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This guide will cover:

– A business resume template that surpasses 90% of other resumes.
– Strategies for crafting a compelling business resume, even with limited experience.
– Business resume examples demonstrating effective skills and achievement highlighting.
– Techniques for articulating your experience on a resume for various corporate positions to secure your desired job.


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Business Resume Example

Timothy Algaier

Business Development Manager

(910) 123-4567

[email protected]



Proactive Business Development Manager with over 8 years of experience. Seeking to support SuccessMinds Enterprises in maximizing its potential for growth and profitability. Boosted sales volume by 30% at GlobalBiz Solutions by using AI to assist in an extensive market research. This project enabled us to detect several gaps in the market and the best strategies to fill them.


Business Development Manager

GlobalBiz Solutions, Winston-Salem, NC

May 2013–Present

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Established and developed relationships with key industry players to increase revenue.
  • Designed and implemented marketing strategies for new products or services.
  • Researched market trends and identified opportunities for product development or expansion.
  • Negotiated contracts, managed projects, and monitored customer service quality.

Key Achievement:

  • Boosted sales volume by 30% through key industry partnerships.

Business Analyst

ExecutiveEdge Consulting, Winston-Salem, NC

January 2009–April 2013

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Conducted comprehensive business analysis for various clients.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to understand their business requirements.
  • Used market research to detect gaps in the markets that clients could use as opportunities.

Key Achievement:

  • Designed a strategic business model that increased client profitability by 20%.


MBA, Business Administration

Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

September 2006–May 2008

Relevant extracurricular activities

  • President, Graduate Business Society
  • Contributor, Business Review Journal

Academic achievements:

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
  • Recipient, Dean’s List Award.


  • Business strategy development
  • Leadership
  • Client relationship management
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Project management
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Sales & marketing techniques


  • PMP (Project Management Professional), PMI, 2018
  • Certified Professional in Business Management, American Management Association, 2012


  • 2017, Business Development Manager of the Year, GlobalBiz Solutions


Member of the American Management Association since 2009

  • Presented a paper on Strategic Business Development at the 2018 Annual Conference.


  • English—Native
  • Spanish—Intermediate


  • Mentoring young entrepreneurs.
  • Authoring business strategy articles for local newspapers.


Use the Right Business Resume Template

Picture yourself aiming to secure a deal with a strategic client.

Would you opt for a meeting at a fast-food joint, dressed in casual attire, and scribble your contact details on a napkin with a casual apology for misplaced business cards?

In business, the adage “it’s not just what you say, but how you say it” holds true. This principle extends to your business resume template. Ensure it exudes sophistication and clarity.

Here’s how to structure a business resume for corporate positions:

Commence with selecting the tried-and-tested reverse-chronological resume format. This format swiftly communicates your value proposition.
Utilize clear, readable resume fonts and prominent section headings. Allow ample white space for enhanced readability.
Arrange the sections in this sequence: Contact information, resume objective or summary, work experience in reverse-chronological order, education, skills, and additional sections (such as certifications, awards, volunteer experience, or hobbies and interests).
Save your professional business resume in PDF format to preserve its layout integrity.

Write a Business Resume Summary or a Resume Objective

Even if you nail the formatting, chances are recruiters or other stakeholders won’t read your entire business resume.

But fear not!

You can captivate them.

At the resume’s outset, craft a compelling resume summary or objective. Nail it, and anyone who lays eyes on your resume will be eager to delve deeper into your career.

Not sure which one to choose?

If you boast years of business experience, opt for the resume summary. Showcase your professional journey in the business realm and highlight your most notable achievements.

Just embarking on your business journey? Opt for a business resume objective. Discuss the skills you’ve honed thus far and underscore the value you bring as an employee.

But enough theory—let’s dive into some business resume examples.

Business Resume: Summary Examples
Dynamic Director of Business Development with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and expanding market share. Over 10 years of experience in identifying new business opportunities and cultivating strategic partnerships. Instrumental in increasing sales by 40% and securing key accounts, resulting in a 25% boost in profitability. Seeking to leverage expertise to drive impactful growth at a forward-thinking organization.
Experienced Director of Business Development with a strong background in sales and relationship management. Seeking new opportunities in a challenging environment. Responsible for generating leads and managing client accounts in previous roles.
The contrast is evident, isn’t it? The first example showcases tangible achievements supported by quantifiable metrics.

On the other hand, the second one falls short—it merely lists general skills and duties without providing concrete evidence of success.

Remember, your business resume should demonstrate your value through concrete accomplishments rather than generic statements.

Business Resume Example: Summary for Business Development Jobs

Energetic business development manager with over 18 years of experience in global trade. Successfully established and supervised seven autonomous teams comprising product and sales managers across four countries, each generating revenue exceeding $180,000 within the inaugural year. Spearheaded the redesign of ABC Company’s CRM tools, resulting in a remarkable 41% surge in new sales. Eager to apply my extensive sales acumen to foster enduring client relationships at Acme Ltd.

Now, let’s examine two distinct examples of business resume objectives.

Business Resume Objectives: Examples
Dynamic business manager certified by Cornell University. Orchestrated customer outreach initiatives at Hubert Shoe and facilitated the onboarding of three personnel at ABC Company. As a volunteer recruiter for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, bolstered recruitment figures by 31%. Seeking a junior business management role at XYZ Corp to leverage my expertise in enhancing employee and customer satisfaction metrics.

Enthusiastic entry-level business manager seeking hands-on training. Proficient in leadership, conflict resolution, and financial planning.

The effective example above presents a compelling offer, emphasizing the potential benefits for the employer. Conversely, the incorrect example fails to demonstrate tangible value to the prospective employer, focusing solely on the applicant’s desire for training.

