Firefighter Resume Examples 

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A comprehensive guide to crafting an effective firefighter resume that lands you job offers. Access 20+ examples and expert tips to create a standout resume tailored for firefighting roles.

Firefighters form a tight-knit community, and landing a job requires demonstrating your worthiness through a well-crafted resume. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find:
– A firefighter resume example that stands out.
– Strategies for writing a compelling firefighter resume to increase interview opportunities.
– Tips and examples for showcasing skills and accomplishments effectively.
– Guidance on describing your firefighting experience to secure your desired position.


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Firefighter Resume Example


Matthew Davidson



[email protected]


Certified and highly skilled Firefighter with over 10 years of experience. Eager to support the Fort Worth Fire Department in safeguarding lives and property through the efficient and safe response to emergencies by leveraging extensive experience in rescues and first aid. Recognized by the Phoenix Fire Department for extinguishing a 5-acre wildfire protecting residential properties and local wildlife.



Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix, AZ

July 2010–Present

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Responding to fire emergencies and conducting rescue operations.
  • Performing maintenance of fire equipment.
  • Training and mentoring newly recruited firefighters.
  • Participating in fire drills and physical fitness training.

Key Achievement:

  • Extinguished a 5-acre wildfire, protecting residential properties and local wildlife.


Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX

August 2007–May 2010

Relevant extracurricular activities

  • Active Member, Fire Science Club
  • Volunteer, Community Fire Safety Awareness Program

Academic achievements

  • Graduated with Honors.
  • Received the Best Student Award in Fire Science.


  • Fire suppression and rescue techniques
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Emergency medical care
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • First aid and CPR


  • Certified Firefighter, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, 2010
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, 2010


  • Firefighter of the Year, Phoenix Fire Department, 2015


Member of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) since 2010

  • Delivered a lecture on Fire Safety during the 2020 IAFF conference, Phoenix


  • English—Native
  • Spanish—Intermediate


  • Volunteering for local community events.
  • Training for and participating in marathons.

What’s the Best Template for a Firefighter Resume?

In a profession where errors can be fatal, the format of a firefighter resume holds significant importance.

Just as you battle fires, your resume layout must ignite interest from the start—

Opt for a reliable format like the reverse-chronological resume template, ensuring your top achievements catch the eye first.

Employ ample white space, distinct headings, and optimal font choices to enhance readability.

Lastly, safeguard your firefighter resume by saving it as a PDF. Word formats may compromise structural integrity upon transmission.

Firefighter Resume Objective or Resume Summary

Sure thing! Here’s a paraphrased version:

“Oh, you’re a firefighter? Is that like Backdraft?”

That’s often the silliest thing a firefighter hears.

“A seasoned firefighter with extensive hands-on experience gained through real-world scenarios…”

That’s likely the most cliché thing a fire chief reads in firefighter resumes.

Given that the typical job opening attracts around 250 resumes, according to our HR statistics report, chances are the chief will skim—rather than thoroughly read—your resume.

To stand out, craft a firefighter resume objective or resume summary that’s anchored in specific details.

A resume objective demonstrates enthusiasm, ideal if your experience is just starting to ignite.

A resume summary, on the other hand, highlights experience, perfect if you’ve been in the field since the days of Steve McQueen.

The following examples illustrate this strategy:

Firefighter Resume Examples [Resume Summaries]

Identify the hazard in this first senior firefighter resume excerpt:


Experienced firefighter with 6 years in the field. Executed all firefighter duties at Jemson County Fire Department. Proficient in leadership and pump operation.

While not a complete flameout, it lacks the spark to ignite an interview blaze.

Instead, emulate the approach in this next example:


Seasoned Lt. firefighter/paramedic (EMS1) with over 6 years of service. Eager to leverage established leadership skills to enhance operations at Fire Station #1, Cleveland. Recognized at Jemson County FD for securing unanimous team buy-in for ventilation-limited techniques. Implemented a proactive maintenance regimen that reduced vehicle breakdowns by 15%.

