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Discover the ultimate engineering cover letter resource. Access sample engineer cover letters, actionable examples, and expert advice in our comprehensive guide tailored for engineers.

As an engineering maestro equipped to solve intricate challenges, you’re poised for your next significant career leap. Fortunately, we provide the tools to construct the perfect bridge—an exceptional engineering cover letter.

In just moments, you’ll have a robust pathway to navigate towards every job interview.

In this guide, I’ll unveil:

– An engineering cover letter example surpassing 90% of others.
– A proven engineering cover letter template customizable to your specifications.
– Step-by-step instructions on crafting an engineering cover letter, even with limited experience.
– Techniques to articulate your expertise in engineering cover letters and secure any desired job opportunity.


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1.Revise and tailor this engineering cover letter sample

Engineering Cover Letter Template

Victor Durand


2340 Tator Patch Road

Chicago, IL 60607


[email protected]


Karen Trintignant

Engineering Lead

SiniTrode Global

1235 Patterson Fork Road

Chicago, IL 60616

Dear Karen,

Leading the team that increased production efficiency by 35% in Raytheon IADC Metal Fab was one of the proudest events of my life. Your opening in engineering at SiniTrode Global is the logical next step.

SiniTrode’s commitment to Continuous Improvement is well known in engineering circles. Here are a few of the ways I feel I fit the job:

  • At Raytheon, slashed department costs by 28% and cut lead times 22%
  • At BAE, increased employee engagement in Lean program 42%
  • Cut rework 25%
  • Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt

With ten years of experience in engineering, I’m certain I can reproduce those results at SiniTrode. More importantly, your mission to deliver the world’s best artificial hearts is incredibly motivating, especially since I lost my father to a heart attack when I was ten.

Can we set aside some time to discuss how my achievements at Raytheon and BAE can translate to real customer success for SiniTrode?

Best Regards,

Frank Gillespie

PS—I’d love to explain how I helped cut inventory 52% at Callaway Golf.

2. Grab the Manager’s Attention with this Engineering Cover Letter Opener

The probability of your engineering cover letter being read is slim. Many recruiters overlook cover letters, especially if they’re generic and merely serve as a preamble to the attached resume.

Penning a “To whom it may concern” cover letter for engineering roles might jeopardize your chances of landing an interview.

To captivate the hiring manager’s attention, adopt a strategy akin to a Mammoet Crane:

1. Commence with the Appropriate Heading: Include your name, title, email, and phone, as well as those of the hiring manager. In email cover letters, omit the snail mail address.

2. Employ the Correct Salutation: “Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]” is ideal. Alternatively, “Dear Engineering Team Hiring Manager” suffices.

3. Introduce with an Engaging Opening Paragraph: Share a brief anecdote featuring a specific detail—a notable achievement closely aligned with the job requirements, executed with precision akin to microscopic tolerances.

3. Wow Them With This Engineering Cover Letter Main Body

Alright, your engineering cover letter is on the right track, and the hiring manager is intrigued. What comes next? The sales pitch. You might be thinking, “But I’m an engineer, not a salesman!”

Here’s the key: The top 5% of engineering cover letters tailor their message to the job opening. The goal is to demonstrate that you’re already a master at this role.

How do you customize your cover letter?

1. Carefully review the job advertisement.
2. Identify and emphasize the engineering skills and responsibilities listed.
3. Showcase your comprehension of those qualities.
4. Select a couple of past accomplishments that align perfectly with them.
5. Include a “motivation statement” illustrating why you’re driven to excel.

Here’s the correct approach. The engineering cover letter examples provided below are tailored for both senior and junior positions.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples—Main Body

Let’s say the job ad asks for fostering engagement, cutting costs, and lowering defect rates.

RetsiGen’s current quest to cut costs while boosting quality fire me up like nothing else. I had a lot of fun meeting similar goals at HID:

  • Slashed defects 32%
  • Decimated inventory costs by 48%
  • Won 99% engagement for company-wide Kanban system

Thanks to my ten years of experience as a PE, I’ve little doubt I can achieve similar success at RetsiGen. I’m intensely motivated by your mission statement to deliver constantly improving digital solutions to customers.

Can you envision a manager who wouldn’t be eager to hire that candidate? If so, they probably write with their tongue sticking out.

Take note of the bullet points. They value the hiring manager’s time by presenting the crucial information in a concise and impactful manner.

Lacking extensive experience? No need to fret. Take a glance at the sample engineering cover letter for candidates with no experience below.

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4. How to End Your Engineering Cover Letter So It Sticks Like Cyanoacrylate

What use would the Falcon Heavy be if it never launched? About as effective as an engineering cover letter without a strong conclusion: not very.

Therefore, conclude your engineering cover letter in a manner that the manager won’t easily forget.

Here’s how:

– Present an enticing offer.
– Conclude with a synonym for “sincerely.”
– Include a postscript highlighting another compelling achievement.

Cover Letter Examples for Engineering—Endings

If you hire me, I’ll be a great employee. Please call me as soon as you can.

Thank you for your time.

Phew. That’s a fatigue failure, isn’t it?

This engineering cover letter ending appears needy. The hiring manager envisions a complaining employee who is difficult to please.

Can we schedule some time to discuss how my achievements at AlphaNode Solutions could contribute tangible value to GlobalPhan?

Best Regards,

Marc Halperin

P.S. I would appreciate the opportunity to elaborate on how I reduced rework at AlphaNode by 18% within one month.

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