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Ensure your hair stylist resume emphasizes professional skills and experience. Discover how to achieve this with our guidance and professional resume examples tailored specifically for hair stylists.

Everyone requires hair care, and certain clients are willing to pay a premium for exceptional service. To cater to them, you’ll need a salon resume that elevates your profile like a potent volumizing mousse.

Don’t fret. With some effort, your skills and accomplishments can impress the hiring manager and land you the job. We’ll guide you in crafting a hair stylist resume that embodies excellence, akin to Vidal Sassoon.

This comprehensive guide will cover:

– A hair stylist resume example that surpasses 90% of others.
– Techniques for writing a hair stylist resume that attracts more interviews.
– Tips and examples for effectively highlighting skills and achievements on a hairstylist resume.
– Strategies for describing your experience on a resume for a hair stylist to secure any desired position.


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Hair Stylist Resume Example


Danica Stenhouse

Hair Stylist

(123) 456-7890

[email protected]


Creative and client-focused Hair Stylist with over 5 years of experience delivering superior service in high-paced salons. Eager to support Savvy Hair Studio in providing outstanding customer experiences through tailored hair styling services. Increased overall customer satisfaction by 40% at Trendy Tresses Boutique.


Hair Stylist

Savvy Hair Studio, Sioux City, IA

June 2016–Present

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Provided professional hair care and styling services to over 30 clients weekly.
  • Trained four new hair stylists.
  • Offered tailored advice on hair care products and home hair care routines.
  • Implemented innovative hairstyles and trends, enhancing the salon’s reputation.

Key Achievement:

  • Introduced a range of eco-friendly hair care products, boosting salon sales by 25%.

Hair Stylist

Trendy Tresses Boutique, Sioux City, IA

July 2015–June 2016

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Built a loyal client base through effective communication and creative hair styling.
  • Trained 5 junior stylists, sharing best practices in hair care and styling.
  • Created five new haircuts that were adopted by all other hair stylists.

Key Achievement:

  • Increased overall customer satisfaction by 40%.


Cosmetology Certification

Iowa School of Beauty, Sioux City, IA

August 2014–July 2015

Relevant extracurricular activities

  • Volunteered with the Red Cross to provide basic hair styling services to underprivileged communities.

Academic achievements:

  • Graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA.


  • Excellent communication
  • Creative hair styling
  • Customer service
  • Up-to-date with hair trends
  • Product knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management


  • Professional Hair Stylist Certification, American Board of Certified Haircolorists, 2015


  • English—Native


  • Keeping up with the latest fashion and hair trends.
  • Volunteering for community beauty workshops.


What Format Works Best for a Hair Stylist Resume?


Is the Format of Your Hair Stylist Resume Important?


Your cosmetology resume format should demonstrate your attention to detail.

Begin with the reverse-chronological layout, as it emphasizes your most recent achievements.

Utilize white space, select professional resume fonts, and incorporate attention-grabbing headings to showcase your best attributes.

Finally, save your resume as a PDF. Hairstylist resumes in PDF format are easily readable by machines and maintain their formatting across different devices, akin to sculpting gel.

Craft a Hair Stylist Resume Objective or Summary That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Well done!

You submitted your resume to ten salons. Eight reached out to you.

How did you manage that?

You captured the hiring manager’s attention, ensuring they read your entire resume.

Don’t they always do that?

Not quite. Most hiring managers only spend seconds skimming through each resume.

If you can compel them to stop skimming and start reading, you increase your chances of landing an interview.

Achieve this with a compelling resume summary or resume objective.

If you lack experience, opt for a resume objective. It demonstrates passion, even when your work history is still in its early stages.

If you possess extensive experience, use a resume summary. It leverages your accomplishments to make a strong impression.

Fill either with achievements that shine brightly.

Consider the following professional hair stylist resume examples:

Hair Stylist Resume Examples [Resume Summaries]

What’s lacking in the first of our hair stylist resume samples?


Passionate and experienced hair stylist proficient in hair cutting, permanents, hair coloring, and extensions. Managed all cutting and styling tasks at Jaded Frog Hair Salon for two years and served as a Walmart stylist for one year.

While not terrible, it won’t necessarily attract many interviews.

To enhance it, refer to our next salon resume example:


Licensed Hair Stylist with over 3 years of experience. Aiming to impress clients at Tresses Inc with proven hair design skills and efficiency. Achieved a 95% positive customer feedback rate as a hair stylist at Jaded Frog. Completed 50+ extensions per year and was the dedicated hairdresser for Haute C Models.