Impressive! That’s the type of resume that sets off alarms. The quantifiable achievements truly make it shine.

But what if you’re crafting a firefighter resume without experience?

Refer to the subsequent two entry-level firefighter resume samples.

Two Entry-Level Firefighter Resume Objectives

If your firefighting background is still smoldering, consider a resume objective.

In the days before the Great Chicago Fire, such objectives aimed to convey passion. Take a look at this sample firefighter resume objective:


Passionate firefighter committed to aiding individuals and saving lives. Completed firefighter training and proficient in pump operation. Possess a valid driver’s license and eager to learn on the job.

A commendable display of enthusiasm! Now, let’s seek someone with a bit more experience.

Here’s the key revelation: Even in a firefighter resume with no experience, some level of experience is essential.

Seems perplexing? Observe the following example from our firefighter resume collection:


Dedicated team player and aspiring firefighter/paramedic (EMS1). Volunteered at Jemson County FD, assisting with supply management. Successfully reduced procurement costs by 10% through enhanced vendor relationships. Received commendations from the chief twice for consistently stepping up to handle various tasks.

This version maintains the essence of the original while providing a fresh rendition. Let me know if you need further adjustments!

The Perfect Firefighter Job Description for a Resume

Meet the fire chief, Dave.

He’s got a cool Halligan bottle-opener keychain.

What’s he really after in firefighter resumes? A fancy degree from an Ivy League school? Connections to celebrities like the Kardashians?

Nope, what he values most is experience.

But you can’t just claim to be an “experienced firefighter” on your resume. You’ve got to demonstrate accomplishments that matter to him, backed up with metrics to prove their impact.

Craft your resume with 3-5 bullet points per job, showcasing your achievements. Let’s take a look at some professional fire lieutenant resume examples:

Firefighter Resume Examples [Experience]
Here’s a comparison of two firefighter resume experience sections:

Lieutenant, Engine Crew 1

Jemson County Fire Department


Worked as part of a cohesive team of firefighters.
Trained 9 recruits on department policies and procedures.
Implemented Cummins’ Inline 7 data link adapter for all apparatus, enhancing vehicle data connectivity.
Championed adoption of Ventilation Limited Fire techniques, achieving 100% buy-in across all crews.
That’s the kind of resume that would make any chief proud.

But without those achievements, your resume falls short:


Jemson County Fire Department


Performed standard firefighter duties.
Assisted with recruit training.
Saved 3 babies from burning buildings.
Not exactly impressive when compared to others.

And if you’re starting out with no experience, here’s what to do:

How to Write a Resume for Firefighters with No Experience
The good news? Becoming a firefighter is relatively straightforward.

Nearly 70% of U.S. firefighters are paid volunteers.

Volunteer experience on your resume is highly valued. You can also highlight transferable skills from other jobs that demonstrate teamwork, physical fitness, strong work ethic, and honesty.

The following entry-level firefighter resume examples illustrate the difference:

Two Entry-Level Firefighter Resume Samples [No Experience]
Consider these two firefighter resume examples:

Firefighter Experience: Seeking first real firefighting job. Hardworking and eager to learn.

Other Experience:

Construction worker
Retail associate
Not very impressive, right?

Instead, focus on measurable achievements, like this:

Volunteer Firefighter


Assisted with supply ordering, reducing costs by 10%.
Recognized by chief and peers for willingness to take on any task.
Consistently arrived early for duty, earning department recognition.

How to Showcase Skills on a Firefighter Resume

Guess what?

You’re not allowed to simply assert your proficiency by saying, “I’m skilled,” when crafting a resume for a fire department position. Instead, you should carefully select and highlight the relevant skills specified in the job posting. Then, provide evidence of possessing those skills in just enough detail to secure an interview. The following examples illustrate this approach.

Firefighter Resume Examples [Skills]

Let’s assume the fire chief has outlined these skills in the firefighter job description:

Firefighter Skills: (1) vehicle maintenance, (2) training skills, (3) dependability.

