Craft a Customer Success Manager (CSM) Resume That Clears Obstacles. Access sample resumes for creating a successful client success manager resume that ensures job offers.

Achieving success is exhilarating, especially when you can help others attain it as well. Your ability to inspire is commendable! But before you dive into your responsibilities, you must secure one final deal: selling your top achievements and relevant skills to the recruiter.

Enter the customer success manager resume—a tool to guide your job application through the recruiter’s conversion funnel.

This guide will assist you in:
– Crafting a customer success manager resume sample that outshines 90% of others.
– Writing a customer success manager resume that boosts interview opportunities.
– Providing tips and examples for showcasing skills and achievements on your resume.
– Describing your experience on a resume for a customer success manager role to secure any desired position.

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Sample Customer Success Manager Resume


Laura L. Daugherty, PPM

Customer Success Manager


[email protected]



Result-driven PPM-certified customer success manager with ten years of experience and a member of The Customer Success Association. Wishing to apply analytical and strategic skills to find growth opportunities and provide Illa’s software users with a first-class experience. At ODALL, boosted the client satisfaction score by 8% thanks to implemented changes to the on-boarding process. 


Customer Success Manager

ODALL, Boston, MA

April 2014–present

  • Exceeded team’s annual goal of keeping client response rates above agreed SLAs (97%).
  • Coordinated with the Sales and Product Departments in providing report analysis of trends in customer behavior and user experience every three months. 
  • Developed CRM tools tracking and reporting sales operations activities.
  • Oversaw the implementation of new email marketing software delivered ahead of schedule.
  • Managed a team of four customer success specialists.

Key achievement: Introduced changes to the client on-boarding process that increased the client satisfaction score by 8%.

Account Manager

Hend, Boston, MA

October 2011–March 2014

  • Increased customer retention by 25% across my client list.
  • Designed and conducted training sessions for customers (individual and teams), receiving 98% positive feedback.
  • Contributed to cross-department strategy building.


2008 MBA, Master of Business Administration

Boston University, Boston, MA


  • CRM-savvy: Salesforce and NetSuite
  • Proficiency in writing MS Excel formulas
  • Ability to keep the big picture in mind
  • Quick-thinking problem solver
  • Effective communicator and negotiator
  • Can-do attitude owner 


  • Professional in Project Management (PPM) Certification, 2019
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification


  • The Customer Success Association


  • An idea-giver and active member of the neighborhood chess club


Begin by formatting your Customer Success Manager resume


The primary objective for a CSM? Maximizing value-in-use. This same principle applies to your resume. Structure it to be clear and useful for both the Applicant Tracking System and your recruiter.

Here’s how to format your customer success manager resume sample:

– Resume format: Utilize the reverse-chronological resume format. This style showcases results effectively in an industry driven by outcomes.
– Resume font: Opt for Calibri or Verdana for a safe and professional appearance.
– Font size: Maintain a size of 10-12 points; avoid going smaller.
– Font attributes: Employ bolding, italicizing, and capitalizing as needed for emphasis. Ensure consistency and moderation in their use.
– Line spacing: Maintain spacing between 1-1.15 lines for clarity.
– Resume margins: Set margins to 1 inch on all sides for a neat presentation.
– File type: Save your resume as a PDF or Word document, depending on the specifications in the job advertisement.

Your sample should encompass the following resume components:

1. Prominent Resume Header with your contact details.
2. Resume Summary or Resume Objective.
3. Work Experience highlighting key achievements and advancements.
4. Education.
5. Skills tailored to match the job requirements.
6. Additional Sections, such as languages, certifications, memberships, attended conferences or training, etc.

If your resume appears cluttered, consider utilizing resume icons. Don’t let your customer success manager resume go unnoticed.

Document your work history in your CSM resume

The concept of work history poses an intriguing question: How far back does history extend? The answer lies in relevance.

Your resume should typically cover a span of 10-15 years, focusing on positions pertinent to the job you’re seeking.

Emphasizing work experience is paramount, so pay meticulous attention to the details you include.

To optimize the work experience section:

1. Present information in this sequence: Job title, company name, dates.
2. Summarize your responsibilities in a maximum of six bullet points.
3. Customize your duties to align with the job description’s requirements.
4. Showcase your noteworthy accomplishments.
5. Begin each bullet point with an action verb, both for responsibilities and achievements.
6. Embrace the use of numerical data to quantify your achievements.


Highlight Your Degree in the Education Section

The education section is relatively uncomplicated, akin to expressing gratitude for customer feedback.