That’s impressive. Including achievements with quantifiable metrics makes it stand out.

Lacking substantial experience? Consider the next two beginner hair stylist resume examples.

Two Beginner Hair Stylist Resume Objectives

If your experience is limited, a hairdresser resume objective is suitable.

In the era of mall hair, this meant showcasing enthusiasm. That’s exactly what this sample hair stylist resume objective does:


Energetic and organized hair stylist skilled in extension application and cosmetology. Possesses a great personality and attention to detail. While lacking official title experience as a hair stylist, I am a quick learner and highly responsible.

Enthusiasm is crucial. However, you’re competing against candidates with both enthusiasm and experience.

Therefore, incorporate achievements. Consider the following beginner hairstylist resume example:


Passionate hair stylist with a thriving freelance business. Expanded client list to 22 regulars through enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals. Styled hair for seven brides, receiving glowing compliments about my work. Occasionally fill in at a chair in a small salon.

Impressive. That’s certainly head-turning.

But what if you lack any experience whatsoever?

Well, you either already possess some or can acquire it swiftly.

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An Exceptional Hair Stylist Job Description for an Outstanding Resume

Picture Una, a seasoned hair salon manager, scrutinizing resumes with her sleek Dyson Supersonic hair dryer nearby.

What’s her top priority when reviewing a hair stylist resume?


However, she doesn’t want a three-page document overflowing with details, nor does she desire a resume so sparse you could tuck it under an induction cut.

Therefore, begin with your most recent job and list 3-5 resume bullets showcasing measurable accomplishments. The following professional salon resume examples illustrate this:

Hair Stylist Resume Examples [Experience]

Consider these sample hairstylist resume experience sections:

Jaded Frog Hair Salon

Hair Stylist


– Maintained a 95% positive customer comment rating.
– Emerged as the most requested hair stylist among a team of five.
– Applied 50+ hair extensions annually during prom season.
– One client featured in the “Every Once in a Style” blog.
– Dedicated hairdresser for Haute C Models, Omaha.

Impressive, isn’t it? With these achievements, you’ve captured the salon manager’s attention, demonstrating your exceptional skills.

Now, remove those accomplishments, and you’re left with:

Jaded Frog Hair Salon

Hair Stylist


– Responsible for cutting and styling hair for many clients.
– Applied hair extensions when required.
– Assisted with regular housekeeping duties.

This version lacks the wow factor. It’s akin to a plain haircut without any flair.

But what if you lack experience in hairstylist roles?

Let the following two beginner hair stylist resume examples guide you.

How to Write a Resume for a Hair Stylist with No Experience

Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of experience? Fear not!

Chances are, you’ve:

– Cut hair for friends and family.
– Offered haircuts for free or for a fee occasionally.
– Interacted with customers in non-hairstylist positions.
– Assisted at a hair salon for short periods.
– Provided haircuts through platforms like Hairline or SalonPick.

If you haven’t, consider doing so now. It’ll only take a couple of days and will enhance your new salon resume significantly.

Now, let’s explore two beginner hair stylist resume samples without experience:

Freelance Hair Stylist


– Cultivated a client list of 22 regulars through enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals.
– Styled hair for seven weddings, receiving praise from all brides.
– Served as a fill-in hairstylist at a local salon chair.

With these achievements, you’ve demonstrated initiative and skill, even without formal experience.

Is Your Education Section Flawed? It’s Possible

Is Education Necessary on a Hair Stylist Resume?

Absolutely, every resume should include education.

You must include:

– School Name and Location
– Years Attended
– Degree Earned

However, stopping there is akin to dressing up for a formal occasion and then opting to stay home and watch Netflix.

Instead, infuse your education section with relevant accomplishments that align with the job requirements.

The following hair stylist resume examples illustrate how:

Hair Stylist Resume Examples [Education]

Consider the two hair stylist resume samples below, both targeting a role that values communication skills, a friendly demeanor, and sales abilities.


Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics


– Received an A+ grade for excellence in hair design.
– Recognized as top performer in sales techniques classes.

Sandy Creek High School


– Excelled in English and speech classes, demonstrating advanced communication skills.
– Led the yearbook committee and served as varsity girls’ swim team captain.

