English phrases can enhance the impact of your sentences, making it advisable to incorporate them into your daily communication. Here is a selection we’ve put together.

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Picture yourself strolling through a foreign city, whether it’s in Europe or America, and you require assistance from your guide or a local resident. In such a scenario, the English phrases we’ve assembled for you will be invaluable.

Let’s delve into these phrases more thoroughly. These expressions will prove handy when you’re exploring and need to inquire about directions. They are equally beneficial if someone approaches you seeking guidance.

Useful Phrases: Walking in the city


  • Am I going the right way for…?
  • Which way is it to…?
  • Which is the shortest way?
  • How far do you think it is?
  • It’s a very long way from here.
  • t’s over two miles, I think
  • Which is the best way to get there?
  • What bus should I take?
  • What is the name of this street?
  • What places to see do you recommend?
  • How much does a guided tour of the city cost?
  • When does the tour begin?
  • Where can I find a …?
  • What is this building?
  • Tell me, please, how can I get to the hotel…?
  • I have lost my way.
  • Help me, please.

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