Enumerate Your Corporate Experience on Your Resume

Crafting a compelling business resume involves more than just listing job responsibilities—it’s about showcasing your achievements to captivate hiring executives. Here’s how to ace your resume’s work experience section:

1. **Structure**: Arrange your experiences in reverse-chronological order, starting with your current or most recent role.

2. **Highlight Achievements**: Focus on quantifiable accomplishments rather than mere job duties. Each position should feature up to 5 bullet points outlining your achievements.

3. **Quantify Results**: Whenever possible, provide numerical data to illustrate your impact. For instance, instead of stating a generic “increased sales,” specify the percentage increase and timeframe, such as “boosted sales by 45% within 4 months.”

4. **Action-Oriented Language**: Use dynamic action verbs to kick off your bullet points, such as “spearheaded,” “led,” or “managed,” to convey proactive involvement and leadership.

5. **Key Achievement Section**: Dedicate a subsection to showcase your standout accomplishments, emphasizing your most significant wins.

6. **Tailoring to Job Requirements**: Incorporate phrases from the job description into your work experience section, ensuring relevance and alignment with the position you’re pursuing.

By following these steps and tailoring your resume accordingly, you can effectively demonstrate your value and expertise to potential employers. Let’s illustrate these principles with a practical example in a business resume.

Corporate Resume Examples: Work Experience  


Business Development Manager
January 2007‒September 2018
Acme Corp, Massachusetts

Oversaw all electronics fabrication projects for Acme’s 85 personnel.
Supervised the highly effective Lean Training initiative over a three-year period, resulting in a 32% improvement in quality, a 21% reduction in lead times, and a 48% decrease in costs.
Managed the “Learn by Benchmarking” program, facilitating travel opportunities for 20 change leaders to visit other facilities and subsequently share best practices with colleagues.
Key achievement: Strategically identified and developed a solution to rectify a significant flaw in international shipping procedures, leading to quarterly savings of $980,000.

Such exemplary performance would prompt Elon Musk to appoint this candidate as his Chief Technology Officer.

For those with less experience, the same strategies can be applied to entry-level business resumes. Consider this example:

Customer Service Assistant Manager
February 2018‒
On Point Electronics, New York

Guided a team of 12 customer service representatives at On Point Electronics for 8 months.
Enhanced customer retention by 13% and employee retention by 26%.
Key achievement: Elevated customer experience phone survey ratings by 58%.

These examples demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing numerical data, accomplishments, and action-oriented language in crafting impactful resumes.

Regarding resume length, while a one-page format is often recommended, it’s not a strict rule, particularly for those with extensive experience. Learn how to maximize a two-page resume’s potential here: Two-Page Resume Format: Examples that Validate its Viability.



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Put Your Degree on a Business Resume

Great news: the education section of your resume is straightforward, especially for seasoned business professionals.

Here’s what you should include:

– Type of degree
– Major (and minors, if applicable)
– Name of institution
– Graduation date

However, if you’re a recent graduate feeling apprehensive about your lack of professional business experience, you can bolster your resume in the education section.

Consider adding additional details such as:

– Relevant coursework
– Areas of interest within your field of study
– Academic accomplishments
– Extracurricular involvement

These details showcase your dedication to a career in business, offering a compelling way to impress recruiters.

Present Your Business Skills Effectively on Your Resume

When compiling your business resume skills list, remember one crucial word: Relevance. It’s essential to include skills that align with the specific job you’re targeting.

However, merely listing skills isn’t enough. Anyone can claim to possess certain skill sets. To differentiate yourself, demonstrate how you’ve applied these skills effectively in a business context.

For instance, imagine you’re applying for a Director of Business Development role at a tech company known for valuing leadership and innovation in business management. Below is an example of a business skills list tailored to highlight these qualities:

Business Resume Example: Key Business Skills

Effective Leadership

– Spearheaded the design and implementation of a novel IT management model at Apple’s New York Branch, resulting in a remarkable 33% increase in quarterly productivity.
– Provided guidance and mentorship to over 50 junior developers, aiding them in preparing for certification exams with an impressive 88% success rate.

Strategic Business Management

– Orchestrated the coordination of more than 20 innovation-driven projects, each with a budget exceeding $200,000.
– Streamlined online procurement processes at BCD M&E, leading to a substantial 27% reduction in annual costs.

With these demonstrable achievements, there’s no doubt about this candidate’s proficiency as both an inspirational leader and an adept manager.

To thrive in the corporate realm, ensure your resume highlights these indispensable business skills.

Sample Skills for a Business Resume

  • Attention to Detail
  • Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • People Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Project Management
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Include Additional Sections to Demonstrate Your Worth

I cannot emphasize this enough—business revolves around tangible data, not hollow assurances.

Whatever claims your resume has made thus far, it’s essential to elevate them to a level of genuine credibility.

This is where supplementary sections play a pivotal role. Utilize them to substantiate your most valuable attributes. Here are some suggestions for what to incorporate in the supplementary section of your business resume:

Additional Sections for a Business Resume—Examples

  • Industry awards
  • Certifications
  • Publications
  • Industry blog
  • Influencing on social media
  • Additional training and participation in conferences

Write a Business Cover Letter

You may have heard that cover letters are no longer relevant.

While it’s true that approximately 50% of recruiters and hiring managers no longer review cover letters, the other half may disregard your impressive resume if a cover letter is absent.

Viewed as a high-risk, low-reward scenario, omitting a cover letter from your application could prove detrimental.

Whether you’re crafting a resume for a business development manager position or any other corporate role, including a cover letter doubles your likelihood of success.

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