This version exudes finesse, akin to the expertise of Oribe or Kimberly Kimble. The inclusion of speech and writing classes underscores strong communication skills, while leadership roles in extracurricular activities demonstrate teamwork abilities.

However, consider the impact when we streamline it:


Sandy Creek High School


– Graduated with a degree
– GPA: 3.3

Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics


– Earned a degree in cosmetology and hair styling.

This version lacks depth and fails to highlight any noteworthy accomplishments or skills relevant to the hair stylist role.

How to List Skills on a Hair Stylist Resume

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve just landed an amazing hair stylist job. Your tips are so good, you can afford a solid gold straightener.

How did you achieve this feat?

Your hair stylist resume convinced the hiring manager that you possess the necessary skills.

If you have the skills, you’re hired.

However, you need to (1) possess the right skills and (2) demonstrate them effectively.

Does it sound challenging? It’s not.

Start by carefully reading the job offer. Highlight or underline the hair stylist skills mentioned.

Then, identify accomplishments from your past that align with these skills seamlessly.

The following professional hairstylist resume examples illustrate this approach:

Hair Stylist Resume Examples [Skills]

Let’s assume the hair stylist job description mentions the following required skills: (1) Sales, (2) Customer Service, (3) Interpersonal Skills.

List these skills on your hair stylist resume, along with a couple more to showcase your capabilities comprehensively.

Subsequently, substantiate these skills in your resume bullets:

– Cultivated a list of 112 regular clients.
– Consistently received the highest tips among a team of seven for 80% of shifts.
– Received commendations from management five times for exemplary customer service.
– Offered a salon manager position due to outstanding interpersonal skills.

This approach ensures your resume stands out, leading to a flood of interview requests.

Now, let’s explore some hairstylist skills suitable for resumes:

List of Skills to Include on a Hair Stylist Resume

Need a starting point for professional hair stylist resume skills?

Consider this list and supplement it with skills from online hairstylist job descriptions.

These skills also serve as excellent resume keywords.

How to Show a License on a Resume

You’ve dedicated considerable effort to obtaining that license.

Therefore, ensure it’s prominently featured on your hair stylist resume.

Here’s where you can include your license:

1. Incorporate it into your title, near your name.
2. Place it at the beginning of your resume summary.
3. Create a special section dedicated to licenses, positioned directly under your summary.

This strategic placement ensures that regardless of where the hiring manager’s attention is drawn first, she’ll immediately recognize your qualification.


– Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Stylist, Nebraska Board of Cosmetology

If you hold additional certifications, such as in hair coloring or laser hair removal, showcase them in a separate certifications section below your education:


– Board Certified Haircolorist, ABCH
– NCLE National Laser Certification

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What About a Cover Letter for a Hair Stylist Position?

Is a Cover Letter Necessary Alongside Your Hair Stylist Resume?

Well, do you aspire to secure the job?

Firstly, 40% of hiring managers deem cover letters essential.

Secondly, it serves as free advertising space, so make the most of it.

In simpler terms, refrain from drafting a hair stylist cover letter that merely states, “Here’s my resume.”

Such a statement wastes valuable space.

Instead, craft a cover letter that captivates the hiring manager’s attention, akin to a powerful crimper.

Here’s how:

Begin by addressing the manager by name.

Subsequently, demonstrate (1) your understanding of their requirements and (2) your ability to fulfill them.

The following concise hair stylist cover letter example exemplifies this approach:

“I have long admired Tresses Inc and its dedication to skilled hairstylists with exceptional interpersonal skills and expertise in hair extensions.

During my tenure at Jaded Frog, I maintained a commendable 95% customer satisfaction rate, despite administering over 50 extensions annually during the bustling prom and wedding seasons. As a committed hair stylist for Haute C Models, I…”

This personalized approach effectively communicates your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position.

Don’t Include Contact Information on Your Resume Without This Essential Element

You succeeded in crafting an impressive hair stylist resume. However, you’re puzzled by the lack of response.

What went wrong?

The issue might lie in the way you presented your contact information on your salon resume.

You included:

– Full Name
– Updated Phone Number
– Professional Email Address

For instance:

Kaylin Duplessie, Licensed Hair Stylist, [email protected] 308-637-1089

So far, so good.

You even understood that a “professional email address” excludes options like [email protected].

But what about your portfolio?

In today’s digital age, having an online portfolio is essential. Even if it’s as simple as an Instagram account, you need a platform showcasing images of your work.

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