Performing a quick search on Google will reveal numerous English learning apps, all making similar promises: that you’ll master the language through short exercises on your mobile device.

However, as convenient as these apps may seem, this kind of practice alone won’t make you a proficient English speaker.

Many learners, dissatisfied with their speaking abilities after using such apps, opt for attending English language schools. Yet, these classes can be costly, and you don’t always have control over your tutor or classmates.

A well-balanced approach involves using flexible and affordable online self-study tools in combination with tutor-led lessons. This combination enables you to engage with an expert and practice the language at your own pace.

This article delves into the benefits of learning English online by blending personalized tutor-led classes with self-study technology.

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1. Finding a time to learn is easy

Discovering a suitable time for learning becomes easier with online options. In addition to the flexibility of choosing your learning environment, you also have the freedom to schedule your online classes according to your convenience. You are not bound by a fixed school timetable that might conflict with your other responsibilities.

You can arrange your lessons at the most convenient times for you, whether it’s early in the morning or after your work hours. Even if you have a job, you can make the most of your lunch break by studying during that time!

2. Learning English online is more engaging

Engaging with English learning online offers surprising advantages. Do online classes match the engagement level of traditional classrooms? Our research findings may amaze you.

A remarkable 92% of English learners have found that one-on-one online lessons are more enjoyable than their previous learning methods. Additionally, an equal percentage, 92%, reported that their online tutors provide valuable support and motivation to help them stay committed to their learning objectives.

But what makes online English learning so engaging? This article explains that it goes beyond simple video calls. Your online tutor tailors a personalized plan based on your unique needs, objectives, and current proficiency in English.

Each lesson is carefully designed to address your specific language challenges or prepare you for crucial situations, such as interviews or presentations.

3. Finding a best tutor is easier online

Discovering an exceptional tutor becomes a simpler task when done online. In a traditional English language school, the choice of your tutor is typically not within your control. Furthermore, you may lack influence over the selection of a substitute tutor in case your primary one departs or takes a break.

Opting for online English learning opens up a broader array of possibilities, granting you increased access to well-qualified English tutors. What’s even more advantageous is the ease with which you can find someone who aligns with your interests or possesses expertise in teaching specific skills you require, such as preparing for the IELTS exams or getting ready to study in an English-speaking country.

4. A wide variety of class options are available

When you opt for online English learning, you have the freedom to select your preferred learning approach: whether you excel in one-on-one sessions, thrive in a group setting, or even a combination of both!

In contrast, traditional language schools often assign you to groups without considering your preferences. But what if you prefer a smaller group, require more personalized attention, or inadvertently slip into using your native language in the classroom?

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5. Technology enhances the effectiveness of the learning process

Engaging in online lessons doesn’t mean your learning journey ends when the class concludes. To ensure you remember words and phrases for an extended period, it’s crucial to work on them between your sessions. This is where technology becomes a valuable, on-the-go learning tool.

On online English learning, your tutor can share words with you via chat, enabling you to practice them at your own convenience, whether on the app or desktop. This feature employs spaced repetition, a proven learning technique that accelerates the learning process.

Additionally, your self-study courses can be conveniently carried in your pocket. Online courses offer the flexibility to tailor your learning experience, covering a wide range of topics, from vocabulary related to your interests to those elusive grammar concepts you may have struggled with.

With technology at your disposal to remind you of your upcoming lessons, facilitate easy lesson booking, support your daily practice, you’ll encounter small achievements that eventually lead to significant, long-term language success.

7. Budgeting is much simpler

Managing your finances becomes much more straightforward. Whether you’re enrolled in group sessions or receiving one-on-one tutoring, the cost of online English learning is highly competitive when compared to traditional language schools. Online English learning offers group classes for as low as $9.00 per session, and individual tutors can be found starting at just $10 per hour.

If you contrast this with the typical expenses associated with an English course at a language school, you’ll quickly realize that a semester on Online English learnin comes at a considerably lower cost. Additionally, you’ll enjoy savings on time and travel expenditures, as you won’t need to cover expenses like fuel, parking, or public transportation.

What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.