To effectively highlight your degree in your CSM resume sample, adhere to these straightforward guidelines:

1. If you possess significant experience in the field you’re applying for, include only your highest level of education.
2. In case you have limited experience or are a recent graduate, incorporate your highest degree of education alongside relevant coursework, Latin honors, extracurricular activities, etc.
3. Unless your coursework or extracurricular activities directly relate to the desired competencies outlined in the job description, maintain brevity. Utilize the additional space to showcase a relevant list of skills that distinguish you from other candidates.

List the Matching Skills in Your Customer Success Manager Resume

The role of a customer success manager centers on goal, stakeholder, and learning management. Crafting your skills list around these areas is advisable.


Because effective engagement is pivotal in customer success management, and here, you’re the one overseeing your success. Thus, making a favorable impression is crucial to enhancing your client retention rate metrics.

Here’s a compilation of customer success manager skills tailored to achieve this goal:

Customer Success Manager Skills For A Resume
1. Strategic Planning
2. Proactivity
3. Customer Needs Analysis
4. Resilience
5. Critical Thinking
6. Decision Making
7. Analytical Skills
8. Customer Service
9. Relational Intelligence
10. Negotiation
11. Assertiveness
12. Problem Solving
13. Management
14. Project Management
15. Leadership
16. Active Listening
17. Product Knowledge
18. Process Improvement
19. Effective Communication
20. Interpersonal Skills

This list offers an overview of the skills your prospective manager anticipates from you.

Now, let’s delve into a scenario where the job advertisement emphasizes the need for problem-solving and practical communication skills.

Explore Supplementary Sections for Your Resume

Consider Additional Sections to Enhance Your Resume

Here’s another opportunity to showcase your skills further. Assess whether there are additional aspects you can highlight to bolster your profile.

Otherwise, you risk increasing your churn rate—something you definitely want to avoid, right?

Below are examples of supplementary sections you can incorporate into your customer success manager resume:

As a customer success manager, you’ll be adept at handling multiple skills simultaneously. Therefore, obtaining various certifications can give you a competitive edge.

Volunteer Work
This section is particularly beneficial for aspiring customer success managers with limited experience. However, regardless of your experience level, showcasing volunteer work demonstrates your proactive nature, highly valued in the industry.

Language Skills
Imagine your clients speak a different language, and you happen to be proficient in it. Or, perhaps you’re bilingual. What an advantage!

Membership in esteemed associations such as the Customer Success Association can significantly enhance your credibility.

Don’t hesitate to highlight your accomplishments. If you’ve received recognition such as the Customer Success Manager Excellence Award or Best Practices Award, be sure to include it on your resume.

Hobbies & Personal Interests
It’s essential not to overlook this section on your resume, as it provides valuable insight into your proactive nature—something highly valued by managers. Do you have an interest in sociology or enjoy reading psychology books in your free time? Such hobbies and interests can establish a strong connection to the job profile, so leverage them to your advantage.

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Pitch Your Why in a CSM Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Now that you’ve outlined your work history, education, skills, and enriched your resume with additional sections, you understand your unique value proposition: why you’re the ideal candidate, how you contribute to the team, and what sets you apart. Capture this essence in your resume profile, presented either as a summary or an objective.

A resume summary encapsulates your expertise, skills, and accomplishments, akin to crafting an engaging “About Me” narrative with flair. Here’s a general framework for composing a customer success manager resume summary:

1. Identify and emphasize keywords from the job description.
2. Compile these keywords for reference.
3. Craft your summary integrating these keywords to ensure compatibility with applicant tracking systems.
4. Commence with highlighting your prominent personality traits.
5. Utilize action verbs to convey your achievements effectively.
6. Scrutinize your summary for accuracy and spelling errors, ensuring alignment with the job title and company.

Although it may seem daunting, remember, you’ve already tackled similar sections. With this tried-and-tested formula, you can confidently craft compelling summaries tailored to each application:

[Adjective(s)/prominent traits][Your Job Title][Your Experience]. Eager to contribute to [Company Name] by [detailing how you intend to assist the employer and what goals you aim to achieve]. [Highlight your key achievements].

Support Your Customer Success Manager Resume With a Cover Letter

Absolutely, a cover letter is a must-have. Our HR data confirms its significance.

Take a deep breath; there’s no need to stress. Remember, proactive action is key.

Let’s start with the basics of cover letter layout and formatting. Stick to the standard business letter format and consider mirroring the font and design of your CSM resume for consistency.

Next, utilize this cover letter outline template to ensure you include all necessary information upfront.

Now, onto the crucial introduction—the hook that keeps the reader engaged and potentially lands you the job.

Subsequently, in concise paragraphs, align your experience with the job requirements and articulate your motivation to join the company.

Finally, conclude with a friendly yet compelling call to action, sign off, and consider adding a postscript note for an extra touch. Postscript notes can indeed make a difference, so don’t overlook this opportunity.

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