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Following a job interview, sending a thank-you make an even better impression. Discover how to send a thank you email after an interview to boost your career prospects!

If you’ve reached the interview stage, you’re competing with 4 or 5 other candidates who likely possess similar qualifications. To outshine them, you’ll need an extra edge.

A thoughtfully crafted interview thank-you email could be the game-changer you’re looking for. Many candidates either neglect to send thank-you emails after interviews or send notes that fall short. With the help of this guide, you’ll discover how to compose the most effective thank-you email after an interview and sustain the momentum in your conversation.

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Discover the art of crafting an outstanding thank-you email post-interview and maintaining the dialogue.

In this article, you’ll find: 

  • Learn the art of composing an impressive thank-you email following an interview to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.
  • Find sample post-interview thank-you emails that you can replicate, modify, and utilize.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into the etiquette surrounding post-interview thank-you letters.

What is the Importance of Sending a Thank You Email Following an Interview?

Here’s some information on the significance of the post-interview thank-you email in your job search:

  • Based on a recent study, 1 in 5 recruiters and hiring managers will automatically reject a candidate who hasn’t sent an interview thank-you email.
  • Additionally, an 80% majority of HR managers, according to a survey, find thank-you emails helpful in making the final hiring decision. Surprisingly, despite these findings, only 24% of candidates send them.

Sending any thank-you letter after a job interview already puts you ahead of more than half of the competition. However, a well-crafted, personalized interview thank-you email is what can truly set you apart as the leading candidate.

Can You Say Thank You for the Interview by Email?

Is it always acceptable to send a thank-you email, or should you opt for a handwritten note? In reality, an interview thank-you email is generally the safer and more practical choice.

Why? Well, it’s faster than waiting for a snail mail interview thank-you letter. Moreover, a recent study indicates that 94% of hiring managers consider post-interview thank-you emails appropriate.

  • The only situations where sending a thank-you letter via traditional mail is advisable are for jobs in exceptionally traditional industries, such as wedding planning or highly formal law firms,
  • C-level positions.

Sample Thank You Email After an Interview


Subject Line: Thank You Amanda!

Hello Amanda,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and talk about the position of Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with ABC Inc. yesterday. It was a pleasure to learn more about your approach to growing organic traffic.

Our conversation made me even more excited to join ABC. What interested me, in particular, was how sharply your efforts are focused on the actual reader experience, not just technical SEO issues.

I was thinking about what you said regarding your plans to expand the email subscriber base by offering free bonus content downloads in the upcoming quarter. In my current role as a Content Marketing Specialist with XYZ, I found that using contextual click-triggers for bonus downloads within blog posts increased the subscription rate by 35% compared to regular pop-ups. I hope that helps!

I’m sure my experience can translate into similar success as your new Senior Digital Marketing Specialist.

If you need any additional information from me at this point, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to hearing back from you next Friday, as discussed. 

Thanks again for your time!


Jane Redlock


[email protected]


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Guidelines for Crafting a Post-Interview Thank-You Email

Keep in mind: when composing an interview thank-you email, sincerity is key. Express gratitude for the opportunity, reaffirm your interest, and make sure to reference specific points discussed during the interview.

Follow these 8 simple steps to create an ideal interview thank-you email:

1. Conclude with a Formal Closing

  • Express gratitude once more.
  • Conclude with a synonym for “sincerely,” followed by your full name.
  • Include essential contact information below: phone number and email address.
  • Optionally, incorporate additional links.

2. Dispatch Your Thank-You Email After the Interview

Ensure to review your email for errors before hitting the “send” button. Utilize applications such as Grammarly or Language Tool to assist you in avoiding typos or poor syntax.

Keep in mind that you should dispatch a thank-you email after the interview while your impression is still recent in the interviewer’s memory—within 24 hours of the interview (either on the same day or the following day). If the interview occurs on a Friday, send the thank-you email on Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Avoid sending formal emails over the weekend.

3.Reference a Specific Topic Discussed and Extend an Offer

  • Highlight aspects of the position that captivate your interest and articulate the reasons behind it. By doing so, you’ll infuse a personalized touch into your post-interview email.

  • Connect with your essential skills and pertinent experience, illustrating how you intend to utilize them to assist your prospective employer in achieving their objectives.

4. Reiterate the Agreed-upon Deadline for a Response

  • Keep your message concise and courteous.
  • Express your readiness to furnish any required information.
  • Reiterate the specified deadline for their response.

A concise paragraph like the following suffices:

If you require any further information from me to aid in the decision-making process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I eagerly anticipate our scheduled call next week.

5. Convey Gratitude in Your Post-Interview Thank-You Email

  • Begin with a heartfelt “thank you.”
  • Demonstrate sincerity and authenticity in expressing your gratitude.
  • Convey genuine appreciation for the time the interviewers dedicated to you.

6. Reiterate Your Interest in the Position

  • Express your enthusiasm for the prospect of joining the company in the specific role you interviewed for.
  • If the interview has led you to conclude that the job is not suitable for you, explicitly convey this in your thank-you email. Your honesty will be appreciated by the hiring manager, and it can also save them time.

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7.Craft a Concise and Clear Email Subject

Craft a direct and concise thank-you email to ensure it is opened; avoid using puns or jokes.

Examples of subject lines for a gratitude email:

  • Thank you, [Interviewer’s Name]!
  • Thank you for your time and advice
  • Thanks for the interview yesterday
  • I enjoyed learning more about [Company Name]
  • Thank you!

Simple as that! 


8. Begin the post-interview thank-you letter with a personalized greeting.

  • Directly address the hiring manager by their name.
  • If you’ve interviewed with multiple individuals, ensure to send individualized thank-you notes to each person.

What is the process for sending a thank-you email to multiple interviewers?

If you’ve had interviews with multiple individuals, make sure to send a unique and personalized thank-you note to each person. It’s important to customize each note, as they may share them. The only exception is for a panel interview, especially if participants were remote; in this case, send a single thank-you email addressed to the entire group.

Don’t have everyone’s email addresses?
Send an email to the contact whose address you possess. Either request them to forward your thank-you email to other interviewers or ask for the email addresses of additional recruiters so you can contact them directly.

Templates for Email Thank-You After an Interview

Okay, let’s move beyond the theoretical part. Explore our adaptable examples of post-interview thank-you notes, select the one that aligns with your situation, input the relevant details, and click “Send!”

The sample thank-you emails after interviews provided below differ in terms of length, complexity, and formality. Take a look and consider which one suits your needs.

To begin, here’s a straightforward and concise thank-you email template for interviews.


Example of a Concise Post-Interview Thank-You Email

Second Interview Thank You Email Example

Informal Thank You Email After Interview Example

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