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Learn the art of crafting a consulting cover letter that stands out and lands you the job. Explore examples, samples, and expert tips to create a consultant cover letter that grabs attention similar to PWC Advisory.

As a consultant, you excel in developing innovative solutions and steering businesses towards success. Your collaborative spirit, creativity, and communication style are on par with industry leaders like Deloitte.

However, the hiring manager won’t recognize these qualities unless you secure an interview. Let’s change that! Our expert advice will assist you in crafting a consulting cover letter that effectively highlights your skills, compelling hiring managers to consider you for collaboration.

In this guide, you’ll find:

– A consulting cover letter example that surpasses the majority.
– Consultant cover letter samples allowing you to emphasize your key strengths.
– A structured plan for writing a cover letter tailored for consulting roles.
– Insights into how specific achievements can demonstrate your prowess in the field.


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Consulting Cover Letter Sample

Your Name


Current Company (If Any)

Mailing Address

Phone Number

Email Address


Hiring Manager Name


Company Name

Mailing Address

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

Raising quality metrics an average of 20% for 75 business clients is a gratifying career accomplishment. Doing that while cutting costs $20+ million for those clients was the icing on the cake. That success comes from my passion for helping companies succeed in their Lean journey, and my skills in training, teamwork, and communication.

I was thrilled to learn about the opening at ATYX. Your reputation as a business management consultancy is unequaled. Your slogan of “every employee in every moment” has always mirrored my approach to teaching. You’re looking for a consultant skilled in teamwork, training, and communication. These achievements show why your job is the perfect fit:

  • Training. Conducted training sessions with 50,000+ students in seven years as a consultant. Trained students in Kaizen, Kanban, Pokayoke, Standardized Work, etc. with 99% positive reviews.
  • Teamwork. Worked closely with a team of 12 consultants to coordinate schedules and trainings and develop materials. Facilitated production of 10+ consulting videos with $2.5M in revenue.
  • Communication. Wrote “Making Lean Work,” the best-selling lean instruction manual that received the Shingo Research Prize in 2018. Sold 20,000 copies to date.

I’m eager to talk more about why working for ATYX has been a long-term dream of mine.

Best Regards,

Bob Brugiere, Consultant

PS—I’m also glad to tell you how I won 100% employee buy-in from a firm once said to have “the most resistant workforce in the world.”


Utilize the most effective template for your consulting cover letter

Let’s ensure your consulting cover letter is polished and effective. Use this template, equipped with all the elements to elevate your candidacy.

Sample Cover Letter for Consulting—Checklist

  • your contact info
  • the company’s info
  • dear (hiring manager name)
  • paragraph #1: big job-fitting achievement
  • paragraph #2: passion + key skills
  • paragraph #3: your CTA
  • best regards + your name + title
  • PS: add value

Begin your consulting cover letter effectively

You have approximately three seconds to capture their attention before they decide to skip your cover letter for consulting positions. After that, they’ll quickly scan your resume and move on to the next applicant.

But you can halt this process.


By presenting a mission-critical fact that hooks them immediately, akin to how Bruce Henderson captivated audiences.

These examples of consultant cover letters demonstrate how.

Consulting Cover Letter Examples [First Paragraph]

The initial example of a consulting cover letter is within the CGI Group’s realm:

Bob Brugiere
Management Consultant
770 Gateway Road
Portland, OR 97212
[email protected]


Jennifer Sharpe
General Manager
2636 Hope Street
Portland, Oregon 97232

Dear Ms. Sharpe,

Achieving a remarkable 20% increase in quality metrics for 75 business clients stands as a significant career milestone. Accomplishing this feat while also slashing costs by over $20 million for these clients further solidified my capabilities. This success stems from my dedication to aiding companies in their Lean journey and my proficiency in training, teamwork, and effective communication.

With this introduction, you’ve successfully captured her attention.

So, what makes this consultant cover letter example effective?

It begins by highlighting two substantial achievements that align with their requirements.

Furthermore, it conveys enthusiasm and essential skills.

