Sales & Purchase Agreement

  1. Test Policy

    Tests must be completed within 21 days of purchase. No more than 3 tests may be purchased or redeemed via coupon by a single user in any 30 day period. Any appeal of invalid test results must be filed within 72 hours of receipt of invalid test results.

  2. Refund Policy

    1. General

      In the event that Duolingo suspends or terminates your use of the Service or these Terms and Conditions or you close your account voluntarily, you understand and agree that you will receive no refund or exchange of any kind, including for any unused tests.

    2. Duolingo English Test

      In the event of a Test Issue (described below), Duolingo will, at its option, either (a) provide the user with a refund for the affected test, or (b) use reasonable efforts to resolve the Test Issue. For purposes of this Section, “Test Issue” means: (i) the inability to complete the test due to a failure in the Service, or (ii) Test results are delivered beyond a commercially reasonable period of time after the test is completed as determined by Duolingo. Whether an issue constitutes a Test Issue will be determined by Duolingo in its reasonable discretion. For clarity, termination or suspension of your account or certain activities on the Service that results from a violation of Section 6 regarding the English Test rules and procedures does not constitute a “Test Issue” and will not result in a refund. The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the Test Issue and will not exceed the total amount actually paid by the user for the affected test. To submit a valid claim for a refund, a user must (a) submit the Test Issue in writing to Duolingo within 24 hours after the Test Issue occurs, and respond to Duolingo’s requests for information or cooperation, (b) not have directly or indirectly caused the Test Issue, and (c) have met all test requirements when taking the test prior to making a claim for a Test Issue.

    3. Unredeemed Test Purchases

      Unredeemed test purchases are not eligible for a refund.

    4. Test Bundles

      Test bundles allow you to purchase two tests and save. Partially used test bundles are not eligible for a refund, except for in the event of a Test Issue described above.

    5. Tests with Faster Results

      Faster Results is an additional paid service that allows you to receive your results sooner. This service is not eligible for a refund, except in the event of a Test Issue described above.

    6. Coupon Codes

      Coupon codes expire 1 year from purchase date. Coupon code purchases are not eligible for a refund.