Best Resume Builders in 2024

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Explore evaluations of leading online resume builders, select one to create your resume, and familiarize yourself with the features to anticipate. Examine a compilation of 10 options and determine the optimal resume builder for your needs.

To be unequivocal, the internet hosts numerous resume builders, with some boasting excellent features while others fall short of their claims.  I’ve compiled a list of my top  choices for you to explore and form your own opinion.


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1. Kickresume

Kickresume logo

Kickresume provides numerous resume templates, a tool for crafting cover letters, and a job search function with limitations. Nonetheless, the pre-filled content it offers is rather basic and requires substantial adjustments to become practical. The templates are visually intensive, potentially posing an issue for certain ATS systems and recruiters.

The app also lets you build a resume website.

2. ResumeNerd

ResumeNerd logo

ResumeNerd’s wizard guides you through each section of the resume writing process, similar to many other effective resume builders. Prior to initiating the writing for any resume section, you’ll receive various tips on optimizing it. The application also provides pre-written content that can be customized to suit your requirements.


3. ResumeHelp

Resume Help logo

ResumeHelp provides an intuitive resume builder guided by a step-by-step wizard, seamlessly guiding you through each section. Simply fill in the required information, and the application will automatically compile your resume.

With a selection of over 20 customizable templates, you have the flexibility to tailor your resume to your preferences. Additionally, the tool allows you to conveniently upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

To expedite the writing process, the resume software tool includes pre-written content options, further enhancing efficiency.



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4. EnhanCV

EnahnCV logo

This web-based resume creation tool enables you to generate both a CV and a cover letter. Furthermore, you have the option to invite friends to collaborate, obtaining their insights on your application and soliciting valuable feedback. An additional noteworthy feature is the content suggestion tool, which aids in rectifying any typos.


5. Resume Now

Resume Now logo

ResumeNow is a high-speed resume builder characterized by an outstanding user experience and design. It guides you through a brief sequence of fill-in-the-blank wizard screens. As you input information, the software autonomously handles formatting, seamlessly incorporating all details into your chosen resume template. The application further provides pre-written content and produces a polished, professional printout.


6. ResumeLab

Resume Lab logo

ResumeLab’s online tool enables you to craft an impressive resume and cover letter combination, providing access to a selection of 20+ professional templates. In addition to the pre-written content, the tool features a distinctive AI-driven document strength meter, which assesses your resume against those of other candidates. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to personalize each resume template by adjusting color schemes, section order, or skill rating icons. The range of customization options available is truly extensive.

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7. Zety

Zety logo

It might seem evident to endorse Zety as the premier resume builder when contributing to Zety’s blog, but the real testimony comes from over 1,000,000 users who have chosen the Cascade template, our most widely embraced design. This is just one example among the 15 available blank resume templates and features designed to expedite the writing process.

8. LiveCareer

LiveCareer logo



LiveCareer, a recipient of the 2020 Customer Choice Award from Sitejabber, stands out as a resume builder. With over 25 contemporary resume templates, it caters to diverse preferences, whether you’re a creative individual, a mathematical genius, or someone with a more traditional approach.

The platform’s dashboard facilitates the creation of resumes and cover letters, along with job searching on popular job websites. Additionally, it enables you to customize your resume based on a specific job advertisement. Simply copy and paste the job description, and the tool will provide you with a match score.


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