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Access a hostess resume template proven to secure employment. Obtain over 20 successful examples and insights from our team of specialists. A comprehensive manual to craft a polished resume for hostess positions.

Want to impress the waitstaff manager and secure that hostess position? Aim to be like the genie from Aladdin, fulfilling their wishes before they even voice them?

To achieve this, you’ll need an outstanding hostess resume. With fierce competition, it’s crucial to select the right qualities to highlight and use an effective layout.

Alternatively, you can simply follow a stellar hostess resume sample. By following our tips, you’ll find the interview falling right into your lap!

This guide includes:

– A hostess resume example that outshines 90% of others.
– Strategies for crafting a hostess resume that garners more interviews.
– Tips and examples for showcasing skills and achievements on your resume.
– Guidance on how to describe your experience to land any hostess job you desire.


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Hostess Resume Example

Kary Belecci



[email protected]


Highly motivated, organized, and experienced hostess with 5+ years of experience in providing first-class customer service. Eager to apply my excellent communication and problem-solving skills at Elegance Events Hostess Services to help guests enjoy a pleasant and memorable event experience. Earned two consecutive ‘Hostess of the Year’ awards (2018 & 2019) at Charming Greetings Hostess Agency.



Charming Greetings Hostess Agency, Kenosha, WI

January 2017-Present

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Greeting customers in a professional and friendly manner while offering assistance as needed.
  • Answering inquiries regarding events, activities, services, and rules of conduct on site.
  • Collaborating with the management team to ensure a smooth flow of event operations from start to finish.
  • Assisting guests with seating arrangements so they can enjoy their time at the event without any hassle or difficulty.
  • Managing a variety of administrative tasks such as registering vendors and collecting payments for admission fees/tickets.
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness within the venue by regularly disinfecting surfaces and making sure all areas are tidy before guests arrive.

Key Achievement:

  • Received two ‘Hostess of the Year’ awards (2018 & 2019).


Charming Events Group, Kenosha, WI

June 2012–December 2016

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Ensuring all areas were clean prior to guests arriving by setting up tables, chairs, decorations etc., as needed for each event or activity taking place at the venue.
  • Liaising with catering staff to ensure all meals are served on schedule according to the expected level of quality standards set by the management team.
  • Providing assistance with setting up audio-visual equipment such as microphones and projectors for presentations or speeches hosted at the venue during an event or activity taking place there.
  • Preparing welcome cards for each guest upon arrival which included providing them with information about our services along with directions on how to get back home after leaving the premises safely and securely.

Key Achievement:

  • Increased guest satisfaction ratings by 10% by implementing improved customer service strategies, such as promptly responding to complaints or concerns raised by guests.


Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Kenosha, WI

August 2008 – May 2012

Relevant extracurricular activities

  • Member of National Honor Society (2010–2012).
  • Volunteered for an annual literary festival organized by the university (2008–2012).

Academic achievements:

  • Graduated top 3% in class (2012).
  • Awarded ‘Best Project’ prize in Hospitality Management course (2011).


  • Excellent communication skills,
  • Strong problem solving and organizational abilities,
  • Leadership qualities,
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
  • Familiar with event planning software such as Eventbrite and Cvent.


  • First Aid, American Red Cross, 2015


  • Hostess of the Year,Charming Greetings Hostess Agency, 2018 & 2019


  • Member of the National Association of Professional Women since 2019.
  • Hosted an online seminar on ‘The basics of providing excellent customer service’ which gained 3000+ views in a short span of two weeks.


  • English–Native
  • Spanish–Fluent
  • French–Advanced


  • Writing poetry
  • Painting
  • Reading literature
  • Playing the piano

What is the optimal layout for a hostess resume?

Time for a wake-up call.

The waitstaff manager—let’s call her Tara—knew at first glance that she wouldn’t consider hiring you.


It all comes down to the layout of your hostess resume.

Without the proper format, your resume appears messy and disorganized, something Tara isn’t looking for.

Pass the initial test by using the reverse-chronological resume format, which prioritizes your most recent accomplishments.

Demonstrate to Tara that you’ll streamline her workload. Utilize clear headings, the best resume fonts, and ample white space to ensure readability.

Double-check your spelling meticulously; even one typo could cost you the job.

Finally, save your hostess resume as a PDF. Modern PDFs are easily readable by machines and won’t get scrambled during transmission.

Before sending, review the job listing to ensure it doesn’t specify a preference against PDFs. If not, you’re off to a good start.

Should you opt for a Hostess Resume Summary or Objective?

Let’s return to Tara, the waitstaff manager.

She’s inundated with a flood of hostess resumes, reaching up to the sprinklers.

To capture her attention, you need to shine like a 40,000-candlepower Open sign.

Achieve this by crafting a compelling hostess resume objective or summary.

