Certainly! Let’s explore various synonyms for the adjective “fashionable” in English:

1. Stylish
2. Trendy
3. Chic
4. Elegant
5. Smart
6. In vogue
7. Contemporary
8. Modish
9. Hip
10. Sophisticated

These synonyms provide a range of options to express the idea of being fashionable in diverse contexts.

“Fashion is not confined to dresses alone; it exists in the sky, on the street, and is intertwined with ideas, our lifestyles, and the ongoing events.” – Coco Chanel

English is rich in words that beautifully describe fashion. Constantly innovating ways to portray clothing, writers and designers fill magazines with vibrant phrases and expressions.

Today, we’ll delve into a few stylish words in English. This will enhance your ability to both converse about trendy styles and comprehend fashion-related content in English.

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Certainly, here’s the paraphrased version:

– Paraphrase: “Vital; fundamental; required.”
– Example: “Elle magazine features an excellent section on the crucial boots and bags for the spring season.”

– Paraphrase: “Appealing; desirable; passionate when referring to people.”
– Example: “This adjective denotes not just sexiness but also the desirability of things.”

High-street fashion
– Paraphrase: “Refers to stylish and soon-to-be trendy clothing that is simultaneously affordable. Brands like H & M, Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, etc., fall under high-street fashion.”

Thrift shop
– Paraphrase: “Also known as a consignment shop or a store selling second-hand clothing.”


– Paraphrase: “An essential item or trend that one cannot do without.”
– Example: “This spring, a yellow leather handbag is a must-have.”


– Paraphrase: “A person passionately dedicated to fashion, staying ahead of trends, dressing stylishly, and keeping up with global fashion events.”

– Paraphrase: “An individual who initiates and establishes new trends in fashion. For instance, someone who pioneers the use of spiked jean jackets, inspiring widespread imitation.”

Conservative dresser
– Paraphrase: “Someone who, in their fashion choices, leans towards restrained, formal, and strict styles while still maintaining a sense of elegance.”

– Paraphrase: “Borrowed from French, it signifies a sense of stylishness, fashionability, and magnificence.”


– Paraphrase: “A widely used term in English, denoting a fashionably elegant and sophisticated appearance, applicable to both individuals and clothing items.”

– Paraphrase: “Another term in English describing something currently popular or in vogue.”

– Paraphrase: “A term indicating enduring relevance and timeless style. Certain fashionable items may be recognized as ‘classics’ over time.”

– Paraphrase: “Refers to clothing from the past that remains in good condition and retains a stylish appeal.”


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