Halloween, a widely celebrated holiday in America and worldwide, has its origins in Ireland. Irish immigrants continued the tradition when they moved to England and America.

Halloween is a fusion of various holidays, incorporating elements from the Celtic festival of Samhain, a Roman celebration honoring the goddess Pomona, and the Christian observance of All Saints’ Day.

Observed on October 31, Halloween is believed to be a day when the souls of the deceased can revisit their former homes, with heightened power for witches and demons.

The term “Halloween” is a shortened form of “All Hallows’ Eve.”

Costume-wearing is a common practice on Halloween, and the costumes need not necessarily be frightening.

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Useful Vocabulary for Halloween

  •         Pumpkin
  •         Jack-o-lantern
  •         Skull
  •         Werewolf
  •         Graveyard
  •         Coffin
  •         Potion
  •         Spell
  •         Wand
  •        Scary costumes
  •         Ghost
  •         Monster
  •         Goblin
  •         Bat
  •         Vampire
  •         Mask
  •         Scarecrow
  •         Skeleton
  •         Zombie
  •         Mummy

    Halloween Festivities

    •         Go to a costume party
    •         Bob for apples
    •         Play games
    •         Go on a hayride
    •         Have a bonfire
    •         Carve pumpkins
    •         Dress up
    •         Trick or treat
    •         Get candy
    •         Visit a haunted house
    •         Decorate the house
    •         Tell spine-tingling stories

    No Holiday Without Delicious Treats!

    •         Pumpkin pie
    •        Jello worms
    •         Roasted pumpkin seeds
    •         Colcannon
    •         Boxty pancakes
    •         Apple pie
    •         Pumpkin pudding
    •         Caramel apples
    •         Apple dumplings
    •         Warm apple cide
    •         Candy corn cookies

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