However, the following management consulting cover letter example fails to impress:

I have been a management consultant for 12 years, operating both in my independent business and for various consulting firms. My expertise lies in organizational change, particularly in collaboration and cross-departmental communication. I have collaborated with numerous cross-functional teams to enhance metrics across multiple client companies.

Apologies, but that left me nodding off.

Consultant cover letter examples like this one simply state, “I’ve been involved in many things.” But were you proficient at them?

This letter boasts, but lacks any evidence to support your capability to perform the job.

What if you lack experience similar to the first example?

Consulting Cover Letters With No Experience

Crafting a cover letter for a management or leasing consultant position? Or perhaps for a consulting internship? Regardless of the role, it’s crucial to start with a strong advantage.

Utilize achievements from non-consulting roles that demonstrate consulting-related skills.

Alternatively, you can:

– Mention a notable individual connected to the company.
– Highlight an exciting fact about the company.
– Refer to an award or recognition the company has received.
– Share a personal detail that showcases your passion and suitability for the role.

Write a Rockstar Consulting Cover Letter Middle

Here’s a scenario to avoid:

You initially captivated the hiring manager with the beginning of your consultant cover letter.

However, her interest dwindled, leaving you without the opportunity for the deserved attention.

What caused this downfall?

Chances are, you attempted to cover too much ground in your cover letter for consulting positions.

Focus is key.

Continue to substantiate your claims.

To achieve this, demonstrate:

– Your genuine passion for the role.
– Your comprehensive grasp of the consulting job responsibilities.
– How you’ve previously excelled in fulfilling those responsibilities.

Take a look at these examples of management consulting cover letters for guidance:

Consulting Cover Letter Examples [Middle]

The first of these consulting cover letter examples shows your bandwidth. It shows passion,

Discovering the opportunity at ATYX filled me with excitement. Your esteemed reputation in business management consultancy precedes you, and your commitment to “every employee in every moment” resonates deeply with my approach to teaching. Your search for a consultant proficient in teamwork, training, and communication aligns perfectly with my skill set, as evidenced by the following achievements:

Training: Over seven years as a consultant, I conducted training sessions for over 50,000 students, covering areas such as Kaizen, Kanban, Pokayoke, and Standardized Work, consistently earning a 99% positive feedback rating.
Teamwork: Collaborating closely with a team of 12 consultants, I effectively coordinated schedules, conducted trainings, and contributed to the development of materials. Additionally, I facilitated the production of over 10 consulting videos, generating $2.5 million in revenue.
Communication: I authored “Making Lean Work,” a best-selling lean instruction manual that was awarded the prestigious Shingo Research Prize in 2018. To date, it has sold 20,000 copies.
This approach sets a strong foundation from the start.

Follow this example in your consultant cover letter, and you’ll position yourself favorably for opportunities at Altran, Capgemini, or any desired organization.

However, the subsequent consulting cover letter example overlooks obvious advantages:

I am deeply passionate about consulting because, fundamentally, I am driven by the desire to assist others. This innate motivation has always been my guiding force. The satisfaction I derive from designing systems that enhance people’s lives is what propels me forward.

Conclude your consulting cover letter with a Call to Action (CTA)

Why did you miss out on landing that lucrative consulting position?

Perhaps you didn’t make a clear request.

However, you can’t simply ask, “Can I have a job?” or “Interview me.”

You must offer something of value.

Observe the distinction in these consultant cover letter sample endings:

I am enthusiastic about discussing why joining ATYX has been a longstanding aspiration of mine.

Best Regards,

Bob Brugiere, Consultant

PS—Furthermore, I am pleased to share how I successfully garnered 100% employee buy-in from a company once known for having “the most resistant workforce in the world,” resulting in a complete transformation.

A consulting cover letter for positions like this will undoubtedly prompt them to pick up the phone.

However, this consulting cover letter example lacks impact:

Thank you for your consideration. I have attached my consulting resume. I am eager to join your team, and I believe I am an ideal fit for the role.

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