How to Email a Resume

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Require assistance with sending a resume via email? Unsure about the suitable subject line for your resume email? Check out our guide and peruse sample resume email templates for inspiration.

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’re here to address all your concerns, ensuring that you can send your job application in a manner that grabs the hiring manager’s attention..

In this guide, I will demonstrate:

  • A sample resume email that surpasses the quality of 90% of other resume emails.
  • Guidelines on composing an effective email when submitting a resume to an employer.
  • Proper techniques for emailing a resume.
  • Approaches to contact the hiring manager before emailing a resume.


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What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume?

Many job seekers often make a typical error: assuming that the content of their email while sending a resume should mirror that of a cover letter.

This assumption is incorrect. Why?

Recruiters and hiring managers lack the time to thoroughly examine application documents. Your resume email needs to be concise and to the point, just enough to capture the hiring manager’s attention and evoke interest.

In the body of your resume email, focus solely on the most pertinent information;

Email Template for Sending a Resume 


Sample Email to Send a Resume 

Step-by-step Guide on Sending a Resume via Email

Sending a resume directly to a potential employer via email, rather than applying through job board forms, imparts a personal touch and highlights your persistence. When executed effectively, the hiring manager is likely to be more eager to review a job application sent through a personalized email.

Here are eight steps for effectively emailing a resume:

1. Opt for a Powerful Subject Line

Send a personalized email with your resume to enhance your chances of getting noticed. However, your resume’s success hinges on whether the email is opened. The key factor here is your subject line, so make it count.

Clearly mention the job application, specifying the position and job identifier (if applicable), while incorporating some personal branding. For example:

Subject: Award-winning HR specialist seeks Employer Branding Manager position #12345

The hiring manager has adjusted her schedule to evaluate this application.

Subject: Resume and cover letter for your consideration

This seems like a standard email sent indiscriminately to every company in a 100-mile radius.

2.Personalize your greeting by addressing the Hiring Manager with their name

Job postings online often don’t disclose the identity of the individual who will review your resume. This is unfortunate because having the hiring manager aware of you beforehand significantly increases your chances of being hired.

So, how do you get in touch with a hiring manager?

  • Conduct research to identify internal recruiters or HR personnel responsible for processing resumes. Begin by checking the company’s website and then explore LinkedIn to locate their email addresses.

  • While discovering a name is relatively straightforward, finding an email address can be more challenging. Utilize tools such as or to generate an email address when you find a promising LinkedIn profile.

  • If these methods prove unsuccessful, resort to a traditional approach using Google. Commence your search with the company’s email domain, such as * Many companies follow a standard formula like [email protected] or [email protected].

  • If you can’t determine the email address formula, having only the company and hiring manager’s names is still sufficient. Utilize an Email Permutator, which automatically generates various combinations of the hiring manager’s name and the company’s domain. Run these combinations through a free email verification tool like MailTester to reduce bounce rates, although it may not be foolproof.

3.Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of reaching out to them

Keep the initial paragraph of your resume email succinct, providing a brief explanation for contacting the recruiter. A concise sentence should suffice.


Emailing a Resume: Opening Paragraph Example

4.Communicate the value you would contribute to the company

Capture the hiring manager’s attention by emphasizing distinctive qualities that make you an ideal candidate. Additionally, in your resume email, ensure to articulate how you intend to contribute to the company’s growth.


Sending Resume Email: Middle Paragraph Example

5. Express your enthusiasm for an in-person meeting

Conclude your resume email with a definite call to action, proposing an in-person meeting. Alternatively, if more practical, suggest a video call interview.


Resume Email Sample: Closing Paragraph

6. Include a formal signature containing your contact information

When sending a resume via email, conclude the email with a formal signature. Choose a professional closing, like “sincerely,” and provide your full name. Follow this with your job title, an optimized LinkedIn profile link, and/or your personal website address. Additionally, include your email address and phone number.


Email Resume Sample: Signature

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7. Please attach your resume and include a cover letter

It may seem obvious, but before sending, double-check that you’ve indeed attached both your resume and cover letter. Cover letters are still relevant today and can enhance your likelihood of receiving an invitation to a job interview.


8. Select the optimal time for sending an email with your resume

This implies sending your email specifically on a Monday, preferably between 6 am and 10 am. Studies indicate that applying on Mondays increases your interview rate by 46% compared to the average. Moreover, submitting your resume between 6 am and 10 am, a timeframe when few others do, results in an astonishing 89% boost in hireability!

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