10 phrasal verbs with ‘get’

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English speakers often use phrasal verbs. Here are 10 with “get” to use in conversation.

What transpired over the weekend? Well, I rendezvoused with a friend with whom I’ve come to realize I no longer have a good relationship. She consistently criticizes my new boyfriend, insisting that I should terminate the relationship because, according to her, he’s worthless. She’s convinced that I will easily move on from him because I can find someone better anyway. I just wish she would show more support for my choices!

Finding this conversation confusing? Conversations in English often involve the use of phrasal verbs, making the meaning less straightforward. Adding a different preposition to the verb “get” can completely alter its definition. Here’s a simple guide to some phrasal verbs using “get.”

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10 Phrasal Verbs with “Get 


Also: get along with

  1. To have a good, friendly relationship with someone
    Harry and I get along really well, but I don’t get along with Lucy at all.
  2. To deal with a situation
    I’ve been getting along really well in my new job.
  1. To travel to many places
    I’ve been to France, Australia and Mexico this year. I get around!
  2. To become known or to circulate information
    Word got around that he was leaving the company.
  3. To avoid something difficult
    Is there any way of getting around the rules so that we can bring our dog into the country?
  4. To find the time to do something (used with ‘to’)
    I’ll get around to (doing) the washing up once I’ve finished my dinner.
  1. To leave or escape from someone or something
    Get away from me!
  2. To go somewhere to have a rest or holiday
    It’ll be nice to get away! Work has been so stressful this past month.
  3. A holiday, often short (noun)
    We enjoyed a weekend getaway in a lovely hotel in the countryside.

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    4. GET BY
    1. To manage something with difficulty, to make ends meet
      Some poor families manage to get by on just £10 a day.
    2. To succeed with the minimum effort
      He hasn’t revised for his exams at all, but he’s clever enough to get by.
    3. To move past something or someone
      Excuse me, could you please move your bag so I can get by?


    5. GET DOWN
    1. To feel depressed or unhappy
      The political situation at the moment is really getting me down.
    2. To party, sometimes dance
      You guys were really getting down last night! Did you have a good time?
    3. To swallow food
      I know you don’t like eating vegetables, but you need to get them down.
    6. GET DOWN TO
    1. To start working on something, especially something you’ve been avoiding
      I must get down to (doing) these tax returns today, or I’ll never finish them!
    2. To start work or focus attention on a task
      Ok, let’s get down to business!


    7. GET OFF
    1. To physically leave a mode of transport
      The traffic is terrible! Let’s get off at the next stop and walk.
    2. To leave work, usually at the end of the day
      What time do you get off tonight?
    3. To avoid something more serious
      He got off with an automatic fine, but we thought he’d have to go to court.
    4. To experience pleasure or a high
      John got off on extreme sports like paragliding.
    5. To kiss, make out or have sex with someone
      I heard that Harry and Emma got off at the party!
    6. To secure the release of a defendant in court, to be acquitted
      The thief was clearly guilty, but his lawyer got him off.
    7. To succeed in doing something
      The annual meeting got off to a good start.
    8. GET ON
    1. To physically put yourself on or in something
      We got on the bus at the usual stop.
    2. To have a good relationship with someone
      They’re brother and sister but don’t get on very well.
    3. To grow old
      I saw Uncle Max the other day. He’s getting on, isn’t he?!
    4. To manage a situation or continue a task
      How are you getting on with renovating your new house?
    5. Becoming late
      It’s getting on a bit and will be dark soon.
    6. Almost or nearly
      She must be getting on for 30, I would think.


    9. GET ON WITH
    1. To push or hurry somebody
      You’re peeling those potatoes so slowly. Get on with it!
    2. To start or continue doing something
      I’ll leave you to get on with the report.
      I’d better get on with these tax returns.


    10. GET OUT
    1. To leave a place
      They were in Thailand during the Tsunami and were lucky to get out alive.
    2. To become known
      Word got out about the wedding, even though they wanted to keep it a secret.
    3. To go and visit somewhere
      Why don’t we get out to the countryside this coming weekend?
    4. When you don’t believe someone, expression of shock/surprise (Amer. Eng)
      ‘My dad’s going sky diving for my 70th birthday!’
      Get out (of here)!

    What are phrasal verbs? 

    Phrasal verbs are expressions with a unique meaning, and attempting to translate them literally would result in confusion. To grasp their usage, it’s most effective to memorize them individually, learning when and how to use each one.

    How many phrasal verbs are there with “get”?

    There are a total of 177 phrasal verbs containing “get”! Don’t be concerned; not all of them are difficult to comprehend. Here are some of the more perplexing “get” phrasal verbs commonly used in British English.

    Conquering English, one phrasal verb at a time 

    Mastering English can be challenging due to the myriad ways of expressing the same idea. However, with resources like this guide, you’ll achieve fluency comparable to that of a native speaker in no time! Keep an eye out for more content from me.

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