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Finance has a complex language. Here’s a guide to the Financial Terms Dictionary.

Are you employed in the finance sector and looking to enhance your English skills? Whether you aspire to a higher salary, are focused on personal finance, or simply want to strengthen your finance vocabulary, we’ve got you covered! Improving your English proficiency not only opens up opportunities in your career but can also contribute to a better understanding and management of your finances. Today, we’ll assist you in elevating your English learning level by introducing engaging words and expressions commonly used in finance.

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Basic English Words about Finance

  • Access
  • Fee 
  • Financial advisor 
  • Advertising
  • Accrue
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)
  • Balance sheet 
  • Budget 
  • Checking account 
  • Closing costs 
  • Ergonomic
  • Early payoff 
  • Expenditure 
  • Business plan 
  • Cash 
  • Fixed assets 
  • Income 
  • Inquire 
  • Intangible asset
  • Invest 
  • Legal tender 
  • Liabilities 
  • LLC (limited liability company) 
  • Mortgage
  • Rate
  • Real estate 
  • Interest rate
  • Inventory
  • Retail bank 
  • Total costs
  • Variable costs
  • Withdrawal

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Phrases About Spending Money

  • Give/pay/leave a deposit
  • Withdraw from bank account/savings account
  • Use/pay by a credit card/debit card
  • Pay by check
  • Spend money/savings/a fortune on…
  • Invest/put your savings in … (i.e. the stock market)
  • Pay (in) cash
  • Make out a check/Write a check
  • Make a short-term/long-term investment (e.g. an IRA)
  • Accept a cheque (check)
  • Change/exchange money/currency

Phrases About Income

  • Get/receive a legacy
  • Leave an inheritance
  • Get/receive/draw/collect a pension
  • Earn money/Earn a fortune
  • Make money/Make a fortune
  • Build up funds/savings
  • Live on a low wage
  • Live on a fixed income/live on a pension

Phrases and Vocabulary About Financial Difficulties

  • Face/get/be landed with a bill for $(a specific amount of money)…
  • Incur/accumulate debts
  • Tackle/reduce/settle debts
  • Get into debt/financial difficulties
  • Run out of money/Owe money
  • Pay off overdraft fees

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