If you’re seasoned in the industry, opt for a resume summary. It leverages your experience to entice the manager into hiring you.

If this is your debut in the world of drink dealing, choose a resume objective. It places your passion at the forefront.

Here’s the key:

Load either section with noteworthy achievements.

Let’s declutter with the following two examples of restaurant hostess resume summaries:

The initial example lacks flair:

High-energy hostess with 2 years of experience. Managed various host duties in a fast-paced restaurant, including greeting, seating, cleaning, and organizing. Proficient in customer service and restocking.

While not as disastrous as a dropped tray, it won’t attract a crowd of interviews.

Instead, consider this fine dining hostess resume summary:

Energetic hostess with over 2 years of experience, aiming to impress customers at Steve’s. Achieved 25% faster guest seating than the average at Pizza Hut and scored a perfect 100% on menu knowledge and customer service evaluations. Recognized 5 times by management for efficiency and amiable demeanor at The Weathervane Inc.

Mouthwatering. Notice those quantified achievements? They’re sure to make managers want to extend a warm welcome.

But what if your experience is still parked in the lot? Take a look at these entry-level host resume examples:

If your hostess experience is in its infancy, consider a hostess resume objective.

Traditionally, it conveyed enthusiasm and excitement for hosting roles, as demonstrated in the following example:

Physically fit hostess with a passion for customer service and exceptional people skills. Hardworking and adept communicator. Eager to receive training and commence work.

You might secure the job if you’re the sole applicant!

However, if another candidate boasts both passion and experience, you might find yourself in a bind.

Don’t fret just yet. You can still secure an interview if your hostess resume showcases achievements.

The following entry-level host resume example does it right:

Enthusiastic hostess with demonstrated interpersonal skills, eager to impress both customers and management at Pizza Hut. Previously filled in as a hostess at Lobster Trap, handling four sports dinners during high school, and participating in seven charity dinners.

Pow. The manager just dropped her breadstick basket. Your exceptional hosting resume objective has left her apron in disarray.

A Hostess Job Description for a Resume Like No Other

Have hosting experience? Fantastic! But—

You’re not guaranteed the job just yet.

Presenting your experience improperly will leave you blending in like a floor tile.

Swiftly rectify this issue.

Employ measurable achievements to grab attention like Justin Bieber at an Applebee’s.

Highlight your most recent job first and include 3-5 bullet points on your resume.

Follow the lead of our professional hostess duties resume examples:

Experience Section of Hostess Resume Examples:

These two sample sections of host resume experience are as distinct as IHOP and Olive Garden:


Pizza Hut

Achieved 25% faster seating than the restaurant average.
Contributed to the implementation of a new seating app, resulting in a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
Received a perfect score of 100% on menu knowledge and customer service evaluations.

The waitstaff manager’s attention is captured. Your professional resume for hostess positions has impressed beyond measure.

But without those achievements:


Pizza Hut

Responsible for greeting and seating guests.
Assisted with the implementation of a new seating app.
Participated in customer service and menu knowledge training.

Dull! This host duties resume example wouldn’t even get you a job at a lemonade stand. Why? Because it simply states what you “did” without indicating how well you did it.

Now—what if you lack experience in hosting roles?

View these entry-level hostess resume examples:

How to Write a Resume for Hostess with no Experience:

It’s simple.

You don’t necessarily need hosting experience to secure hostess positions.

What you do need are accomplishments that align with hostess duties.

Obtain these achievements from:

Non-hosting roles
Volunteer work
Academic achievements

Execute this effectively, and your initial resume for hosting positions will turn heads like a 40-gallon chocolate sundae.

The following entry-level host resume samples pave the way:

Entry-Level Hostess Resume Samples [No Experience]:

The first of these examples of entry-level hostess resumes is akin to a pound of broken crayons:

Hostess Experience: No official hosting experience yet, but I’m eager to learn on the job and I’m a fast worker.

Other Experience:

Volunteer work

Whoops. The waitstaff manager just tossed your resume into the compost pile.

However, with added details, your host resume can stand out:

Hostess Experience

During busy times at the Lobster Trap, hosted while working as a dishwasher.
Hosted 4 swim team dinners during high school.
Served as a hostess for 7 charity events at Warren Shiro’s.

Is Your Education Section Undercooked? It Might Be

As a hostess, why would education matter?

It’s straightforward:

Every resume necessitates education, even those for hosting roles.

The real key?

Don’t just list it. Utilize it to demonstrate why they should hire you.

Failing to do so is akin to owning a cozy pair of Skechers and merely wearing them to watch TV.

Commence with:

– School Name and Location
– Years Attended
– Degree Earned

But enhance it with accomplishments tailored to the job, fitting like a baby’s bottom in a booster seat.

