Have you ever been in a situation where you required assistance in English but were unsure how to request it? Or perhaps someone offered help, but you didn’t know how to accept or decline it?

No worries! These scenarios won’t make you feel uneasy anymore, as today, we’ll explore how to offer assistance in English and understand how to accept or politely decline it.

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  •        What can I do for you?
  •         I’d like to know what help can I be to you.
  •         How can I help you?    
  •        Can I get you something (some coffee, some water etc.)?
  •         Shall I help you with … (your project, homework etc.)?
  •         Would you like to … (drink some coffee, have a walk)?
  •         Do you want me to have a look … (at your project etc.)?
  •         I’d be glad to help (e.g. you with the wedding preparation)  

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