Even if the job posting isn’t available online, you might have acquired knowledge of these skills by conversing with firefighters or interacting directly with the chief. The crucial point is to demonstrate your proficiency rather than simply claiming to possess the skills.

Skills for Firefighter Resume

– Spearheaded efforts in addressing all vehicle maintenance requirements, resulting in a 15% decrease in malfunctions.
– Conducted flashover container training sessions for a team of 22 firefighters.
– Maintained a flawless attendance record over 2 years without taking a sick day.

With a fire department resume structured in this manner, you’ll significantly increase your chances of securing interviews as you’ve effectively showcased your alignment with the job requirements.

In need of firefighter skills to enhance your resume? Below is a compilation of skills to consider. While not exhaustive, it serves as an excellent starting point. For further inspiration, explore firefighter job listings online.

Firefighter Resume Skills

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Strong Work Ethic

Qualified Pump Operator


Vehicle Maintenance


Custodial Skills


Light Carpentry


Computer Skills


Valid Driver’s License

Interpersonal Skills

Swiftwater Rescue

Physically Fit

Electrical Work

Problem Solving

Sprinkler Specialist


Supplies Ordering

Add these Things and Make Your Resume First Due

A monkey might be able to ride on the apparatus, but what sets you apart is your dedication, willingness to work hard, and ability to go above and beyond. Firefighting isn’t just an individual effort; it’s a team endeavor. Prospective departments want assurance that you’re dependable and a valuable team player.

Therefore, refrain from simply stating, “I’m trustworthy and great to work with” on your firefighter EMT resume. Instead, provide tangible evidence of these qualities through additional sections on your resume.

Let’s examine two sample sections for a firefighter resume:

Firefighter Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Avoid including irrelevant items:

– Spending time with my cats
– Discussing Proust

While the individual might possess the qualities needed for firefighting, it’s not apparent from this firefighter paramedic resume example.

However, consider this alternative:

Additional Activities

– NFPA Member
– Volunteer weekly as a dog-walker at Jemson County Animal Shelter.
– Regularly engage in weight training, running, and CrossFit.
– Monthly volunteer at Slaty Fork Soup Kitchen.
– Annual co-organizer of the Jemson County Fireman’s Ball.

Incorporating relevant activities and memberships strengthens your resume and demonstrates your commitment to the community and teamwork.

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How about drafting a cover letter for a firefighter position?

Is a cover letter necessary when submitting a firefighter resume?

Yes, however—

Avoid a generic template.
Steer clear of overconfidence.
Refine your letter beyond a mere expression of interest.
Personalize it with the recipient’s name, typically the chief.

Demonstrate your understanding of the department’s requirements.

Secure an interview by highlighting how you can address those needs.

If you accomplish these tasks, you’ll shine brightly like Keith Jardine.

Illustratively, this concise firefighter cover letter sets the tone:

Firefighter Cover Letter Sample
Ever since my college graduation, I’ve aspired to join Cleveland Fire Station #1. Aware of your preference for paramedics who prioritize listening over speaking, I believe I’m well-suited. Holding an EMS1 certification and earning two commendations from my chief for undertaking various departmental responsibilities, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively. Notably, when I spearheaded the transition to Streamlight’s portable scene light…

Hold off on including your contact information on your resume for now

It’s a significant error.

You’ve included contact details on your firefighter resume:

Full Name
Updated Phone Number
Professional Email Address
As demonstrated:

Pete Passingan, Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic (EMS1), [email protected], 614-975-1468

That’s commendable—up to this point.

You’ve wisely opted for a professional email like [email protected], steering clear of less appropriate options like [email protected].

However, you overlooked sanitizing your social media profiles.

Even if you haven’t listed your Facebook profile in your contact information, your presence on social media platforms can still jeopardize your prospects.

A single inappropriate comment from years ago could derail your job search efforts.

Hence, it’s crucial to utilize our guidelines for managing and safeguarding your social media presence.

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