Our following host resume examples will guide you in the right direction:

Education Section of Hostess Resume Examples:

Both these host resume samples are tailored for a role requiring (1) customer service skills, (2) a strong work ethic, and (3) a positive attitude.


Sandhills High School

– Engaged with the public as a member of the school’s Red Cross club, demonstrating (1) customer service skills.
– Demonstrated a (2) strong work ethic through excellence in home economics classes.
– Received commendation from 7 teachers for a (3) positive and sunny personality.

Impressive. The employer envisions you making their life easier.

Now, for a less appealing example:


Sandhills High School

– Obtained degree.
– GPA: 2.7

Unsatisfactory. This applicant could be anyone, including The Annoying Orange.

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How to Showcase Skills on a Hostess Resume

“We’d be delighted to bring you on board.”

If you can convince the waitstaff manager that you possess the necessary skills, she’ll utter those enchanting words.


Certainly not by inundating her with an exhaustive list of hosting skills. That won’t impress her.

Instead, focus on selecting the key skills she desires and substantiate them.

If you succeed, she’ll peruse your hostess resume and envision Diana Prince.

The following professional host resume examples illustrate how to achieve this:

Skills Section of Hostess Resume Examples:

Let’s assume Tara included these skills in the hostess job description for resumes:

Required Hostess Skills: (1) Speed, (2) Customer Service, and (3) Cleaning Skills.

Incorporate them into your hostess resume skills list. Augment them with a couple more to demonstrate versatility.

Then, craft bullet points like this:

– Recognized 5 times by management for exceptional (1) speed and friendliness.
– Maintained a 95% positive guest comment average due to proficient (2) customer service skills.
– Contributed to a team that secured the Chamber of Commerce (3) “Clean Restaurant” award.

By doing so, interview invitations will pour in like orders for baked potatoes at a Texas Roadhouse.

The host skills for resumes listed below will set you on the right path:

List of Skills to Include on a Hostess Resume:

Require hostess resume skills and resume keywords to kickstart your application?

Refer to the host resume skills list below, and supplement it with insights from online hostess job descriptions.

Hostess Resume Skills

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Customer Service

Greeting Guests

Interpersonal Skills

Monitoring Dining Room


Resolving Complaints


Seating Guests


Taking Phone Reservations

High Energy

Cleaning Tables


Cleaning Greeting Area


Menu Knowledge






Add these Things to Your Resume and Get Seated Fast

You’re a pleasure to collaborate with.

Let’s validate that.

Enhance your hostess resume with “other” sections that many overlook.

Review the two sample sections below for hosting resumes.

Examples of Additional Sections in a Restaurant Hostess Resume:

The initial example among our host resume samples might leave you waiting indefinitely:

– Running
– Collecting Vinyls
– Shopping

Entertaining, but what relevance do these hobbies have to hostess roles?

The additional sections on your hosting resume should captivate the employer.

Additional Activities:

– Engage in weekly dance lessons to cultivate focus and efficiency.
– Volunteer biannually for Red Cross blood drives.
– Contribute monthly at the Robidoux soup kitchen.
– Earned first place in the Lake McConaughy scavenger hunt, showcasing high energy.


– Completed GoSkills online customer service course with an A+ grade.
– Successfully completed “Give ’em the Pickle” online course with an A+ grade.
– Completed Alison online customer service training course with an A+ grade.


– Participate in basketball pickup games for self-care.
– Pursue vinyl collecting to refine organizational skills.
– Regularly appear as a guest on podcasts due to an enthusiastic personality.

Notice how each entry underscores your potential as an exemplary hostess.

Lacking sufficient extras for your hosting resume? Consider enrolling in a few online courses.

It’s easier than you might think!

Many are offered free of charge and require just an hour or two of your time. Simply watch a video, take a test, and demonstrate your motivation to the manager.

Here are a few platforms to explore:

– Alison
– Lynda

What About a Hosting Cover Letter?

Is a cover letter necessary when submitting a hostess resume?

Yes, if you’re serious about securing the position.

While many hiring managers might overlook a hostess cover letter, nearly half won’t even glance at your hosting resume without one.

Here’s how to approach it effectively:

Avoid simply stating, “Here’s my host resume—end of story.”

Instead, demonstrate your understanding of the restaurant’s needs and your ability to fulfill them proficiently.

How can you achieve this in a hosting cover letter?

Follow this concise example of a hostess cover letter:

“I enjoyed my time hosting at Pizza Hut, but I believe Steve’s restaurant offers a more comprehensive dining experience that aligns perfectly with my advanced hostess skills.

It’s no coincidence that I maintained a 95% positive guest rating average at The Weathervane, or that I achieved perfect scores on customer service and menu knowledge tests at Pizza Hut. At Steve’s…”

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