Explore popular styles of women’s dresses in English and delve into the various names and trends within women’s fashion.

For numerous years, dresses have been a fundamental part of women’s wardrobes, serving to accentuate a woman’s assets or conceal perceived shortcomings. Various dress styles cater to different events and occasions. Despite the significant changes brought about by the era of emancipation and feminism, dresses have remained a timeless fashion staple.

Today, I invite you to explore the diverse names of dress styles in English. These encompass a vast range, including short and knee-length dresses, with options for loose-fitting or form-fitting designs tailored to various body shapes. Dresses may feature ruffles, high necklines, long or sleeveless styles, and some are akin to oversized t-shirts. Preferences among these styles may vary based on current fashion trends and individual tastes.

This information proves beneficial for those involved in sales and fashion on the international stage, as well as for individuals who enjoy shopping in different countries.

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Basic Styles of Women’s Dresses


  •      Sport
  •      Casual
  •      Elegant
  •      Classic
  •      Folkloric
  •       Business
  •       Formal (evening)
  1.    Culotte dress
  2.    Babydoll dress
  3.    Wrap around dress
  4.    Kimono dress
  5.    Bubble dress
  6.    Tutu dress
  7.    Polo dress
  8.    Shirtdress

9.   Sundress

10.   Sari

11.  Sack dress

12. Tunic dress

13. Sheath dress

14. Shift dress

15.  Trumpet dress

16.  Smoked/layered dress

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English Idioms with the Word “Dress”

Give someone a dressing down

To sternly and angrily admonish someone.

For example: Dad will “give me a dressing down” as soon as he discovers my poor grades at school.

Dressed to the nines

Dressed very elegantly; dressed very fancy, with attention to every detail

For example: Clare was dressed to the nines to impress the jury.

Dress up

To attire oneself in formal clothing, typically reserved for special occasions.

For instance: Make sure to “dress up” for Megan’s birthday celebration. It’s expected to be elegant!

Dressed to kill

Adorned in a highly elegant and stylish manner, often with the purpose of making a strong impression on others.

For example: Sam was “dressed to kill” when I saw him last week at the conference.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that numerous fashion experts advise taking your figure and body type into account when selecting a dress. It’s a wise suggestion, isn’t it?

It’s more prudent to be aware in advance of the dress styles that complement your figure, rather than impulsively choosing the first dress you fancy and later being disappointed that it doesn’t suit you.


What is your English level?

Find out your A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 level of English with our quick, free online test.