces a product.
Dividend: The number undergoing division.
Divisor: The number dividing the dividend.

Sum: The outcome of combining two or more numbers.
Difference: The outcome of subtracting one number from another.
Product: The result of multiplying two or more numbers.
Quotient: The result of dividing one number by another.

Geometry: Lines, angles, and shapes

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concentrated on examining lines, angles, and shapes. It plays a fundamental role in fostering comprehension of spatial relationships, measurement, and visualization, with practical applications in fields like art, architecture, and engineering. Below are crucial terms associated with geometry:


Perimeter: The distance around a shape.
Area: The space enclosed within a shape.

Angle: The space between two intersecting lines or planes.
Triangle: A three-sided shape with three angles.
Quadrilateral: A four-sided shape with four angles.
Circle: A shape with all points equidistant from a central point.


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Calculus: Derivatives, integrals, and limits

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that ventures beyond algebra, focusing on advanced concepts such as derivatives, integrals, and limits. Here are key terms associated with calculus:

Derivative: The rate at which a function is changing at a specific point.
Integral: The area beneath a curve.
Limit: The value that a function approaches as the input nears a specific value.

Simple math functions

Understanding simple math functions is crucial in mathematics. Here are some of the most common math functions and their meanings:

  • Addition: This function is used to add two or more numbers together. 
  • Multiplication: This function is used to multiply two or more numbers together. 
  • Division: This function is used to divide one number by another. 
  • Subtraction: This function is used to subtract one number from another. 

Algebra: Equations, expressions, and functions

Algebra extends beyond basic arithmetic and encompasses the study of equations, expressions, and functions. A solid grasp of key algebraic terms is vital for success in mathematics and science.

Equation: A mathematical statement indicating the equality of two expressions.
Expression: A combination of numbers and variables operated on with mathematical operations.
Variable: A symbol or letter representing a variable value.
Coefficient: The number multiplied by a variable.
Function: A mathematical rule assigning a unique output to each input.

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