8 Types of Extracurricular Activities on a Resume

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Learn how to incorporate meaningful extracurricular involvements onto your resume. Gain access to expert guidance and recommendations for effectively presenting activities on your resume.

You may have plenty of extracurricular activities under your belt but lack substantial work experience. Don’t fret; those activities can actually demonstrate job-related skills and maturity. Properly including them on your resume can give you a competitive edge, even against more experienced candidates!

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Optimal Extracurricular Activities for Resume Boost

1. Foreign Languages

Proficiency in a foreign language can often be the distinguishing factor among candidates. For instance, if fluency in Spanish is a prerequisite for a specific job, recruiters are likely to scrutinize your language skills on your resume.

Moreover, positions mandating hard skills like foreign language expertise are steadily increasing and typically offer higher remuneration.

Proficiency in a foreign language showcases:

– Communication proficiency
– Diligence
– Cultural acumen
– Commitment to personal growth

2. Student Government

The diverse range of responsibilities within the student government offers invaluable experience that can enhance your resume, demonstrating your suitability for various roles.

Participation in the Student Council can showcase:

– Leadership qualities
– Teamwork abilities
– Collaboration skills
– Organizational proficiency
– Problem-solving capabilities
– Event coordination expertise
– Fundraising experience
– Critical thinking aptitude
– Decision-making prowess
– Time management competency
– Creative thinking abilities
– Hard work ethic
– Business acumen
– Active listening skills

As you can see, it’s a wealth of valuable experience!

3. Sports

This isn’t merely about highlighting achievements like being the school football team’s quarterback or your basketball slam dunk records from last season.

Many sports require a strong emphasis on teamwork, continuous self-improvement, and significant dedication. Employers often value seeing this level of commitment transferred to the workplace.

Engaging in sports can exhibit:

– Teamwork skills
– Dedication
– Time management abilities
– Work ethic
– Commitment to self-improvement
– Communication proficiency
– Leadership potential (especially if you held positions like team captain)


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4. Clubs/ Organizations/ Societies

This encompasses a wide array of activities, from participation in your school’s debate team or drama club to serving as an administrator on an online community forum. Sororities and fraternities are also included.

Belonging to a larger community enables you to not only contribute your expertise and talents but also offers a valuable opportunity to learn from others and expand your knowledge base.

Involvement in a club, group, or society can indicate:

– Teamwork abilities
– Time management proficiency
– Communication skills
– Specific hard or soft skills

5. Volunteering

Many individuals perceive volunteering as distinct from a job due to the absence of monetary compensation.

In reality, it closely resembles a job in many aspects (except for the lack of financial remuneration). By volunteering, not only do you demonstrate a profound dedication to a cause by investing your free time, but you also shoulder specific responsibilities and adhere to deadlines, akin to professional settings. Additionally, volunteering fosters personal growth and development.

Recruiters will be particularly intrigued to learn about your contributions to organizations like the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity, as it showcases:

– Motivation
– Initiative
– Teamwork abilities
– Organizational skills
– Strong work ethic

6. Studying Overseas

Encountering new cultures and individuals while navigating unfamiliar territories demonstrates to hiring managers your ability to swiftly adapt and emerge successfully from challenging situations.

Studying abroad can demonstrate:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Adaptability
  • Development of soft skills
  • Independence
  • Resilience to stress
  • Strong interpersonal abilities

7. Fundraising

Contrary to its simplicity in concept, successful fundraising demands a diverse set of skills, which recruiters are keenly interested in and which you should highlight on your resume.

Engagement in fundraising activities can showcase:

  • Business acumen
  • Marketing expertise
  • Teamwork capabilities
  • Communication proficiency
  • Project management skills
  • Writing abilities
  • Analytical thinking prowess

8. Relevant Hobbies

Don’t rush to dismiss them.

Your love for creating fantasy maps might just help you secure a role as a creative writer, as it demonstrates strong world-building skills.

Similarly, your dedication to tending your garden showcases a genuine interest in landscape design.

Depending on the hobby, it can illustrate a range of qualities, including the transferable skills mentioned above or something entirely new!

However, remember this: don’t clutter your resume with every activity imaginable. It’s not about quantity; it’s about relevance. If you weren’t actively involved, it’s best left off.

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